What’s New in Week Plan 2.104.1

Week Plan is growing. Each week, our developers work hard to release new features and bug fixes.

We’re committed to providing you with the best software that will help you become more effective.

Added New List Setting: Promote to Today

Screenshot of Edit Task Weekplan

Week Plan version 2.104.1 now features a new list setting that promotes tasks in any board to today. This allows you to easily prioritize tasks without having to change the dates.

12-Hour Time Format Added

Screenshot of Weekplan time Format

We’ve also added a 12-hour time format for those who hate using a 24-hour clock. In the previous versions, you only had a 24-hour time.

You can switch to a 12-hour clock by going to your Account Settings, then Preferences.

Tasks Can Appear in Boards and Day

Additionally, your tasks can now appear in both in the board list and day list.

Screenshot of Weekplan showing link

To make things easier for and your team, we’ve added an option to generate a permalink of your tasks. Copying a link to your clipboard allows you to share specific tasks with your team members.

Implemented Global Tooltip

Screen shot of Weekplan global tooltip

Be sure to check out the global tooltip which neatly tells you what workspace you’re working on.

Fixed: Can’t Assign Roles to Task

Some of our users reported having difficulties assigning roles to asks. Well, we finally fixed the issue.

Fixed: Reset Time Tracked Value Issue

Previously, the time tracked value could not be reset to zero. Now you can reset the time tracked of your tasks so it goes back to zero once you click the reset button.

Fixed: Week Cells Are Automatically Highlighted in Goal Section

Weekplan Screenshot of the Month

Moreover, there was a bug that automatically highlights the week cells in the Goals module. We’re happy to report that our developers have fixed this issue.

Fixed: Popover Scroll Bar

We’ve also fixed the obnoxious popover scroll bar that appeared on boards.

Fixed: SMS Integration Issues

Some of our users weren’t getting notifications via SMS while a few had issues adding tasks via SMS. With the latest update, everything should be seamless. We also fixed a few styling issues and updated the SMS integration help documents.

Fixed: List Order Bug

List ordering broke during our last deployment. We’ve fixed the bug. You can now edit and update list orders.

Stay Tuned for More

That’s it! Stay tuned for more awesome updates. We’re working hard to make Week Plan the best software to help you keep track of your goals, projects, and tasks.

Thank’s for using Week Plan.

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