WeekPlan integrates with Google Calendar

We told you we had a couple of exciting announcements coming up. 

Today we are launching the two way integration with Google Calendar.

What it does
New events from Google Calendar will appear in your Week Plan (refreshed every hour). 
New tasks from your Week Plan will appear in Google Calendar.

What it means
What is exciting about this new integration is that you can now access your Week Plan tasks everywhere Google Calendar is available. All the existing apps in the App Store or Google Play Store that work with Google Calendar will work with your Week Plan tasks too.

How to enable this integration
This integration is available to Week Plan PRO users. If you are not a PRO user, you can review the plan here.

To connect to your Google Calendar, head to your workspace’s settings page, you will find the Google Calendar section.

  • Wynelle Ulrich

    The red background on your page is offensively blinding! It literally hurts my eyes to look at it. – just letting you know … gotta’ close this window.

    • Wow, this is an issue with Internet Explorer. Will fix! thanks 🙂

  • Gergely

    Hi, i’m trying to set up Google Cal integration, but items from Weekplan calendar area appear in Google Calendar as individual calendars in Google bearing the task name as calendar name. When i’d display one of them, they are completely blank, so no other information seems to get through. And say, for a weekplan item that is a repeating task, i get so many number of separate calendars in Google Calendar as many times the repeating is on. This completely destroys handling the calendars in Google.
    Im i not doing something right, or is it the way it’s configured?

    • Aymeric

      Could you send a screenshot of the calendars? This is the first time someone reports this.


  • Will


    Do repeating events not show up on the workspace? Is there a way around this?


    • What do you mean?

      • Will

        I have my classes as a repeating event for week on Google Calendar. However, they don’t show up in Week Plan.

    • Did you sync with the appropriate calendar?

      • Will

        Yes, but it won’t show that calendar on Week Plan. Other calendars show up. I think I figured out that it may be because I have each class a different color on the calendar. Would that make sense?

        • Do you mind sending me a screenshot of your calendar form Google Calendar and explain which events are not showing? I will follow this up. (send me to aymeric[at]weekplan.net)