4 key principles

Based on best-selling methodologies, implemented by millions of people

Visualize your schedule one week at a time

Gain perspective on what you do and see the progress you make.

Block time for what matters

By scheduling your high impact tasks, it will be easier to say 'no' to less important stuff.

Manage by role

By thinking about your tasks in terms of the roles in your life, you will be less likely to neglect or obsess over a particular role.

Don't store your tasks in your mind

Store all the potential tasks and ideas you can think of in a parking lot and gain increased peace of mind.

Prioritize like never before

There is no point in being super productive if you are working on the wrong things.

  • High impact tasks have a dedicated space in the planner
  • Prioritize using the popular 4 quadrants visualization tool
  • Set quarter goals and break them down into high impact tasks
Start prioritizing
  • Prioritize like never before
  • Available everywhere

    Access and update your schedule on the go.

    • Works on any tablet or smartphone
    • Dedicated apps and extensions available
    • All free of charge
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  • Available everywhere
  • Integrates with your current calendar

    No need to for double entry. Our deep instant integration with Google Calendar and Outlook mean that changes are automatically reflected on the other system.

    • Handles multiple calendars
    • Handles repetitions
    • Handles different timezones
    • Synchronization happens seamlessly
    • Compatible with apps that work with Google Calendar and Outlook
    Start prioritizing your schedule now
  • Integrates with your current calendar
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      I needed a simple but strategic system which lets me keep my larger life goals and day-to-day tasks organized. I am so happy to have found Weekplan! It has the most intuitive, easy and visually appealing sleek interface.

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      This is the productivity app that I have been looking for. It is minimal but it does exactly what I need and nothing else that would get in the way.


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