We now have a knowledge base to answer most of your questions.


  • How do I edit a task?

    When you pass your mouse over a task, a “Pen” icon appears on the right side, click it to open the “Edit a task” dialog box.

  • How do I delete a task?

    You can click the “Trash bin” button that appears after clicking on a task.

  • How can I change the date or reprioritize a task?

    Drag and drop the task onto the list of the day you want in the order you want. You can also change the date in the “Edit a task” dialog.
    Easy drag and drop

  • How to set a task as important and urgent (quadrant I)?

    Simply end your task with an exclamation mark.

  • How to set a task as important but not urgent (quadrant II)?

    Simply end your task with ‘!2’.

  • How to set a task as urgent but not important (quadrant III)?

    Simply end your task with ‘!3’

  • How do I assign a role to a task?

    You can use the @ character when entering a task to open the list of roles to assign to. You can also edit the role in the “Edit a task” dialog.

  • How do I tag a task?

    Any text you enter before the first ‘:’ in a task text will be converted into a tag. Example: “4pm: This is a task” will have 4pm as a tag.

  • How do I clone a task?

    Simply press CTRL before starting to drag a task and it will be cloned instead of moved.


  • How do I edit a role?

    When you pass your mouse over a role, a “Pen” icon appears on the right side, click it to open the “Edit a role” dialog box.

  • How do I delete or archive a role?

    You can click the “Archive” button in the “Edit a role” dialog box.

  • How do I unarchive a role?

    At the moment you cannot do this from the application, but if it is really important for you to get that role back, contact us and we will unarchive it for you.

Weekly goals

  • How do I edit a weekly goal?

    When you pass your mouse over a weekly goal, a “Pen” icon appears on the right side, click it to open the “Edit a weekly goal” dialog box.

  • How do I delete a weekly goal?

    You can click the “Delete” button in the “Edit a task” dialog box.


  • Will it always be free?

    We would like WeekPlan to cover the expenses of running the service and our living expenses, this is why we have introduced some premium features. The core functionality will stay free but if you have special needs, you might find the feature is available in the PRO plan.

  • How to cancel my subscription to the PRO plan?

    Go the Accounts Setting page and in the “Deactivate your account” section you will find instructions on how to unsubscribe based on whether you paid using Paypal or Stripe.

  • Do you guys have a blog?

    Yes! and we try to make it interesting. It a blog about time management and productivity.

  • Do you guys have a twitter account?

    Yes! @weekplan! Follow us to receive notifications when new features are published on WeekPlan.net

  • Can I blog about WeekPlan?

    Of course! you can also contact us if you want to clarify some points for your article: contact[at]wiselabs.net

  • What will you do with my email address?

    We try to make every email we send truly valuable to you. So for example, we will send new users a free productivity course that explains the concepts used in WEEK PLAN. We also use your email address to send you notifications about stuff happening in your workspaces. If you don’t want to receive any email anymore, you can unsubscribe from a link we put in each email.

Plan Your Week Now

  • Mohamed Sameer-UL-Arabath

    How I sync with my google calendar?

  • Mariana Hernández

    Can we print our week plan ?

    • Yes, just use your browser print function. It will print in a print friendly way.

      • Mariana Hernández

        Thank you! Merci!

  • Mariana Hernández

    What are the momentum points?

    • Check out the video on momentum bars: http://weekplan.net/tutorials/

      • Mariana Hernández

        I did, and now I am even more perplexed, since I haven’t found a way to have all goals in a column on the left side (I use windows). What am I not doing right?

        • The option to see goals on the left is not available anymore. the momentum bars are on top of the goals of the week section.

  • Michele Trinkler

    Is there a mobile app (android)?

    • Not yet… We are struggling to get one up and running to be honest…

  • chrissyfloss

    Can I remove weekends from my weekplan?

  • Anthony Bath

    Hi – I’m having some problems where I can’t tick tasks off my list as the day progresses and I can’t add any. When I go to complete a task the options bar doesn’t appear over the task, but in the top left corner of the screen. Is there anything you can advise? Many thanks

    • This is probably because your web client is on a old version, just refresh your page please.

      • Anthony Bath

        great – it’s working fine now. I can get my life back on track! Cheers

  • Mridul

    The process of copying goals from previous week is BUGGY !! It copies some goals and not the others. When I hit the button, it again copies the same thing.. Will this be fixed soon? Otherwise, this software is completely useless !!

    • It is supposed to only copy uncompleted goals. Is that what it does?

      • Mridul

        It is

        • Mridul

          It copies only a subset of the uncompleted tasks..

  • Alexa Owens

    First of all, I LOVE this app so much and would recommend to anyone. But recently I am having one problem, I used to be able to move my tasks on each day around, which I liked to do so I could see the order that I needed to complete things in that day. But now none of my tasks will move! No matter what I do, close the app, restart my computer, I just don’t know how to make my tasks be able to move again. Any ideas?

    • The problem should be fixed now. Sorry for taking so long to come back to you..

  • 이승훈

    In the few days ago, I can drag the single plan to another day. But now, I can’t drag the plan. I’ve reboot the computer, redownloaded the app. what is the problem?

    • Do you still experience this issue?

  • BV Reese

    Hi, first of all I love your product. I have a task under Parking Lot “Create Biz Plan” and i would like to create a list (sub tasks) under “Create Biz Plan” since there could be many pieces to creating the Biz Plan. I found the “list” option in the app, however when i create a “list” item I notice that it takes precedent over the main task. For example when I created a list for Create Biz Plan, the list item is “Find Biz Plan Format” the list item “Find Format For Biz Plan” is on top and larger than the main Task “Create Biz Plan” Is there any way for me to have the Main task Create Biz Plan on top and have the subtask “Find Biz Plan Format” appear as a list under the main task “Create Biz Plan”? Thank you in advance

    • No this is not possible sorry.

  • Laurie Bolduc-Cadieux

    i clicked prevent the dialogue box in the delete confirmation.. now I cant delete. How can I fix this?

    • The problem should be fixed…

      • Laurie Bolduc-Cadieux

        thank you

  • Katerina Kirax

    Question – if my boyfriend gets this on his computer, can we combine them or share them, or at the very least make combined goals. I.e. He has his, I have mine, and these are what we are doing together?

    • Hi Katerina, of course. Just create a new workspace and invite him in it. You will be able to see each other goals. If you want private goals, just create them in your “Just me” workspace

  • Dave Simonelli

    My goals don’t seem to integrate with my Google calendar. I have purchased the premium plan. It did work at first but them appeared to stop suddenly.

    • The issue should be solved now. Could you please confirm?

  • Carolinne Shaffer

    I noticed that the iCal feed does not seem to be updating with my most recent changes (it seems to have worked at first, but is now not updating). Last night, I set out a schedule for today, but it is not displaying in Google or in my Outlook calendar feed (added iCal using calendar.outlook.com). Is this a known issue? I’m currently in my “free 15-day” period and testing things out before paying the premium fees.

  • Rahul Yadav

    Hi there, So happy that I finally found this App. I have been trying several time/task management App but couldnt find anything that is as versatile & yet simple like WeekPlan.

    I have question. At the moment I am a free user, where are my planner & journal entries saved? Is it possible to import/export the data I will eventually create on weekplan? And is it possible to choose where a preferred cloud drive for all the data?

    • Data is stored in our own database server. You can however export your tasks and journal entries as a csv file. This is a premium feature.

  • Jakob Dehnisch

    Thanks for a great app and much appreciated weekplaner. Having played around with the software for some while now i have discovered a Calendar redundancy! It seem like the google calender push is not working that well together with your IOS app. This since the calendar events that are created on weekplan.net are fetched in the IOS app as google events. This result in that they loose their color code and cannot be rescheduled in the app. Anywork arounds?

    • No work around at the moment sorry.

  • Charlotte Robinson

    Hi Aymeric. I recently upgraded to a PRO plan and linked by gmail
    calendar (and account) to Week Plan. At first Week Plan and Google
    Calendar appeared to be syncing well (both calendar events and tasks)
    however now Weekplan does not seem to be picking up the Google Calendar
    Events. Although google calendar does sync the tasks for each day. Can
    you suggest a fix for this?
    Thanks very much,

    • It should be working now, could you please confirm?

      • Charlotte Robinson

        Hi Aymeric. It appears to be working now. Thanks!

  • Hi there, im started using your app about 2 weeks ago and i thinks its perfect. Now i got some problems while i try to login to my account. On firefox i got this: http://snag.gy/QwgEe.jpg, and it was working till yesterday. Don’t know what could cause this. Its working on opera. I removed all the cookies etc, but still can’t enter with firefox (its updated to the latest version). Any ideas?

      • The issue should be fixed, could you please confirm?

        • Yes its working! TY

        • Rachel Turner

          Hi, I am also having this problem but using Chrome 48 – can you help please?

        • Leonard

          Aymeric, i’m having the same problem when using chrome… Is there any updates?

          • Katie Minkalis

            I’m also having this problem with Chrome.

          • It should be working now. Sorry about that. Users with touch-enabled devices were having issues with the latest release. A bug fix has been published. Thanks for letting us know!

  • Phil

    I’m new to using this program and absolutely love its design, although I have one concern. I created about a dozen or so “roles” yesterday under “goals of the week” and populated them with tasks…then two of my roles and the tasks in them disappeared without me deleting the role (the program normally asks you to confirm deletion of a role and that didn’t happen). Is there a functionality issue here i.e. a limit to the number of roles?

    • You may have hit a temporary issue. It should work fine now.

  • Liza C

    Hi, firstly I would like to say thank you so much for this app because it is amazing. I have been using it for a week and I love it. Secondly, I seem to have a problem when it comes to adding new tasks for a particular day – they are being automatically moved to the pending section. Is there any way how I get the tasks to stay in the box of that particular day? Thank you!

    • That’s very strange but you are not the first one to report this. What internet browser are you using?

      • Liza C

        Hi, I am using Google Chrome

        • Do they all end up in the Pending list? Or do only a few of them? I cannot reproduce this issue and it makes it hard for me to fix it :-/

  • Ivy Geromini

    Hello, please… I am having the best time ever with this app and my productivity increased a lot. But todayI have experienced a problem, my function little pop up that I use to check done my tasks isn’t opening. Is it a problem here?

    • Anne Meester

      I have the same issue 🙁

    • Mathilde

      I’ve got the same problem : (

    • Loreen Liberty

      I have the same problem as well. I’ve restarted Chrome, restarted my PC, and purchased the Ultimate plan… still can’t edit or mark a task complete. I can only move them.

    • Thanks for letting me know. The bug got deployed towards the end of the day and I only realized there was an issue in the morning when I woke up. The issue has been resolved since.

      • Anne Meester


  • Emad Ali

    What is the best and recommended browser to use?

  • Katie Minkalis

    I’m having a problem loading in Chrome. Can get it to load in IE no problem – but for the past 5 days NO CHROME. 🙁 Anyone have any trouble shooting ideas? I emptied cache, cleared cookies, and ran all appropriate updates – any ideas?

    • It should be working now. Sorry about that. Users with touch-enabled devices were having issues with the latest release. A bug fix has been published. Thanks for letting us know!

  • Michael Greco

    How do I delete or reorder the boards that I have created?

    • Not possible at this stage. Boards are a new concept and we are looking at how ( / whether) people are using them. We will allow deletion later.

      • Hehpoof

        The boards are phenomenal, but I totally agree that deletion should be a thing. I just accidentally added one while trying to do something else and it’s going to greatly annoy me now. Seems to me that with something as personal-preference heavy as a planner, adding and deleting should be automatically built in to all features. Do you have an ETA on when this will be fixed?

        • No ETA, this is very low priority at the moment.

  • Mary Davidson

    i love this program, its so useful.
    however… i created a second planner but all of my tasks from my first planner have automatically appeared on the second planner… how do i fix this so the second planner is a ‘blank’ one?

    • Just set the filters at the top right of the new workspace to not show tasks from other workspaces.

  • Joao Antunes

    For the love of my life I cannot find how to create a new workspace…

  • Emcs Hull Tender

    Hi there **Please Help** I have 2 work spaces and the 2nd one is populating in the first one! I need them to be separate!

    • Click on the “Funnel” filter icon on the top right, and pick the only workspace you want to see.

  • Nanda Kumar

    tasks that ahve been completed are still showing on the screen, I am having to browse through them to reach the ones still to be completed. How do i keep the completed tasks but not have to see them

    • Use the filter icon in the top right corner.

  • Anna Vinkler

    Hi! Is there a fast way to create a task from an e-mail straight from gmail inbox window?

  • david

    Enjoy the APP, but have serious sync problems, losing written tasks so is not safe to work.
    Tried the Windows App, and the chrome extensión, same problems.

    • We had some performance issue which are resolved now.

  • Richard

    Hi! Thank you for the great app! I accidentally promoted a goal to a day and marked it completed. Normally I can still see completed tasks (greyed out and crossed out). But this item is gone. How can I recover it? Thanks in advance!

    • Do you remember what the goal was?

  • Jean McEntire

    When the time changed to Daylight Saving Time, all of my tasks were moved to an hour later. How do I change the clock?

    • We are going to look at your account. Thanks for reporting the issue.

      • Joga Ryali

        I upgraded to Pro and set up a sync with Google Calendar. All the meetings imported from Google Calendar are off by 1 hour. Do you have a fix?

        • The issue is related to daytime savings. We are currently developing a fix for it.

  • Lasse Englyst

    Hi, I just found this very promising app but have one huge concern. Is there anyway to avoid clicking two times every time i delete a task? This is a core function that will decrease productivity, if is not swipe or just one click. Kind regard, Lasse

    • Do you need to delete tasks often? Why not just complete a task and leave it in there?

      • Lasse Englyst

        Hi, I see your point. Just had to get used to it. I still want to delete them in the browser version though, because they cannot be collapsed. Thanks.