WEEK PLAN is about making you more effective. For that, you need to be able to figure out what matters.

Week view

What would a weekly planner be without a week view? A week view strikes the right balance between giving enough space to plan and a time window short enough to focus on execution.


Thinking in terms of goals help you think at a higher level of perspective. In WEEK PLAN goals are always visible.


WEEK PLAN encourages you to segment your goals by role or area of responsibility. A person will usually have several roles in their life: sister, mother, colleague, friend, etc… Thinking your goals in terms of roles help you stay balanced.


Quadrant view

Also called the Eisenhower quadrant, made popular by the book “Seven habits of highly effective people”, this tool will help you prioritize your workload.



WEEK PLAN helps teams get on the same page. The WEEK PLAN business is run using WEEK PLAN.

Assign people to tasks

Easily assign people to tasks by dragging their avatars onto the tasks. They will get notified by email about it and when the task is completed.

Easily assign people to tasks


Create a different workspace for each group of people you want to interact with. They will only see the tasks in the workspaces you invited them in.

Organize people by workspace


Discuss the details of a task with your team.



You are more likely to stick with a tool if you make it your own. You can deeply customize your planner to your taste and preferences.

Assign a handwritten font to your tasks

Add a paper planner feel by chosing a font that suits your style.

Handwritten font


Each workspace can be assigned a different wallpaper.



You can configure the planner to behave the way that works best for you.



Because there is a time to do and a time to reflect.


WEEK PLAN includes a journal that prompts you to reflect on what you have learned and what you can improve.


Coaching emails

Regularly WEEK PLAN can send you an email that will ask you a question about your current situation.
By answering that email, it will add an entry in your journal.

Coaching email

Analytics (pro)

WEEK PLAN has an analytics module that focuses on actionable metrics, rather than “vanity” metrics.


Time tracking

We have added some time tracking features to help you estimate and measure your progress.

Pomodoro timer

To help you focus, we have integrated a Pomodoro timer encouraging to cycle through two phases: 25 minutes of intense focus, and 5 minutes of rest. The time spent in pomodoros get added to the time tracked on the tasks.

Pomodoro timer

Day summary

At a glance, you can see how you are tracking against your estimations.

Day summary

Easily add estimates

You can add estimates at the time of creation of the task by using the “~2h” syntax or you can use the task editor to set some estimates.


First class calendar

WEEK PLAN also allows you to manage the events in your calendar.

Easy scheduling

Easily schedule tasks by drag and dropping them. You can also visualize your idle time.

Easy scheduling

Automatic rollover of uncompleted tasks

Tasks that haven’t been completed yesterday can be moved automatically to today. An indicator on the task will tell you how many this task has been procrastinated.

Automatic roll over

Google Calendar advanced integration (pro)

Our Google Calendar integration allows you to pull from multiple calendars and to push from WEEK PLAN into your chosen calendar.

Google Calendar synchronization

Repetition (pro)

Create habits by setting repeating tasks.



WEEK PLAN allows you to plug your schedule with other services very easily.


You can cc our WEEK PLAN email address in an email to have it appear in WEEK PLAN. You can also create a list of tasks via email.

iCal export (pro)

Thanks the iCal format, you can export your WEEK PLAN schedule in any other calendar software.

.csv export (pro)

Export your tasks and journal entries in a comma separated format.

Csv export

Zapier integration (pro)

Zapier makes it easy to automate tasks between web apps. For example, when a new task is created in WEEK PLAN you could can push a notification to a chat room.


SMS integration (pro)

Via SMS, you can review your tasks for today or add new ones.


  • Sofi

    Hey! I’m experiencing troubles with the app. Anytime I try to open the weekplan page it says that it cannot find the source. Is there any way I could avoid this?

    Thank you!

    • Sofi your internet browser is running an old version of weekplan. Could you please try to refresh your web app using CTRL+F5?

      • Sofi

        I’ve tried that few times and usually after few trials it does work.
        However it takes like 5 minutes to open it. Do you think is there
        anything else I could do? Thank you very much!

        • Could you try with a different internet browser, just to be sure it is not a cache issue?

          • Sofi

            Well today it works super well with both firefox and chrome, I usually use firefox. I’ll check with chrome if it wont work again.

          • What do you mean by it is asking the source?

          • Sofi

            that’s it.. thanks for the help!

          • Many people are experiencing this issue but I can’t find what is going on. I am fairly sure it is related to old cached files but I can’t verify it. If you can, on Chrome, if you could open the Dev tools (press F12) and go to the Network tab. When this error appears, a line in the Network tab should be in red. I would appreciate if you could copy paste the full line to help me figure out the problem… Thanks!

          • Sofi

            Sorry for not answering before, but firefox (thats the one which doesn’t work, if I use chrome then it’s fine!) has been opening weekplan correctly in the past few days so I still didn’t have any chance. So I don’t know if you did something but in any case it’s now working for me! (mmh, I must say that I also just did an upload for firefox, don’t know if that can affect the app).
            Anyway thanks for your support, if it does again the mistake I’ll try to do what you said! Again, great application! 🙂

          • Sofi

            Uhm, you should just tell me how to find the information you need on firefox though! Thanks!

  • Guest

    I’ve tried that few times and usually after few trials it does work. However it takes like 5 minutes to open it. Do you think is there anything else I could do? Thank you very much! 🙂

  • Pavel

    What happend with ?

    • Should be back up now. Some glitch with the server.

  • Bear

    Attempts to register using the email option Fail. Or can one only join via social media?
    Attempts to post here as a “guest” also fail.

  • jb

    I can’t log in…please help

    • Sorry, we had some server issue today. It should work now 🙁

  • Dan

    Hi! I like your weeky planner but I have a problem when using my smartphone, a samsung s2 together with it. I can only manage and get an overview over the week I,m in. I simply cannot press the week category at top to change week anymore? I could before but now It simply stays blue when I press it? Any thoughts on this?

    • Hi Dan, I think I have fixed the issue, I will deploy the new version tomorrow, stay tuned 🙂

      • Daniel

        Did you update to the new version yet 🙂

        Still stuck in my week 😉

        • It is being tested on the test environment… soon…

  • I cannot login to my existing Weekplan account using any version of browser

    • Hi David,

      We had some server issue today and I was exceptionally offline (no internet access) which only made things worse. It should work now.

  • Bao

    I have the exact problem described in David’s comment below.

    • Hi Bao – seems sorted as of 09:15 BST – no comments on reason for being down. Cheers David

    • Hi Bao, the problem should now be fixed. Sorry about that, the server decided to throw a random error while I was on a bus ride :-/

  • Hey! All I get is the loading screen. Are there any problems?

    • Sorry we had some server issue that was exacerbated by the fact I was offline for the whole day. It should work now.

      Sorry for the inconvenience.

      • tristankoffee

        I’m having this exact issue right now – only started using it today and was loving it up until this point!

        • Really? It should be working fine. Did you try to refresh the page (in the case you had the page open while the server had some trouble)?

          • tristankoffee

            It appears to be working today – yay! I had refreshed as well as close/open my browser. I’d also tried:
            – opening an incognito window
            – opening on my phone
            – when I got home, I tried on my personal laptop

            All of the above were erroring. As I say, it’s working now though

  • Brendan

    works perfectly now thankyou for having the best organiser on the web !!

  • cwturner

    Seems not to work on my htc. Just see a pulsating week logo.
    What is tbe url to login from mobile. Did not see it from home page.

    • Make sure you have cookies enabled (or that you are not using the Private Browsing mode)

  • I need some help…i want see all day in one screen, some days ago, i can see all day in one screen (not scrolling) , how can i solve this problem? (please under stand my english skill)

    i want same screen as attached image

  • daniel

    Hi again!
    Recently I could press the parkin lot button, weeks and goals, and more importantly pressing the small grid to make the month grid pop up. Now I can,t get any of the above to work? I,m stuck in the week I,m in.
    I,m on a samsung mobile with android.
    For a while the parkin lot and weeks and goals were stapled on top of each other. That seemed to work better?

  • Hi~ My task has little problem. i can’t complete my tasks. i can complete my tasks by paddle below task when i pointed each task, but i can’t see anymore. it is my account setting error?

    • The issue should be fixed now

  • Erika

    Hi! I have the same problem as Kim ka ram further down. I cannot tick off, delete or change any of my tasks. Is there a problem my side or your side you think?

    • Hi Erika, I found the source of the issue. It should be working now.

  • Fabio Pellim

    Hi, having some trouble with checklist inside it task, i’m not able to created them, btw i have already upgraded my account and it was working few days ago, any tip?

    • Hi Fabio, thanks for reporting the issue. I have pushed a fix.