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Define roles and let your team share responsibilities

Add and Describe Roles for All Team members

For every individual member, there are roles that you can add to classify their responsibility for achieving the company’s goals. Week plan enables you to add roles with each new member that you add to your team.

Assign roles on Tasks

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Instantly add any role from to any high impact, regular, recurring or sub task. Each member in that role will know what’s on their plate

Add Roles with Objectives

Assign roles with each high impact task on your key company objectives. Collectively assign role to your important objectives.

Impart ownership and drive your team towards organizational goals using Roles

Everyone Knows their Job

Each member knows their responsibility and what is expected of them.

Monitor the performance of your employees

By assigning your team members with specific roles, you can track the performance of every individual member of your team and ensure if it’s going the right way.

Empowered and Passionate Workforce

Roles and Responsibilities help your employees feel part of the organization and in result improve their performance.

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