Goal setting is extremely important to take control of the direction of your life as it provides a benchmark to ensure either you are on the path of success or not. It is one of the key things for everyone who wants to achieve something in life.

According to a study done by Harvard University, when the low achievement group, from two different groups of people, were suggested to do a similar task while setting goals, the results were quite different. Their performance and success improve significantly by simply making use of goals.

So, it’s quite clear that setting goals can have a huge impact on the success rate otherwise, you might get success but can’t make the right balance among all your goals.

The overall process of goal setting is not only about what you want to accomplish and how much have you achieved within the deadline. In the middle of these two things, there is a complete process that takes you towards the destination of achieving your goals. Knowing that process matters a lot for achieving success in creating and setting goals.

Before digging deeper towards how to set goals and achieve them, I would like to draw your attention towards the famous proverb of Aristotle, “Well Begun is half done.” According to him, the beginning of achieving anything means a lot. If we consider it with regards to goals, which is the first thing towards accomplishing anything, then we have to say that planning goals the right way is really necessary.

So, if setting goals depend that much on achieving them, then there will definitely be a secret sauce for setting them. In this article, we have listed all the golden rules that will not only help you to create goals the best way but also enables you to achieve them, too.

1 - Identify What You Want to Achieve

Before creating goals, you must recognize what you want to achieve because using this way, you can create the best goals. If you have no idea regarding what you like to achieve in the future, then creating the best possible goals can never be done.

So, take some time out deciding your achievements before moving towards the goals setting process so that you easily set the goals that align with your achievements.

2 - Set Goals That Are Relevant

While setting goals, you must double-check if they are relevant to what you want to achieve or not because if your goal is different from what you plan to achieve, then you can never ever achieve it even if you give your best. The reason behind this is that there is a clear difference between the goals and achievements if they are not aligned then thinking of achieving them is just like living in the heaven of the fool.

3 - Set Priority among Your Goals

When we talk about goals, we mean more than one goal instead of a single goal. So, if there are three to four goals, then how can you differentiate which one is more important as compared to others?

The biggest possible way of getting rid of this hurdle is to set priority along with your goals. By doing this, you can have a clear focus on reaching the most essential goal first instead of working towards all the goals and achieving nothing at the end.

4 - Make Goals That Are Dependent To Time

How can you say that you achieve the goals at the right time if your goals have no time frame among them?

Setting a specific time to your goals is one of the best ways to manage all of them with ease. It provides you a clear idea regarding if you are getting them done on time or not.

When you work under a deadline, the biggest benefit which you get is that your sense of urgency rises, which also helps you to achieve targets instantly. So, ensure that all your goals are time-bounded.

5 - Set Goals That Looks Realistic

It has never been a good practice to set goals that are extremely easy or too difficult to handle because if the goals are easy, then they lack motivation, and if they are quite difficult, then it becomes impossible to chase them.

So, there should be proper balance while setting goals. The most effective way is to set goals that sound realistic means something which is not impossible and also not easily possible.

6 - Set SMART Goals

Goals are needed by almost everyone because they give an extra push to carry on when the motivation level goes down. One of the biggest reasons for the failure of many people is because they don’t have the perfect plan for reaching their goals. That’s where the concept of SMART (Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-Bound) goals comes in.

Setting SMART goals not only helps to deliver quick results but also keeps you away from the trap of unclear goals. So, focus on setting SMART goals so that the chances of success can be maximized.

7 - Keep Your Goals Visible

A lot of people have a habit of reading goals once a week or once a month which is not a good practice because it let them forget their goals easily. The best thing to avoid this issue is to make them visible so that you can see them throughout the day.

If you make them visible then you can easily track how much closer you are with your goals, which is also quite energizing as well. You can do different things to make your goals visible like writing them on paper, keeping them on a goal-setting software, adding them to the desktop background image and so on.

8 - Handle the Obstacles towards Your Goals

When you start your journey of accomplishing goals, you have to face too many challenges, which can make things difficult for you. It’s better to prepare yourself mentally regarding all these obstacles so that you can encounter them easily.

For that, you can create a list of possible obstacles and then create a plan about how to deal with them efficiently. You can definitely can’t recognize all the obstacles but at least can make yourself mentally ready for all these challenges.

9 - Take Action on Your Goals

This is one of the key things if you want to accomplish your goals because how can you achieve them if you don’t take action. When you start thinking about your goals, you are doing nothing but manifesting them in your mind. Doing this, you can never attain your goals, you have to work on them by taking actions.

So, start taking action on your goals today because that’s the only way you can make them a reality tomorrow.

10 - Review Your Goals Each Week

Many people who fail to achieve their goals have one thing in common. They set goals and forget about them. This is one of the worst things regarding goals because if you have no idea where you stand at the moment, then it would be almost impossible to meet the deadline of your goals.

The habit of reviewing goals will not only enable you to see whether your actions are getting results but also allows you to make instant changes to your strategy if it’s not up to the mark.

11 - Stick to Your Goals

So, after doing all the good work. It’s time to stick to the plan. Don’t forget that goal setting is an ongoing activity, it’s better if you set reminders to keep connected with your goals.

Reminding yourself every day gives you the momentum so that you can stay on your path.

Goals setting is not a new thing. It’s something that almost everyone tries to do. But, when they begin this journey, they are bombarded with hurdles and obstacles so they prefer to end up quitting.

By following the rules mentioned above, there is a strong possibility that they never have to face the failures again because these rules are the trusted rules that have the power of making goals come true.

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