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Objectives Key Result Software for Entrepreneurs

Looking for the best Objectives Key Result (OKR) Software for entrepreneurs? Week Plan is a flexible solution. Take it for a spin & see if it works out for you.


Week Plan has everything you need to setup and track objective key results (OKR) for your organization

Setup Objectives

Setup objectives that you want to achieve for each month, quarter or year with Week Plan. Add as many objectives you want to set for each workspace, team, project or company you have.


Add Key Results

Add key results that you want to achieve with each objective. Setup as many key results you want to track and achieve with each objective.


Add High Impact Tasks with Objectives

No objective is complete without a corresponding high impact task. Add multiple high impact tasks with each of your objective.


Add start and end values

Measure key results with the statistical values you want. Add relative metric with each key result and easily measure your progress towards any specific value with percentage with each of the task and add a start and end value.


Benefits of setting up and managing OKR with Week Plan

Boost your team’s productivity

OKRs are a giant leap from traditional planning and goal setting methods because they are focused on two things:- the objective and the results. In other words, what you want to achieve (objective) and how you’ll get it (key results).


Successful Framework

OKR’s are a successful and proven framework for increasing effectiveness of you team. It is been used by Fortune 500 companies like lntel, Facebook and Uber to effectively plan, execute and complete their objectives.


Achieve your organization’s goal

With the Objectives module in Week Plan, you are not far away from achieving your goals. Grow you organization on a proven and result drive goal achievement process.


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