– Weekly planner

– Parking lot (3 lists)

– Pomodoro timer

– Journal

– Vision editor

– Quadrant view

All features from FREE plan plus:- Repeating tasks
– Subtasks
– Unlimited parking lot
– Google calendar integration
– Zapier integration
– Email reminder
– SMS reminder
– Outliner
– Daily coaching email
– Send task by SMS
– Download all data
– Analytics
– Premium support
Free $52 per year
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The ULTIMATEĀ version of WEEK PLAN can be subscribed to using a monthly or a yearly billing cycle. The longer the billing cycle, the greater the discount.

Payment processing
You can pay securely with a credit card or using your Paypal account.

You can cancel at any time and you won’t be billed anymore. The current billing cycle that you have already paid for is not refundable after the trial has ended.

Delivery timeframe
You will be granted access to the full WEEK PLAN web application as soon as you complete the order process.

  • reviewer

    I am fairly certain that the description is a mistake and that it isn’t just $3 a year if it is already $8 per month

    • You are correct, the information on this page was outdated. I have updated the page to reflect the evolution of the pricing.

  • Is WeekPlan currently being updated?

  • Leo

    Too expensive for south-america!

  • Gilles

    any android app in the works ?

    • Yes it is our next big milestone.

      • Aaron Goodwin

        Aymeric, Do you have any timeline on this next big milestone for the android app? Thank you.

        • We are currently testing the first minimal version

          • Aaron Goodwin

            Do you have any updated timeline on the android app that has been talked about for the past year?

            Thank you and have a great day.

          • You should already see the new android app in the store.

  • John

    Unfortunately your pricing is too prohibitive to me joining. $84 a year is too much for something like this and there should be an option for a life time subscription. Shame as the product looks good.

  • D. L.

    $14 per month is absurdly expensive for a task management/calendar system. Your app looks like it would be great for college students, but unfortunately even the middle level ($7 a month) is unjustifiable for most college students. What a shame.

    • Niti Dhingra

      agreed, its a bit too expensive for students. Will see how I like the free version