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Day Planner App to Elevate Your Productivity

Plan your day better. Design your tasks and execute them seamlessly. Manage time efficiently and boost your productivity with Week Plan’s Day Planner App.

Elevate Your Productivity with Week Plan’s Day Planner App

You don’t have to be overwhelmed by the tasks on you. With WeekPlan’s day planner app, you can automate your work life so that you and your team can work less and do more.

Features of Our Day Planner App

Our daily planner helps you quickly run through daily to-do’s and prioritize them. WeekPlan enables you to run your day, instead of you being run by it. Fixate your focus on things that matter the most. We help you plan your time, tasks, goals, and more, keeping all the information tied and organized on a single platform.

Quadrant View

A day planner app helps you prioritize your daily tasks so that you don’t fall victim to the urgency trap. WeekPlan uses the Eisenhower matrix to help you focus on tasks that are effective, not just productive. The day planner’s quadrant view is designed to help you and your team achieve the long-term gains instead of short term.

High Impact Tasks

High Impact Tasks (HITs), as the name suggests, are a list of tasks that you just can’t afford to miss. These tasks happen to be the ones that contribute significantly toward your long term objectives. With our day planner app, you can create HITs and add as many subtasks as you want to break your bigger objectives into small digestible ones. Not to forget, these are always visible to you, so they don’t slip out of your mind. The HITs can be grouped either by roles or by objectives.

Day Summary

The WeekPlan’s day summary feature helps you analyze how productive the day was for you and your team. Once you are done planning your day and delegated tasks to the team, you can quickly review the performance at the day end. The day’s report will be delivered right into your inbox, which you can then use to get a headstart into the next day by reviewing what’s on there to-do list.

Time Tracker

Tasks that have not certain endpoints can be easily forgotten or delayed. Deadlines are the only means to settle this. If you want a smooth flow of work, then deadlines are a must. Deadlines help your team collaborate to achieve a shared goal and keep complex, multistage projects on track. Our day planner app is equipped with a time tracker to keep track of time spent on every task and subtasks to help you stay on track. You can set deadlines for tasks, goals, and even projects you and your team are working on.

Benefits of Our Day Planner App

The only way to excel through your busy life is to get things organized. Our life is quite demanding now, be it social, family time, maintaining hobbies, attending to events, or maybe watching a TV show. And a very small chunk has the brain capacity or memory to effortlessly keep a track of all these demands. This is where a day planner comes into play. A tool to help you plan and organize your daily chores.

Better Time Management

As we all know, time management is all about controlling and planning the time you spend on every activity, and a day planner app is the best that empowers you to do this. WeekPlan tends to have a daily overview that allows you to note all the events and tasks on your schedule or any other piece of information that is relevant to you and your team. It also allows you to organize events according to their respective day and time, ultimately giving you a bigger picture of the schedule and better control over your time spent.

Remember More

A day planner app helps ensure that you never miss anything important. Given the option to jot down, setting it to a particular date and time, and a notification system in place you’re not likely to miss on your appointments, payments, and events. WeekPlan helps you gain more control over your life.

Elevate Your Productivity

With bolstering organization and prioritization of tasks, you and your team will be able to get more done. A day planner app will lock you into a system so that your focus while heading towards your set goals. WeekPlan helps you stay away from procrastination by advocating prioritization of tasks on your schedule.

Reduce the Stress Levels

Another advantage that you and your team will privy to is decreased stress levels. Outlining your schedule and prioritizing your to-do list in a day planner, the feeling of being overwhelmed or being out of control is eradicated. Add to that that you’re never forgetting important events and your productivity has improved, and you’ll benefit from minimized stress and improved quality of life.

A Place To Record

A day planner is a tool that you can refer to when you need to access the records for your tasks, appointments, and notes. The journal feature in WeekPlan enables you to keep a record of whatever you want and access them whenever, and wherever you want.

You Have A Goal, We Have A Plan

WeekPlan serves as your work concierge. It lets you plan intelligently, organize tasks and projects to set yourself up for success. It also helps in ensuring that your time is spent wisely by organizing and prioritizing tasks and subtasks for efficient execution. To simply put it, WeekPlan is here to help you achieve more every day.

Task Calendar For Teams

Our day planner app has a calendar view for the entire team’s tasks. This not helps in managing their day to day activities, but you can manage their tasks for the future (week, month, or even quarter). All you need to do is drag and drop the tasks you need to reassign or create new ones with just a few clicks.

Roles Management

It’s not easy to deal with different teams with diverse roles. Add to that if you have to create and assign tasks to them there are chances you might end up assigning wrong tasks to the wrong people. Our day planner app helps you easily assign different roles to different members and manage tasks accordingly.


1. What is a day planner app?

A day planner is a chart of action for activities that you will have to carry out at different times of the day. A day planner helps you to organize everything you have to do. It also helps you stay on top of your agendas.

2. Who can use a day planner app?

The day planner can be used by entrepreneurs, managers, and businesses to be more effective with their tasks, objectives, and goals. It can be used by anyone looking forward to improving his/her effectiveness in any role of his life. We also help organizations for team goal settings and execution.

3. Why use a day planner app?

A day planner app enables you and people around you to stay synced and get reminded to focus on what matters, knowing you had a productive day and crossed off your to-do list. Your day planner helps you get more done each day, with less stress and procrastination.

4. Does WeekPlan offer a free trial?

Yes, WeekPlan offers a free trial of 7 days.

5. Does WeekPlan offer integrations with other platforms?

WeekPlan has Android, iOS, Chrome, Mac OS, and Windows apps so that you can make the most of the tool. Apart from these standalone integrations, WeekPlan offers customer integrations via Zapier and its API as well.