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Boost Your Performance With Week Plan’s Productivity Planner

Automate menial tasks and structure your workflows. Become more productive by overcoming procrastination with Week Plan’s Productivity Planner Software.

Boost Your Performance With Week Plan’s Productivity Planner

WeekPlan is a productivity planner app meticulously designed to help you capture, organize, clarify, reflect, and engage with intent wherever life happens.

Features of Our Productivity Planner App

WeekPlan is a productivity planner that helps you and your team become more effective and productive. Inspired by seven habits of highly effective people and the OKR (Objective Key Results) framework, WeekPlan enables you to prioritize your goals and objectives, key results you plan on achieving, and high priority tasks that will lead you there.


WeekPlan is all about getting the right things done. It helps you in finding clarity for the day while keeping an eye on the future. It brings your next plan of action into focus so that you can differentiate between what’s urgent and what’s important. Rather than focusing on completing all the tasks and be productive, it lets you focus on essential tasks.

Setup Objectives and Key Results

WeekPlan helps you filter out actions you can complete in a specific period and resources available at your disposal. The OKR management strategy that ensures that your entire organization is on the same page. It helps your employees’ work, cooperates, and moves in unison. The productivity planner helps in the constant reassessment of your corporate goals to be met, helps in taking care of issues arising, and provides your teams with a chance to recalibrate their working styles & communications.

High Impact Tasks

High Impact Tasks are ones that contribute significantly toward your long term goals. HITs are a list of tasks that deliberately want to accomplish in a specific time period (week, month). HITs are like the core of the WeekPlan. It is an ideal way to keep an eye on your top priority tasks so that you don’t miss any of them.

Time Tracking

Whether you are a lone ranger or working in teams, keeping an eye on the time spent completing a task is something you can’t ignore. WeekPlan provides you with a comprehensive view of the time taken to complete a task and all the subtasks related to it. You can set a timer for tasks, goals, and even projects you and your team are working on.

Benefits of Using Our Productivity Planner App

If you are on the lookout for a productivity planner that can help you stay organized yet productive, then WeekPlan is your answer. Our productivity planner app enables you to stay on top of your busy schedule without missing a beat. The productivity planner gives you a glance at your entire week, allowing you to plan your time more optimally and efficiently.

Time Management

The first and foremost benefit that you’ll reap from our productivity planner is scheduling time effectively. Using WeekPlan, you’ll never run out of time to complete tasks on your plate. We help you focus and organize, so you don’t hop from one thing to another, without really thinking about everything as a whole. Using our productivity planner app, you will be able to schedule appointments, events, assign deadlines to tasks and goals so that you have a clear idea about what to expect and never run out of time.

Improved Productivity

Our productivity planner app helps you attain greater results in a lesser amount of time. It is integrated with a Pomodoro Technique, empowering you to focus your mental energy on the most meaningful tasks ahead. So, you can take advantage of every moment of every day and swift across your task effectively and efficiently.

Lower Stress Levels

You need to keep in mind that stress will only get you overwhelmed. You indeed get stressed by seeing your hectic schedule, having too many demands, or when you have too much on your plate. Our productivity planner will help you lower your stress levels. It will help you allocate time for everything, help you breeze through responsibilities seamlessly without having to worry about missing out on anything, getting late, or having to back out at the last moment.

More Time for Creativity

WeekPlan helps you discover your untapped creative side. When you have planned out your mandatory responsibilities (both work and personal), you are left with ample time for your creative endeavors. You get to try and experiment with new things.

Easy Integrations

WeekPlan offers diverse integration options in more than a thousand ways with dozens of other apps. You can connect WeekPlan with any of the apps you use for other purposes in your team to make task management simpler for you.

Built to Help You Get Things Done

WeekPlan is a web-based productivity planner app used by thousands to stay organized and get more done. It lets you organize anything with anyone, anywhere. WeekPlan is a trusted space to capture your thoughts for tomorrow’s to-dos.

Roles Management

The productivity planner makes it easier for you to deal with teams with diversity. If dealt manually, tasks assigning based on the multiple roles can be challenging. With WeekPlan’s role management, you are at the luxury to assign different roles to different members of the team and manage tasks in an organized manner.

Task Calendar for Teams

Things you put in your calendar have a much higher chance to get done. Our productivity planner is equipped with a robust calendar for you to see and track the progress of tasks in a given period. WeekPlan empowers you to manage the whole team’s tasks with few clicks. You can see the tasks assigned to your team across the day, week, month, and even quarter.

Weekly Reviews

The sooner you react to discomfort, the better it is. WeekPlan’s weekly review is an automated rundown of the week to help you skim through different roles, tasks, and schedules of your teams for the week. The productivity planner helps to identify the problematic areas and prompt you to take corrective action in a timely manner before it’s too late.


1. What is a productivity planner?

A productivity planner is the means to organize tasks so that you can accomplish the most important ones at the start and make the most out of your day. A productivity planner will help you set down a path that leads to productivity to make sure you take advantage of every moment of the day.

2. Who can use a productivity planner?

The productivity planner can be used by entrepreneurs, managers, and businesses to be more effective with their tasks, objectives, and goals. WeekPlan can be used by anyone looking forward to improving his/her effectiveness in any role of his life. We also help organizations for team goal settings and execution.

3. Why use a productivity planner app?

A productivity planner app is a powerful option that can help you organize your tasks based on your calendar, rather than a simple plain list. The productivity planner app is perfect when you are surrounded by time-sensitive or deadline-based tasks on you to complete. It also helps you with planning for your week ahead of time. It also enables you to track your goals and set aside time, specifically for each one.

4. Does WeekPlan offer a free trial?

Yes, WeekPlan offers a free trial of 7 days.

5. Does WeekPlan offer integrations with other platforms?

WeekPlan has Android, iOS, Chrome, Mac OS, and Windows apps so that you can make the most of the tool. Apart from these standalone integrations, WeekPlan offers customer integrations via Zapier and its API as well.