Since day one, Week Plan has always been about making you more effective.

Week Plan has gone through a lot of improvements with the goal of helping you work on the right things, instead of just doing things right.

That’s why our engineers are working hard to deliver the best prioritization software there is for busy entrepreneurs, managers, professionals, and teams.

Following the re-launching of our mobile apps for Android and iOS, and after spending countless hours listening to your feedback, we’ve made some major changes to the layout of Week Plan.

The new layout


One of the major changes we introduced to version 2.127.3 is the split of the planner into two different views and moving the high impact tasks into the sidebar.


Many people are asking why? Why change what is not broken?

Previously, you only had the main Planner module for everything, including High-Impact Tasks and Boards.

Many people including new users were feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information on one page.

Also dragging tasks from the board to the schedule wasn’t easy. It involved a lot of scrolling.

And finally, the High Impact Tasks were lost under the fold.

We believe the High Impact Tasks is the core of Week Plan. If you complete 100% of your High Impact Tasks each week, we have done our job.

Now, dragging tasks to the schedule is very easy, because the timeline is always visible.


Just drag your tasks to the timeline and voila!

Plan of the Week


We’ve added the Plan of the Week section (on the left side of the planner) to keep you focused on your High-Impact Tasks.

In the previous layout, you had to scroll down on the planner to access your HITs. Not only was it time-consuming, it was also misleading.

Let me explain. We found out many users were using the HITs section as a way to group their backlog tasks per role.

So instead of having a small list of HITs per week, they’d have a lot of HITs, and would regularly review them and schedule them.

The Boards section is meant to be used for backlog stuff.

We think the new layout closely matches the First Things First principle of Stephen Covey because now your HITs are always visible, and you only put tasks you believe you can accomplish this week.

What if I want to group my tasks per role?

We received complaints about the new layout and its lack of visual emphasis on roles.

Some users want to bring back the previous layout, which displayed your different roles and their corresponding HITs below the planner.

If you still want to have a backlog of tasks grouped by roles, you can do it in two ways.

You can use the Boards section to create Lists for your different roles. You can have the roles side by side (similar to the previous layout) using a board with lists for each role.

Here’s an example:

Board Roles

Roles board

Based on the feedback we received about the new layout, we are currently working on the Roles board that will allow you to store tasks grouped by role. Update: Roles board is now live.

task assign by roles

Lessons learned from this experience

The launch of the new layout was not handled well, and we want to apologize.

We’re sorry if some of you were frustrated with the new layout. There are a lot of lessons to learn from this experience.

Here are some of our realizations:

  • We need to improve our product development practices so that we get as much feedback from our users as possible. We already have a closed Facebook group for user feedback, but we don’t have enough users on it yet. Do you want to join?
  • With every change, we should accompany a blog post or video to explain how it works.


We are a young company and some of our processes are still immature.

But we are listening and we learn from our mistakes and your feedback.

If you have some feedback, we’d love to hear them, please write your comments below.

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