When we talk about time management games, they are not only enjoyable and fun to play, but they also serve as an eye-opener, by playing these games you can correlate to real-life time management skills.

This piece will detail you about 20 Time Management Games Online, which you can play to improve your time management capabilities.

Here’s everything that you need to know about their efficacy, and what can you expect from these games.

What are Time Management Games?

Time management games are faced paced games, which requires an individual to plan and strategize in order to make use of the time and limited resources efficiently to meet the required objectives.

These games can be played both as a team and as a solo player.

Time management games are specifically designed to enable individuals to hone on the skills they learn by playing the time management games so that they can solve the real-life work challenges in a more educated way.

These time management games are both online and offline.

Online Time Management Games

Time management games online happen to be the most popular amongst all other time management games.

They can easily be played on a smartphone, a computer or on a tablet.

These games take you into a virtual world where you interact with real-life situations using images and characters that appear on the screen of your platform.

Like all other games online time management games start with a simple objective, which an individual needs to complete by following a set of directions.

As you complete each task, you are awarded some rewards and the difficulty increases as you progress towards higher levels.

These online time management games have several levels, each with a different set of goals and objectives that are to be achieved.

An individual can play free time management games online no download required, where you require help and assistance from other players who are playing online, giving these games a social touch as well.

Offline Time Management Games

Unlike time management games online, offline time management games can be played without an electronic device.

The concept of offline time management games is similar to that of online time management games.

These also require you to meet specific objectives with scarce resources and limited time.

Today most of the organizations are making use of offline time management games for team building activities and increasing the level of motivation of their employees.

Benefits of Time Management Games

There are several benefits associated with playing time management games, both online and offline:

  • Helps in improving reaction time
  • Helps in polishing your strategizing and planning skills
  • Helps in improving teamwork abilities
  • Helps in improving resource management
  • Helps you in understanding the importance of time management

20 Time Management Games Online

The possibility that free time management games online will make you more successful in your career is quite slim, and it is not a good enough reason to quit your job and start playing these games.

However, playing them occasionally when you are free can help you in learning something little extra along with some enjoyment.

The different categories of games that you can play to polish and groom your skills are as follow:

  • Restaurant Management
  • History and Fantasy
  • Lifestyle
  • Business Management
  • Hotel Management
  • Farming
  • Fashion Management

Restaurant Time Management Games

1. Dinner Dash

Time Management Game

Overview and Gameplay

This was not launched to entertain the time management aspect, but it still is one of the most popular examples to date.

In this game, you are working as a hard worker called Flo.

Flo is the owner of an old diner and needs to make enough money to fix and expand the business.

In order to do so Flo has to:

  • Guide the customer arriving in the restaurant to the vacant tables
  • Take the order, but the order in the service hatch, and when the order is ready, serve it to the customers
  • After the customer are done eating, prepare and deliver them the bill, and clear the table
  • The points you earn depend upon the level of service given to them

Dinner Dash helps you learn the importance of accuracy and speed.

You get points for the tasks you complete, and if you accomplish those tasks quickly, you get a combo bonus.

When you earn money from tips and checks, you progress to the next level and as you progress, you’ll be able to expand your business and open new restaurants.

2. Cake Mania Collection

Time Management Game

Overview and Gameplay

The cake mania is about a baker called Jill Evans.

In this game, you are to guide the baker, as she bakes cakes, deals with tricky customers, renovations, business challenges, and time travel.

The concept is similar to that of dinner dash where you have to:

  • Guide the customers coming in and form a line, and take their orders
  • Guide Jill to bake cakes the customer ordered before they get impatient
  • Tactfully dealing customer using television and cupcakes before they leave

The money earned is then used to plan for resources that are required to run the bakery, this helps you in learning how to manage and plan for your resources so that you don’t go out of business.

Besides, you also learn the art of time management through this game.

3. Overcooked! 2

Time Management Game

Overview and Gameplay

Another most popular game in the restaurant time management category is Overcooked! 2.

Overcooked! 2 is one of the time management games online, which offers a team play.

You team up with two other players to serve a variety of food recipes such as burgers, cakes, and pasta to customers in a specific time frame.

You have to cook and serve food in unusual kitchen settings and face various obstacles that arise.

Overcooked! 2 is all about:

  • Coordinating and streamlining the work so that your organization does not collapse
  • Managing work in the most uncertain work environment and delivering quality

The game helps you in improving your team coordination and avoid conflicts.

It also helps you in understanding the pressure of working in terminal work conditions and understand the importance of achieving goals.

4. Burger Shop 2

Time Management Game

Overview and Gameplay

Burger Shop 2 is the prequel of the Burger Shop, where aliens send you a blueprint of a machine that cooks food from nothing.

The game starts with you waking up in a dumpster, and the restaurant has run out of business and you don’t remember why.

You are to rebuild your business and figure out why did your business collapsed.

This game is all about:

  • Cooking food and delivering them in a speedy manner
  • Tweaking your menu to attract new customers

This game helps you in creating an organized working system that requires fast-paced and innovative thinking.

Besides learning how to get things done quickly, you also learn how to solve problems with very minimal information.

History and Fantasy Time Management Games

5. 12 Labours of Hercules

Time Management Game

Overview and Gameplay

The game revolves around Hercules, his wife, and Hades.

The wife of Hercules was taken away by Hades, and in order to rescue her, Hercules needs to solve 12 mythical challenges.

You being the Hercules needs to:

  • Sort and asses tasks as per the priorities
  • Collect resources that help you save time and make the most of it
  • Deal with various obstacles preventing you achieve your goal

The game helps in polishing your organization and management skills.

During the course of the game, you will come across various levels where you need to collaborate with your team and delegate tasks.

You will also have to set priorities and resources to achieve a particular task.

Most importantly you will also learn to optimize the use of your resources at your disposal with different capabilities.

6. Elvenar

Time Management Game

Overview and Gameplay

This online time management game is about choosing the right type of people, manage tasks and building your city.

You get to choose from elves and humans and then lead them.

In Elvenar:

  • You are to lead your people portraying strong leadership skills
  • You are to manage your resources effectively to grow and build your city
  • You start from a very basic town and then advance to fully built city
  • You are on the continuous hunt for ways to improve your productivity and production

Elvenar is not just about testing and polishing your organizational and planning skills, but it also puts your team management skills to test.

7. Legends of Atlantis: Exodus

Time Management Game

Overview and Gameplay

Legend of Atlantis is another time management game that can be played online.

You are to gather resources and build roads to save your people experiencing floods, and all of this is time-bounded.

This game is a classic example of a race against time where:

  • You have to save your people
  • Stack up resources for building and bad times
  • Complete goals in a specified time period to unlock levels

Besides leadership, this game also helps in developing time management skills that are required for goal completion.

8. Roads of Rome II

Time Management Game

Overview and Gameplay

Roads of Rome II is strictly about managing your resources optimally and using them in the best possible manner in times of shortage.

The purpose of the game is to teach the individual how to deal with challenges of resource allocation to achieve the ultimate goal.

Whatever you achieve in this game is tied to workforce organization and proper resource management, so the individual needs to:

  • Gather people and material to build
  • Gather resources to survive
  • Complete specific goals, in the desired manner to get the desired effect

This time management game helps an individual in understanding the importance of time and resources for goal completion.

The individual also gets a taste about the importance of following directions and guidelines in order to achieve a goal.

9. All My Gods

Time Management Game

Overview and Gameplay

As the name suggests All My Gods, is a game where you are playing as a god, controlling and managing an area filled with people.

This is the most unique time management game online, and surely is the most fun to play also.

As you go higher in the level, the game gets complicated and your job is to grow, build and explore areas to rule.

Playing this game helps you in building skills about:

  • Exploring new opportunities
  • Managing and Organizing
  • People management
  • Resource management

Lifestyle Time Management Games

10. Delicious Emily (Series)

Time Management Game

Overview and Gameplay

Delicious Emily is one of the time management games where you get to experience the real-life of women called Emily.

The game revolves around time management, where you are to manage the titular life of Emily.

The game also provides you with an opportunity to strike a balance between your personal and professional life.

You have to take care of your family, which includes a husband and a baby, and your restaurant business as well.

The game will help you understand the struggles of a working mom, where you’ll have to manage motherhood and work simultaneously.

You’ll have to:

· To take care of customers and their orders

· Make sure that customers are happy enough to leave you a tip

· Keep customers occupied with entertainers till their order is ready

· Take care of your baby using different toys, and strategically use the cuteness to appease customers

· Tactics to unlock points and trophies to unlock helpers help you in the business and with the baby

The game allows you to learn how to create a work-life balance and the concept of rewards when you achieve a certain set of goals.

Business Time Management Games

11. YouTubers Life

Time Management Game

Overview and Gameplay

YouTubers Life is the most realistic business simulation game with elements of time management.

The goal of the game is to manage the life of the character where he has to balance his errands, education, and the dream of becoming a successful YouTuber.

As the game is about the life of a rising YouTuber, you’ll have to:

  • Manage Your Employees
  • Manage Your Content Creation Network
  • Make decisions about collaboration and reviews
  • Indulge in various money-making activities to upgrade equipment

YouTubers Life is one of the most realistic time management games online, where you will get a chance to manage time to attend events, interact with fans, and makings sure that your educational and private life aspirations are not hampered.

12. Game Dev Story

Time Management Game

Overview and Gameplay

Game Dev is all about you taking control over a developer working in a startup.

You are entrusted with the goal to come up with successful video games and consoles.

As you pass levels, you are expected to breeze through game development quickly but ensuring quality.

You should also win over the critics in order to earn money.

Being the manager in the startup, you will have to take care of certain factors in order to keep the business running such as:

  • Hiring the right staff
  • Giving directions, ensuring quality and meeting deadlines
  • Pleasing the critics - higher score given by the critics means that your game is better than others in the industry

The game allows the individual to taste what it takes to be a manager, where you are responsible to take care of the business and your customers simultaneously.

Hotel Time Management Games

13. Airport Mania 2

Time Management Game

Overview and Gameplay

Unlike any other time management games online, Airport Mania 2 is all about strategizing.

You are to continuously evolve your strategies and think of creative ways to keep things going.

As the name suggests the game is about maneuvering planes around each other, the busier you get the more challenging the gets.

The game helps you in:

  • Enhancing your management skills
  • Putting your strategizing skills to test
  • Paying attention to minor details
  • Prioritizing your tasks

14. Airport Rush

Time Management Game

Overview and Gameplay

Airport Rush is an airport management game, where you are playing the role of an air traffic controller.

Your job is to ensure the constant inflow of air traffic without any accidents.

The game is all about managing your work with accuracy and speed.

The game helps you in:

  • Managing people with their flights, tickets, and luggage so that you master the art of people management
  • Learning how to provide assistance to those in need
  • Understanding the importance of giving the right directions and their role in goal completion without any flaws

Airport rush is more inclined towards grooming your personality towards multi-tasking and the consequences of making one small mistake when the stakes are too high.

15. Hotel Dash: Suite Success

Time Management Game

Overview and Gameplay

The game involves taking care of hotel management tasks, which are time-bound.

Hotel Dash has a more customer-centric plot, where you experience the need to tackle the different needs of the customers to keep them happy.

This game helps you in understanding:

  • The mindset your customers and what happens when they lose patience
  • How to keep your customers happy and its benefits
  • How can a happy customer help in growing your business

Unlike all other time management games online, hotel dash portrays the technicalities involved in the hospitality business and the importance of your customers.

16. Sally’s Spa

Time Management Game

Overview and Gameplay

This is another game about managing the hospitality service business.

You being the owner is responsible to arrange different services for your clients to maintain and help your business grow.

The game helps you in developing skills about:

  • Moving customers to the right station
  • Hiring the right employees and stocking the right resources to keep your business growing
  • Dealing with various types of customer and how to keep them satisfied

Farming Time Management Games

17. Farm to Fork

Time Management Game

Overview and Gameplay

Farm and Fork is a speedup version of all the farm games available online.

This game is a refined version of all those games where you slowly plant and grow your food to sell, followed by a cooking aspect as well.

In this game, you are always juggling a multitude of tasks from keeping an eye on your inventory to managing customers.

The game aids you in developing skills related to:

  • Inventory Management
  • Team Management
  • Logistics of goods
  • Maintaining your receivables
  • Accomplishing goals

As compared to all other time management games, this happens to be quite comprehensive where you get to manage the whole business and taste what it feels like to be an owner of a corporate setting.

18. Farmerama

Time Management Game

Overview and Gameplay

Farmerama is a unique time management game, which has very out of the box twist to its game plot.

You happen to an owner of the farm where you tend to animals, grow and harvest different products, but face alien attacks from time to time.

The game allows you to build skills related to:

  • Contingency Planning
  • Trading
  • Taking care of various resources that helps you earn money

19. Big Farm

Time Management Game

Overview and Gameplay

The big farm gives you an experience of how to rescues a business that is running out.

You have to use your skills to bring the farm back in business.

The game helps you in developing skills such as:

  • Upgrading and Expanding
  • Keeping your workers happy and motivated
  • Strategizing and Planning to get your farm functional

You will have to make decisions that are most favorable to help you achieve your goals, thus enhancing your decision-making ability.

It also allows in building self-discipline and patience, by taking across scenarios where your hard work and planning will not be paying off according to the efforts you put in.

Fashion Time Management Games

20. Jojo’s Fashion Show: World Tour

Time Management Game

Overview and Gameplay

Jojo’s Fashion Show is all about Jojo being a fashion designer, who embarks around the world to dress fashion models in stunning styles before the clock runs out.

The plot of the game revolves around the concept of time management, where you have to do what it takes to get the models on the ramp for the catwalk in a specific time frame.

  • You are given specific resources to achieve your goal in limited time
  • You also need to make adjustments that fit your vision
  • You come across different challenges when towards your goal

Time management, scare resources, and improvisation is some skills that you will learn through this game.

Another important ability that you will develop playing this game is taking criticisms positively.

The work you did (clothing and makeup) in the game is judged and rated by the jury, where you come across areas where you lack and areas where you excelled.


All in all playing time management games online are eye-opening.

If you are coming across problems when it comes to entertaining the needs of the customers, serving order, planning your resources, or organizing planes this may be an indication that your real-life organization, planning and time management skills need extensive working.

The multiplayer time management games online help you in assessing how resourceful are you when it comes to working in teams, and how strong you are in communication and collaboration.

Playing time management games from time to time helps you in inviting the practice of assessing your work-life habits.

So, what game will you start with?

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