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Weekly Planner App for Efficient Task Management

Prioritize tasks with respect to the OKRs, enhance productivity, and elevate your task management skills to the next level with Week Plan’s Weekly Planner App.

Prioritizing tasks, knowing what needs to be done and when is like a golden ticket to feel that you have complete control over your time. Our weekly planner app helps you channel your time and efforts in the right direction so that you stay highly productive and effective.

Features of Our Weekly Planner App

Our weekly planner app is equipped with all the necessary features a business needs to become successful. It helps you see the bigger picture by managing tasks from a weekly perspective. Most importantly, it helps you set your weekly goals and see them through.

Quadrant View

The quadrant view feature is inspired by Eisenhower quadrant, which was brought attention to by Stephen Covey’s book “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.” WeekPlan has redesigned it to cater to the needs of the businesses. The quadrant view in our weekly planner app helps you distinguish tasks according to their priorities so that you don’t fall into the Urgency Trap.

High Impact Tasks (HITs)

HITs are a list of high impact tasks that you plan on achieving for a week. They usually come from the top items in your Backlog but can also come directly from the Inbox. HITs help you progress on each of your objectives or role vision. The HITs can be grouped either by roles or by objectives.

Weekly Summary

Our weekly planner app is designed to facilitate comprehensive task scheduling for your team throughout the week. WeekPlan allows you to get a holistic picture of how your team’s week would look like. It also allows you to rearrange the week at any stage to shift focus where needed. You can have a complete bird’s eye view of the week using multiple formats such as calendar view, planner view, list view, and quadrant view.

Weekly Review

WeekPlan lets you build up your plan for the week and schedule your priorities into your week. It’s a step by step process of formulating your week’s HITs. It allows you to review your objectives and backlog of tasks associated with those, review your roles and backlog associate, review your boards, and finally schedule the plan of the week into the week.

Benefits of Using Our Weekly Planner App

The feeling when the plan goes the way you want is something most managers and entrepreneurs yearn. Most leaders don’t need to conceive that having a weekly planner app is good. Having a great plan is the only key to doing great things. Here are some boons for having the software:

Enhanced Productivity

WeekPlan helps break the status quo of working late. It helps you become productive by aligning your focus on the right things, dictating your energy towards chores that are important, and yield maximum results.

Work-Life Balance

It is said that plan your week or die, ever wondered why? Failing to plan for the future in advance can prove to be a strong candid leading to stress. Our weekly planner app can help you eliminate this unwanted stress; not only you’ll be able to strike a perfect balance between your work and personal life, but you’ll also eradicate the chances of severe health and physical implications.

Tasks Prioritization

Having a weekly planner in place helps you identify what tasks to focus on and the ones that can be put on hold. You’ll have a clear understanding of what aspects of your work contribute significantly and which ones contribute very little to overall success. The Pareto Principle states that “80% success comes from 20% tasks” WeekPlan will help identify those 20% tasks and fixate your focus on tasks that will help you move forward.

Be Aware Of What’s Cooking

Entrepreneurs need to pay attention to every small detail, and it is not wrong to say that most of them could’ve been missed out when not noted down. The weekly planner helps you jot down these tasks that demand your attention as you progress through the week.

Workflow Optimization

Managers and Entrepreneurs are usually occupied with juggling tasks throughout their week, this is why it is crucial that they allocate sufficient time to every task. Our weekly planner app helps you optimize your workflow so that you spend adequate time on every task. It provides you with insights so that you can strategically plan your time and efforts.

Proactive Planning with Our Weekly Planner App

The weekly planner feature is like a holy grail of time management for managers and entrepreneurs. Knowing your plans in advance is always a good place to start. With the big picture in mind, not only you’ll work proactively towards your goal, but you will also know what tasks will bring you one step closer to the final goal. Our weekly planner app helps leaders and managers answer questions such as:

  • What plans did you achieve this week?
  • What challenges have you encountered with your plans?
  • What do you plan to do next week?

Focus Timer

Our weekly planner app has an integrated focus timer to track the time spent by your team on the assigned tasks. For 25 minutes, the timer is in focus mode, where you should be working only on that particular task. Then you will have 5 minutes of rest. This is inspired by the Pomodoro technique which will help you focus more while feeling more refreshed thanks to proper resting time.

Day Summary

The day summary feature is specially designed for people who want reporting on a granular level. The day summary gives you a brief about what’s on your plate for the day. It’s always good to have adequate information about what needs to be done in a day so your weekly planning is not jeopardized. This will help you stay focused and track your performance according to the estimates made. Reviewing your day’s summary will help you rearrange and focus on the weekly goals you are falling short on.

Goals and OKRs

Our weekly planner app helps you set objectives and associated key results that you want to achieve during the week. To manage weekly goals, WeekPlan adopts the OKRs methodology. It is a well-known goal management methodology you can read about online. An Objective is like a goal. It should be something difficult to achieve but not impossible, something you have about a 70% chance of success. Each Objective has Key Results, the things you will track to show the progress towards the Objective.


1. What is a weekly planner?

The weekly planner by WeekPlan is designed to help you plan your weekly tasks and objectives. It is designed to help you stay effective throughout the week and accomplish your set goals.

2. Who can use a weekly planner?

A weekly planner can be used by entrepreneurs, managers, and businesses to be more effective with their tasks, objectives, and goals.

3. Why use a weekly planner app?

With a weekly planner app in place, you can save and access all your plans and goals with a few clicks on a centralized platform. It not only helps you to keep away from writing everything on paper and taking care of them but also ensures that you have organized data of each project that can be accessed whenever required.

4. Does WeekPlan offer a free trial?

Yes, WeekPlan offers a free trial of 7 days.

5. Does WeekPlan offer integrations with other platforms?

WeekPlan has Android, iOS, Chrome, Mac OS, and Windows app so that you can make the most of the tool. Apart from these standalone integrations, WeekPlan offers customer integrations via Zapier and its API as well.