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Personal Task Planner
More Than Just a To Do List

Week Plan helps you claim back time and focus on what's important for yourself, family and work.

How does Week Plan help in getting things done?

1. Clarify Your Roles

Week Plan helps you prioritize what matters, for which role and helps you allocate your precious time accordingly. Begin with the End in Mind.

Begin with the End in Mind.

2. Set your goals

Set objectives, add essential tasks necessary to get that done and monitor performance along the way through key results.

Set your goals.

3. List out the most important tasks you can do for each role this week

Our priority planner helps you identify the HITs (High Impact Tasks) - enabling you to channel your energy towards the high reward tasks.

Divide your tasks into subtasks, as the Feynman technique might be useful

List out the most important tasks you can do for each role this week.

4. Schedule your priorities

Week Plan helps you set your priorities right, plan your time and track time spent on each task. Put first things first!

Put first things first

5. Achieve your goals

Structure your weekly tasks based on priority and focus on the things that matter while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Achieve your goals.

6. Complete your tasks

You can establish reminders, put comments, assign lists, objectives and roles.

Incorporating the Pomodoro Technique with the Eisenhower Matrix (Quadrant View) supports goal achievement.

Achieve your goals.

Why use Week Plan

Achieve Goals

Week Plan is more than just a standard calendar app or to-do software. It’s a priority planner designed to facilitate you achieve your goals by helping you identify your different roles, define objectives, track time incurred, and monitor results.

Maintain Work-Life Balance

All work and no play, that’s not how we roll here. For us at Week Plan, your personal life is equally important as your professional life. Thus, we help you make the most of your time without letting you compromise on your work-life balance.

Avoid Burnouts

Pomodoro Timer is a proven tool to help you stay focused on your tasks without your physical or mental health paying the price. We have a built-in Pomodoro Timer that adds a 5-minute break after every 25-minute work slot to avoid possible burnouts.

Focus on things that matter

With Week Plan, you can align your tasks with your goals effortlessly, utilizing the Eisenhower Matrix to prioritize effectively. Say goodbye to overwhelm and hello to clarity as you identify urgent tasks, important but non-urgent responsibilities, and those distractions best left behind.

Keep your eye on the prize

Our intuitive platform helps you stay focused on your goals by organizing your tasks efficiently and prioritizing based on their importance and urgency. Whether you're tackling urgent deadlines or laying the groundwork for long-term success,

Re-claim Time

Reclaim your time and master your schedule with Week Plan, the ultimate productivity solution inspired by Stephen Covey's 7 Habits. Seamlessly integrating Covey's timeless principles into its framework.

Task and to-do list planner to enhance productivity

I like how it links together roles. goals, tasks and a planner, with an integrated calendar. Put First Things First
I am a huge fan of Stephen Covey and this is the best software for it! Start thinking win-win!
The integration of the 7 Habits into this task planner is seamless. It helps me 'Be Proactive' and take charge of my daily tasks with clarity and confidence
This software is a game-changer! It seamlessly integrates the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, helping me prioritize tasks and achieve my goals efficiently.
It Sharpened the Saw. I especially like the bell sound when I complete a task. Pomodoro Timer is also great!
This weekly planner is an effective tool to organize my activities and reflect on them. It's especially great for 'Synergizing' with my team

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How to use Week Plan

Goals Planner

Never take your eye off the ball. Set targets, design workflows, add milestones, and create tasks that help you achieve your goal with Week Plan’s Goal Planner.

Goal planner

Productivity Planner

Escape the whirlwind of daily chores and redundant tasks. Plan your tasks and monitor your performance seamlessly with Week Plan’s Productivity Planner..

Productivity planner

Life Planner

It’s OK to take a break from work. Hangout with your friends. Spend time with your loved ones. For our Life Planner your personal goals are as important as your professional.

Life planner

Weekly Planner

Plan your weekly tasks and add key results that you wish to achieve. Take one step at a time with our Weekly Planner.

Weekly planner

Monthly Planner

Plan your monthly workflows, create tasks, and prioritize to stay focused on the things that matter the most with our Monthly Planner.

Monthly planner

Daily Planner

Start checking tasks off your to-do list while keeping up with the daily grind. Our Daily Planner is an efficient tool that surely comes in handy.

Daily planner

Focus Planner

Our Focus Planner is an effective tool that helps you direct your time, efforts, and energy towards HITs (High Impact Tasks).

Focus planner

Task Planner

Become an expert craftsman - design your workflows while maintaining a healthy work-life balance with our Work Planner.

Monthly planner

Time Planner

Make every second count with our Time Planner, reclaim lost time and take your productivity to the next level..

Time planner

Calendar Planner

Spend less time managing your schedule and focus on the tasks at hand. Synchronize different events seamlessly with our smart calendar planner.

Smart calendar planner

Take control of your time

See how Week Plan organizes your tasks in life

Watch this 2-minute video to understand what Week Plan is about.