When you are a working mom, the concept of “managing” your time seems to be completely foreign, you might feel like you are the slave of other people’s schedule.

It doesn’t have to be like this, so, in this post we will try to lay out a few time management tips to help you getting back some control.

Learn to delegate without the “nagging” feeling

The household doesn’t have to be run solely by you. If you live with your partner, figure out a system to involve him in the day to day house chores, and if you have kids, maybe they are old enough to start helping too. Some alternative schooling systems actually make house cleaning part of the activities they learn early.

You know when your house management system doesn’t work when you have the feeling you are constantly ‘’nagging” people to do stuff.

A way to prevent that situation is to agree on rules as a group, and make the rules very visible. Once the rules are established, you are not longer nagging, the rules are and you are simply reminding them :)

Responsibility Chart - Sample Source: https://gonelikerainbows.wordpress.com/2013/05/11/complete-houskeeping-printable-set/

Prioritize and focus on important tasks

When you feel overwhelmingly busy, it is crucial to understand that some tasks yield more return than others and that you may not be able to do everything.

You need to sharpen your sense of priority to easily identify what really matters.

This is why Week Plan always prompts whether a task is important or urgent. It tries to sharpen that internal sense of priorities.

Letting go of the less important stuff will also relieve you from some of the stress that comes with the sheer amount of pending work.

Spend money to reclaim time

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Consider leveraging your household income to free you up if you are not satisfied with your current situation.

Nowadays you can easily and cheaply outsource the cooking and the cleaning and automate various aspects of your life (paying bills automatically for a small fee).

Have a weekly schedule

Weekly planner

Your family will probably have recurring activities (like soccer). By seeing your schedule from a week perspective, it will become easier to be prepared and it will allow you to block time for the activities you want to do.

Week Plan has the concept of roles which can represent yourself and each of your kids. It encourages you to think of goals you want to achieve during the week, and allows you to set recurring tasks. We count many busy moms as our users, which is why we decided to write this blog post for them. If you are not a WeekPlan user yet, give it a try for free.

Don’t go! Please take a moment to share a tip in the comments for other busy moms. Thanks!

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