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[3/6] How to Live a Balanced Life - Know It All

Find it difficult to manage time effectively? Learn how to live a productive & balanced life in our online course that helps you manage time efficiently.

You may have noticed that Week Plan has a “High Impact Tasks” section with roles as sections.

Everyone has roles in their life. I may be an individual (self), a husband, an entrepreneur, a brother, a son, etc… All of them are important to me.

Often when people make the list of things they need to do, they think too narrowly. They only consider one role or two (work and self).

When you focus too much on certain roles in your life, you start neglecting some other important areas of your life (health, relationships).


Week Plan encourages you to list weekly goals for EACH of your roles in life. This way you continuously make progress in every aspect of your life and stay balanced.

Exercise: in Week Plan, update your list of roles in the “Goals of the Week” section.

Here is a list of roles to help you make your own list: Self, Father/Mother, Sister/Brother, Friend, Husband/Wife, Manager/Colleague, Church member, Neighbour, Volunteer.

In the next article, we will see how you can reduce your stress and free your mind in less than an hour (I am talking about a productivity technique, not a relaxation technique).