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The WEEK PLAN project started in 2010, is self-funded and profitable. We are in it for the long term.
Pau Valdes
After lots of research,
to get things done in our business
Pau Valdes, CEO of InboundCycle

Why it works

In today's age of information, we are bombarded with things to read, things to do, things to remember.

If you play the game of trying to do everything you can only lose.

You need a method to clearly see what matters to you in the day to day grind.

WEEK PLAN combines a proven method with a software that helps you stay engaged with the method.

Roles and goals

Keep your goals in focus

WEEK PLAN helps you think in terms of week, roles, and goals.

Thinking in week gives you perspective on what you do each day.

Thinking in terms of your roles in life helps you feed every aspect of your life and not neglect any.

Thinking in terms of goals will help realize what matters to you.

Parking lot

Relieve your mind from storing tasks

If you keep ideas and tasks you'd like to work on someday in your mind, your mind will keep reminding you about them, even when you are not ready to act on them: in your shower, in a meeting, etc...

WEEK PLAN gives you a dedicated space for tasks that don't have a date yet, the Parking Lot.

Your mind will learn to trust it, will stop reminding you and will be free to think more creatively.

Google Calendar synchronization

Deep Google Calendar integration

Many of our users are also users of Google Calendar. They will be able to see all their calendars within WEEK PLAN, and push updates to Google Calendar too.

Because Google Calendar is so widely used, our deep integration with it enables WEEK PLAN to work with all the services and apps that integrate with Google Calendar.

Available everywhere

Available everywhere

WEEK PLAN is touch friendly and adapts to any screen size: phones, tablets, laptops, desktop .

We also have a dedicated iOS app and chrome extensions.

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