Do you live your life as it comes (reactive approach) or do you prefer to live with purpose according to a plan (proactive approach)?

As the founder of Week Plan, I try to expose my readership to new interesting techniques that can help them be more effective.

Today, I share a new tool called MY IDEAL WEEK:

Screenshot of my own ideal week

The concept is very simple: imagine what your ideal week would look like* if you had 100% control over your time*.

I believe it is essential to color code your ideal week. It helps you find imbalance and attach you emotionally to this piece of paper. I personally use green for “Sharpen the saw” kind of activities, pink for relationships, blue for creative work, and grey for chores.

Some comments on my ideal week:

* As you can see I still spend a lot of time consulting while I am bootstrapping Week Plan. My true ideal week would replace consulting with Development work for Week Plan.
* I don’t plan much of my weekends. The weekends are the days I have the least control of.
* I like to give each day a focus theme (admin, consulting, dev, etc…).

I have turned MY IDEAL WEEK into a PDF that you can download here.


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