My ideal week: free printable "planner"

Do you live your life as it comes (reactive approach) or do you prefer to live with purpose according to a plan (proactive approach)?

As the founder of WEEK PLAN, I try to expose my readership to new interesting techniques that can help them be more effective.

Today, I share a new tool called MY IDEAL WEEK:

Screenshot of my own ideal week

The concept is very simple: imagine what your ideal week would look like if you had 100% control over your time

I believe it is essential to color code your ideal week. It helps you find imbalance and attach you emotionally to this piece of paper. I personally use green for “Sharpen the saw” kind of activities, pink for relationships, blue for creative work, and grey for chores. 

Some comments on my ideal week: 
1. As you can see I still spend a lot of time consulting while I am bootstrapping WEEKPLAN. My true ideal week would replace consulting with Development work for WEEK PLAN.
2. I don’t plan much of my weekends. The weekends are the days I have the least control of.
3. I like to give each day a focus theme (admin, consulting, dev, etc…).

I have turned MY IDEAL WEEK into a PDF that you can download here[version with am/pm format] [version with Sunday first]


  • Ian

    Hi Aymeric, I remember receiving the email about this and I’ve now just logged into WeekPlan. I’ve not used the app much at all yet, but I think I would use it a lot more if I can create a week plan like yours above within the WeekPlan app and then allocate my tasks – perhaps automatically each week after linking the task to project for the periods of time specified for those tasks. If this is already possible, please let me know.

    Oh and add your blog URL to the sidebar in the app, I had to go to Google to find it.

    • Thanks for the suggestion. I thought of how I could add the ideal week feature in weekplan but couldn’t find a non discruptive way to do it. So I need to do more thinking abotu it.

      I will add the blog link as you suggested.

  • ruthenium66

    Really like WeekPlan (just signed up but so far, it pleases me). You might want to do a 12-hour clock free PDF (AM/PM) for your users in the US. Good luck with the app — FINALLY a parallel for my hard copy planner that uses this method!

    • I have updated the blog post with two new version: am/pm and sunday first. Enjoy!

      • ruthenium66

        Thanks! Will use ASAP

  • Rhonda Hulland

    It would be really helpful if we could highlight one or two main focuses at the top of each day in the week plan. I like to put my “frogs” (Eat That Frog – Brian Tracy) at the top so I can see it/them and check off once completed.

    • You mean in the ideal week planner?

      • Rhonda Hulland

        Actually, i meant in the program itself. Sorry i wasnt clear!

        • Simply mark them as important and they will appear in bold.