Product update September 2017

Just wanted to send an update to let everyone know we are hard at work 🙂


Product update July 2017

Business update

– During the month of July, we run a pricing experiment where we brought down the price from $120 per year to $31.20 per year. The goal of the experiment was to figure out whether complaints about pricing were a general feeling or isolated. It turns out that the conversion rate has doubled, but the churn rate has only slightly improved, which means that $31.20 per year is not our optimal price. We will continue to increase the price until we find the optimal price point.

– Also we have moved more features from free to premium plans in an effort to increase our conversion rate (vision tracker, journal, focus timer and goals have been moved to premium).


Video: WEEK PLAN for busy parents

I have recorded a video to show busy parents how they can use WEEK PLAN to deal with the challenges of the household. It is also the opportunity to discover the new version of WEEK PLAN.

If you have any question as a busy parent, please post a comment and we will help1

Sneak peek: Quarter goals and big rocks planning

In the last 6 months, the team has been hard at work to rewrite the whole user interface from scratch. We took the opportunity to introduce some new highly requested features like the ability to plan on the longer term.

We are only weeks away from releasing our biggest and best version yet, and we wanted to show you some of what is coming up.


How to be more mindful at work and why should you care?

What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is to pay full attention to the present moment without judgement. When you are in a meeting, exercising mindfulness means that you are not thinking of the stuff you need to do when you get back to your desk, or daydreaming about what you are going to do after work. Mindfulness means you are 100% committed to the present moment, your attention is 100% focused on what is being said, and people’s behaviours around the table.

Nowadays our computers and phones make it very easy to switch from one thing to another. You can have multiple windows open, you can have multiple tabs in your browser, you can quickly check your messages while waiting for a page to load… Overtime (years) you start having difficulty focusing and working on more complex tasks because your mind keeps wandering. You may already have experienced the shift.

Also, being more mindful means that you will register information that you wouldn’t have noticed before. In the meeting situation, you will detect people’s subtle body movements when they are getting bored or in disagreement, or register information in what is being said that you may have missed. Not only will you be more perceptive but you will remember better too.

But importantly, you will nurture your ability to work on deeper work.

Let’s look at some ways to increase your mindfulness.


The curling sweep principle 2

The curling sweep principle

I’d like to share a concept that I have been following for years but haven’t seen explained elsewhere.

Here is the gist of it for people who are in a hurry:

To do more of something, remove friction.
To do less of something, add friction


Time management for college students

Students are some of the busiest. You need to complete assignments, prepare for exams, attend lectures, socialize, pursue hobbies and have fun all at the same time. We believe effective time management can help make the most out of these years.

In this post we will try to lay out a few tips and tricks to help you and other college folks get their life back in control.


Time management for busy moms

When you are a working mom, the concept of “managing” your time seems to be completely foreign, you might feel like you are the slave of other people’s schedule.

It doesn’t have to be so, in this post we will try to lay out a few tips to help you getting back some control. (more…)

From time management to energy management

Success does not come easy. At times an individual cannot figure out reasons for lack of success even after allocating sufficient time for his work. There is one missing ingredient to the mix and that is: Full potential.

It’s hard to figure out how the work translates into concentration and focus complications. Any lack of attention can affect your work in the long run. Constant hours at the office can take a toll on your mental as well as physical well- being. Unless your body and mind are not happy, you cannot be a 100% productive at work or any instance in life.

Employees who exercise for at least 30 minutes, three times a week, were 15 percent more likely to have higher job performance.” – (Source:

Here are 6 ways to manage your energy and reach highest potential from yourself. (more…)

5 ways to be effective, rather than just being productive

What does it mean to be effective rather than productive. Productive minded people tend get things done, regardless of how difficult things are. Tasks are just a checkbox in a list. Effective people look at the outcome, the long term impact and consciously pick tasks that yield the biggest results. Effective people understand prioritization and importance of tasks.  

The highest-performing 10% of workers tend to work for 52 minutes followed by a 17-minute break. (more…)