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Task Management Software for Productivity Lovers

Week Plan is an easy to use task management software to make you and your team more productive. Try Week Plan for free and feel the difference.

Week Plan has everything your team needs to plan, manage and complete tasks.

High Impact Tasks

High Impact Tasks

Never lose sight of your most important tasks. Week Plan task management software helps you integrate your high impact tasks into your schedule easily, so your team can focus on what matters.

Add Sub Tasks

sub tasks with a check boxes Every big and high impact task start small. Subtasks help you create an organized work breakdown structure to effectively manage a big task. Add as many subtasks as you want, complete with description, deadlines, priority, and more.

Set Repetitive Tasks

Repetition Settings

Save tons of time by setting up repeating tasks. Add recurring tasks like weekly meetings and reports — they’re automatically added to the schedule.

Track Time on Each Task

assign checkboxes to each task

Measure the time it took you to finish a task or allocate time to your team’s tasks with the built-in time tracker.

Centralize Your Important Tasks

Weekplan Ultimate Having all your tasks in one place is critical. Arrange your tasks in a list or assign them a priority level. Then add unimportant tasks to a parking lot.

Increase the Task Productivity and Efficiency of your business and team

Prioritize Your Tasks

Prioritize tasks by turning them into high impact tasks. Stop wasting time on unimportant stuff. Get a clear picture of what’s important and boost your team’s productivity.

Track the Progress on Tasks

Tracking the progress on your task enables you to not only complete your tasks on time but to accomplish it with the efficiency. You can easily view the progress of your entire project tasks in terms of tasks completed, deliverables, and time taken.

Monitor Tasks From Your Team Members

Monitor the tasks and deliverables of your entire team from a single dashboard. Get instant notification on any update and diagnose any roadblocks to avoid time delay and deadline issues.