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[6/6] Synergy or how to work better with others

Can’t work well with others? Have you been facing problems to synergize? Learn everything about the significance of synergy and team collaboration here.


Synergy means that together you can produce something that none of you could have produced individually.

To be able to achieve synergy, you need to have enough integrity and internal security to open up to other people’s influence. You need to be able to emphatically listen to other people before trying to make your point.

This is how you could go about trying to solve a problem together:

  • First state the problem clearly so that everyone understands what needs to be solved.
  • Second, let everyone state their opinion and ask for clarification if needed. It is important to let everyone fully express themselves before trying to make your point.
  • Third, share your opinion.
  • Brainstorm new solutions together. Don’t judge people’s suggestions, genuinely consider all of the alternatives presented. An idea that might look stupid at first sight might be a very good solution.
  • Finally, pick the best solution together. In Week Plan, you can use workspaces to create a space where people can collaborate. Everyone can share their goals for the week, and you can assign tasks, share documents and discuss tasks together. A journal is also available to help the team reflect and learn together.

Congratulations! You made it until the end of the bonus course. I hope that you enjoyed it. Please let me know if there are topics that I should cover as part of this course. Any feedback is welcome!