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An Efficient Goal Planner App for the Go-Getters

Have you been struggling to keep things organized lately? Week Plan is a monthly planner app that helps you stay organized and check tasks off your to-do list.

Monthly Planner App to Help You Stay Organized

The WeekPlan’s monthly planning feature makes it easier to ditch the pen and go digital. Now, manage all aspects of your business more efficiently and effectively. WeekPlan helps managers, leaders, and entrepreneurs effectively schedule their priorities and manage their time better.

Features of Our Monthly Planner App

Our monthly planner app helps you stick to your schedule without getting you bogged down to too many details. WeekPlan lets you see broad swathes of your schedule at a glance, so you don’t miss out on anything. WeekPlan is geared with features promising gains and making task management hassle-free for managers and leaders.

Eisenhower Quadrant View

WeekPlan helps you categorize tasks depending on their urgency. This quadrant view helps ensure the visibility of all the monthly tasks to ensure they don’t go unnoticed. Our monthly planner app helps you work on the right things and effectively schedule your priorities.

High Impact Tasks

Be it a business leader or an entrepreneur; none wants to take a hit on their HITs. As the name suggests, high impact tasks are the ones that are very important and have a significant contribution to the progress of the project. Considering their importance, HITs are always visible so that their chances of being ignored are eliminated.

Time Tracking

Time tracking is the only way to ensure the productivity of your team and yourself. Instead of keeping time on tasks open-ended, time tracking makes it easier for you and your team to produce results at a much quicker pace. Our monthly planner app comes with a Pomodoro Timer to ensure that you are overburdened with work.


WeekPlan helps you segment tasks based on the roles and areas of responsibility. This the best practice when it comes to maintaining proper balance in terms of work and reporting. The monthly view strikes the right balance between giving you ample space to plan and a decent window to focus on the smooth execution of the tasks.

Team Management

WeekPlan gives you full control over your team’s monthly schedule so that you can manage work in a more efficient and organized manner. Not only can you assign but also track the progress. Now, you will never have to shoot emails and messages inquiring about tasks on their plate. Get to know what tasks are spread across the entire month.

Benefits of Using Our Monthly Planner App

A monthly planner app has several advantages over traditional planners (paper-based), such as they are usually more collaborative, more visual, and, most importantly, easy to use. The monthly planner by WeekPlan helps you stay on top of everything a business needs to get done and anticipate what has yet to come. Here are some strategic advantages that you can reap using WeekPlan for planning your month.

Efficient Time Management

It is impossible to run a profitable business if you run to-and-fro between tasks and not thinking about everything as a whole. You will always end up finding not enough time for everything. Using WeekPlan as your monthly planner app, you can schedule events, errands, tasks, and appointments to be aware of everything and never run out of time. It helps you stay on track by setting deadlines and due dates for everything leaving ample time for yourself and your family.

Nothing Falls Through The Crack

A business can’t survive if it negates its vision. Following the autopilot approach can be disastrous for leaders and entrepreneurs; it is always wise to take your goals and tasks into considerations. Using a monthly planner app will help you focus and progress towards your long term goals and vision for the future.

Add Life to Your Monthly Planning

WeekPlan is not like any average monthly planner app out there. It makes your monthly planning more engaging and allows you to visualize your tasks more efficiently at a glance. The avatar drag and drop feature allows you to pull in team members that you want to be associated with a task. With all the team in one place, you get a high-level overview of who is doing what, due dates, and the necessary resources for completion.

Conquer Your Tasks

The weekly planner comes in real handy when you have a project with multiple subtasks. You are at the luxury to categorize tasks according to their importance using simple drag and drop convenience. Notwithstanding, a monthly planner app is specially designed for leaders and managers who do not prefer a granular approach to reporting. It displays the entire month at once, giving them a bigger picture of the set plans. This is great when it comes to scheduling things in advance, examining how upcoming deadlines are related to each other, and planning out long-term projects.

Enhanced Productivity

Having a plan ready for the entire month gives you a realistic picture of what needs to be done. By planning ahead of time, WeekPlan helps you space out what needs to be done without feeling rushed. Working on multiple projects simultaneously is only going to overwhelm you and force you to rush into things. So plan strategically with WeekPlan.

Pair Your Goals with Monthly Tasks

The monthly planner feature helps you stay organized by keeping a strong check on goals and objectives that matters the most to your business. You can use it to organize HITs, roles, goals, or your entire world. The monthly planner feature is here to inspire you to stay organized each month. WeekPlan has integrated a Facebook-like notification to notify you about the changes in your workspace.

WeekPlan is more than just a monthly planner app; it serves as a vision editor, a journal, and a goal manager with fewer clicks ensuring more wins!!

Team Collaboration

Our monthly planner app helps you put everything related to monthly goals and objectives into a centralized platform. It lets you assign tasks to people using the drag and drop feature. It also lets you create a different workspace for each group, and they will only see tasks in the workspace they are invited to. You can also discuss the details of the task using comments and email.

Task Management

With WeekPlan, you can easily manage your tasks scattered across the entire month. You will never have to worry about the completion of the scheduled tasks. The monthly planner app helps you rollover the uncompleted tasks automatically. It lets you create tasks and then add as many subtasks to that main task you want.


1. What is a monthly planner?

A monthly planner app can be defined as a visual planning tool that allows you to add tasks and events to a monthly calendar. The sole purpose of a monthly planner is to evenly space out your time during the month to ensure tasks and set goals are completed timely.

2. Who can use a monthly planner?

The monthly planner app can be used by businesses, an individual to plan out their month, or by teams with input from multiple team members to plan out tasks for a given project.

3. Why use a monthly planner app?

Using a monthly planner app you will be able to see your daily, weekly, and monthly goals at a glance. It helps you identify and prioritize goals, the time you need to spend on those tasks and goals., and what needs to be accomplished to make sure we stay on track.

4. Does WeekPlan offer a free trial?

Yes, WeekPlan offers a free trial of 7 days.

5. Does WeekPlan offer integrations with other platforms?

WeekPlan has Android, iOS, Chrome, Mac OS, and Windows app so that you can make the most of the tool. Apart from these standalone integrations, WeekPlan offers customer integrations via Zapier and its API as well.