Creating OKRs can be tricky for new companies that are not used to it. Most of them are struggling to design the ideal OKRs for their business and preparing for the consequences of framing the poor OKRs.

How to make an OKR that is based on best practices?

This is the piece where you will get the answer to this question.

In an organization, there are different departments like sales, marketing, engineering, finance, administration, finance, etc. Having an idea regarding how to create the best OKR for all these teams can help them create a winning OKR strategy. To ease things for you, we have created OKR templates for all the key departments of an organization to help them get the most out of them.

1 - OKR Templates for Marketing

Marketing is one of the key departments of any company. They are directly associated with the marketing of products and services of a business to the customers. In order to measure the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing team efforts, it is necessary to have quantifiable performance measures, this where OKR for marketing comes into play. Only when you can track the performance, you can also drive growth and profitability to the business.


Here some templates for your aid:

Template 1

Objective: Enhance engagement at the company blog

Key result 1: Create 30 top quality blog posts

Key result 2: Publish 5 interviews with leading industry experts

Key result 3: Get 10,000 relevant blog subscribers

Template 2

Objective: Improve Overall Website SEO

Key result 1: Set on-page optimization of all the pages of the website

Key result 2: Get 15 new inbound links each month from top quality websites

Key result 3: Resolve all technical SEO issues of the website

Template 3

Objective: Bring more marketing qualified leads

Key result 1: Generate 30 MQLs from paid search each month

Key result 2: Generate 25 MQLs from organic search each month

Key result 3: Generate 25 MQLs from email marketing each month

Key result 4: Generate 25 MQLs from community marketing each month

2 - OKR Templates for Sales

Business can never deny the importance of the sales team as it helps a business to stay alive. Sales and marketing teams normally work together to drive better results, but there are definitely some major differences between the goals of a sales team and a marketing team.

Working on tasks

Here are some OKR templates for Sales:

Template 1

Objective: Maximize the outcome of the sales funnel

Key result 1: Approaching to all MQL leads from last week within a week

Key result 2: MQL to sales closing rate above 60%

Key result 3: 2 weeks to close sales

Template 2

Objective: Grow sales targeting European countries

Key result 1: Search for 50 new customers from EU that are interested in our product

Key result 2: Create relationships with them by contacting three times per week

Key result 3: Offers discounts and other benefits to close sales

Template 3

Objective: Increase sales team

Key result 1: Hire 3 new sales manager

Key result 2: Hire 12 new sales rep

Key result 3: Successfully implement the 2023 expansion plan

3 - OKR Templates for Technology/Engineering

The technology/engineering team has a major role in the success of a business. Setting OKRs can help them improve their performance because it aligns them with the goals of the business.

MAchine and Screw

Here are some OKR templates for Technology/Engineering:

Template 1

Objective: Extend the engineering team to meet additional targets

Key result 1: Hire 2 new engineering managers

Key result 2: Hire 8 new engineers

Key result 3: Ensure that the new staff is following the performance metrics checklist

Template 2

Objective: Improve the entire performance of the software

Key result 1: Ensure that the product is created by on the set standard procedure checklist

Key result 2: Minimize 20% critical bugs

Key result 3: Improve the average response time of the software below 500ms

Template 3

Objective: Improve the testing process of software

Key result 1: Test the product separately among all the development teams

Key result 2: Remove all bugs found during the development process

Key result 3: Improve unit testing coverage to 80%

4 - OKR Templates for Operations

The operations department plays a major role in maximizing the efficiency and productivity of all the departments. If you have a strong marketing and sales department but your operations department is not good enough, then the success of your organization might be at risk. So, ensure that the OKRs of your operations team are defined clearly.

Some OKR templates for operations are as follows;

Template 1

Objective: Create an office that has operational efficiency

Key result 1: Removing dependency from manual data storage

Key result 2: Ensure office supplies are up and running

Key result 3: Minimize unnecessary use of supplies

Template 2

Objective: Increase the efficiency of the organization

Key result 1: Introduce new tools that can improve the working process

Key result 2: Ensure that training sessions are arranged regarding these new tools

Key result 3: Make sure that organizational productivity increased by 50% using these tools

Template 3

Objective: Streamline inventory management process

Key result 1: Forecast the need for inventory for all departments

Key result 2: Ensure proper tracking of inventory items

Key result 3: Ensure that there is the proper software to manage and track the entire inventory

5 - OKR Templates for Human Resource

The human resource department not only brings good resource to an organization but is also involved in taking care of their salary, benefits, training, etc. In order to help the human resource department deliver top quality work, OKRs can prove to be of great help.

Some OKR templates for Human Resource are as follows;

Template 1

Objective: Maximize the productivity of office staff

Key result 1: Make sure that all the executives arrive on time at the office

Key result 2: Create monthly tanning schedule for each department

Key result 3: Ensure that all the staff is equipped with essential tools

Template 2

Objective: Improve the recruiting process of the company

Key result 1: Ensure that all the available jobs have been posted to the reputed job sites

Key result 2: Contact reasonable profile in a week

Key result 3: Increase competency interview question by 20%

Template 3

Objective: Improve salary competitiveness of employees

Key result 1: Compare the salary offered by us with the industry benchmark

Key result 2: Ensure employees are paid on time

Key result 3: Ensure that their package has other fringe benefits as per the industry

6 - OKR Templates for Finance

The finance department deals with all finance-related matters of any organization. They manage the cash flow process, design financial strategies, perform internal audit and so on. To ensure that the finance department runs smoothly, it is better to create OKRs for them as well.


Some OKR templates for finance are;

Template 1

Objective: Create a financial strategy of the organization for the next year

Key result 1: Arrange a planning session with the manager of every department

Key result 2: Ensure that there is no unnecessary expenditure

Key result 3: Finalize budget of the entire year by November

Template 2

Objective: Raise new capital for growth requirements

Key result 1: Outreach 150 VCs for funds

Key result 2: Arrange meetings and conference calls with VCs

Key result 3: Target $5 million to close an investment round

Template 3

Objective: Improve the efficiency of the bookkeeping process

Key result 1: Hire qualified and experienced bookkeepers

Key result 2: Ensure advanced tools are used to minimize errors

Key result 3: Create a monthly report to document entire data

7 - OKR Templates for Customer Support

The customer support department is the main point of contact for a customer. It creates an image of your business in the customer’s mind. A good customer support department can be very helpful to have good relationships with your existing customers.


OKR template for customer support are as follows:

Template 1

Objective: SLA fulfillment around products

Key result 1: Ensure that customer satisfaction score is greater than 80% around products

Key result 2: Create a support action plan

Key result 3: Arrange marketing meetings to reduce alignment issues

Template 2

Objective: Create top-quality customer support department

Key result 1: Respond to customer queries within 1 hour

Key result 2: All email queries should be addressed in 24 hours

Key result 3: Ensure that the customer satisfaction score is above 90%

Template 3

Objective: Improve the performance of the customer support team

Key result 1: Ensure that 3 training sessions are conducted for the customer support team every quarter

Key result 2: Update the knowledge base with all the essential guides regarding customer support

Key result 3: Ensure that the team members have a personal score of above 8 out of 10

Final Thoughts

For companies that are working on OKRs, they have their own customized templates for each department because they try different things to find the best combination that works effectively for them.

The OKRs templates discussed can prove to be extremely helpful if you have just started working on OKRs strategy. Make use of these templates as your starting point and then craft them according to your needs later on.

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