Ever felt the sudden urge to grab a cup of coffee in order to finish that boring assignment? Or perhaps you were too tired to attend the morning classes. After facing similar situations you might have asked yourself as to why you act like a zombie all the time. More importantly you might want to find ways in which you will feel energetic throughout the day and simply be more productive in your life. Well, if you are looking for these answers then look no further. We have all the answers you are looking.

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Firstly, before diving into the long awaited answers, let’s talk about why our body deeply craves for the bed so many times in a day. One of the most obvious reasons is lack of sleep. Other than this there are other contributing factors like absence of exercise from daily routine, unhealthy food consumption, addiction to caffeine and cigarettes, depression and even sadness. However, sometimes none of these are the reason behind your sluggishness. The mystery lies behind in your health condition. Chronic fatigue syndrome, underactive thyroid and diabetes may be some of the contributing factors to your sleepless nights.However, what are the solutions to our frequently asked question? Let’s discuss that shall we? Here are a few points that make us fatigue throughout the day.

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The most obvious yet crucial solution is the sleeping habit. Scientists suggest that an adult should get an average of 6 hours of sleep daily to function properly and not doze off in the middle of the work. Now it’s fairly obvious that sleeping for less than the designated time will cause you to feel tired throughout the day but it is also true that sleeping for 8-10 hours also disturbs your sleeping cycle. Not only this but it has also been proven that 8-10 hours of sleep can leave you feeling cranky throughout the day. We don’t want that now do we? The researchers further explained that the sleep cycle lasts for 90 minutes. So if a person needs to feel well rested they must complete the cycle. Another topic that comes to mind when we are taking about sleep, no it’s not bed, is alarm clock. Ever felt like smashing your own alarm clock when it went off? Yeah we all did at one point. How will you feel if I say that the alarm clock is actually affecting your daily productivity? Many scientists say that the sound of the alarm clock leaves us feeling irritated and spoils our mood first thing in the morning. We humans are accustomed to waking up naturally. This is a habit that has been going on for ages until the invention of technology that is. Our ancestors used to get up with the sun or due to the sound of the roosters. They went to sleep early since there were no natural light other than the unreliable moonlight to assist them in doing other task and always got up right on time to head to their work. There were no annoying alarm clocks at that age but now we need it in order to ensure that we wake up on time and cope up with our busy life we need the tiny device. Long story short just go to bed early and wake up once you have finished the sleep cycle and set the alarm in case of emergency. Hopefully you will get up before the alarm goes off.

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If you can get your sleeping schedule under control the next thing to work on is your exercising hours. Hold up! Before you give up and say it’s not your cup of tea just hear us out. Although a rigid exercise is always well recommended for a healthy life but in order to get rid of the drowsy feeling everyday you can do some small exercises. This can be a 20 minutes’ walk outside of your house or a few pushups in a day or maybe even a few crunches in the hopes of those abs. All these can greatly reduce the constant feeling of fatigue and even help improve your health as a bonus. The reason behind this is that your blood flow increases throughout your body and you get a good night sleep. Exercising outside of the house is also recommended since sunlight is a great source for vitamin D. This helps our body to stay fit and healthy. So keep your jogging sneakers close to you from now.


Another great way of solving the problem is by eating healthy food. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to consume only green vegetable but there has to be a more balanced diet. Protein, vitamin, carbohydrate, mineral, fiber and water must be in the right proportion in order to achieve a balanced diet. The food you eat will have a direct effect on your sleep which will then determine how you function throughout the day. Also prioritize iron rich food since diseases like anemia can be easily avoided through the digestion of iron-rich food and be extra careful of what you put inside your stomach. Its effect can be very dangerous. With that being said it is also important to remember that you never skip out on a meal. Nowadays there are many women and even men who tend to skip a meal on a regular basis. Sometimes for the sake of a smaller waist line and other times due to the rush of work. They don’t really understand the level of impact this can have on their daily life. This will directly affect their energy level and soon they will be out of fuel to progress through rest of the day. Be extra careful that you eat all of your meals, especially breakfast- most important meal of the day.


Talking about what to put in your belly reminds us that there is another source of food people tend to run to whenever they are feeling low on energy. Yes protein bar is one of those but the more popular one is caffeine. Whereas small consumption of caffeine is recommended in order to stay awake late at night but a large scale of intake will make you addicted to it. The risky side effect of coffee is that although it will give you an initial energy boost but once its effect wares out you will immediately feel depleted of energy. The addiction will make you rush over to get some moreand you will end up feeling physically drain. Even to the point where you will have no energy left to jump out of your bed and start your day. To get your caffeine level under control slowly cut down the gobbling of coffee and before you know it your sleeping habit will be back to being normal again.


Other than food your water level needs to be in check as well. Yeah I know. How can something as silly as water make you feel so tired all the time. Well this only happens when your water intake is dangerously low. Dehydration has a direct link with your energy level. Once it goes down you will neither want to work for long nor will you be able to focus on anything during that time. Not only this but lack of water has the capacity to make your mouth and nasal passage absolutely dry during sleeping and make you snore loudly at night, which is not actually a very good sign of healthy sleeping pattern. It can even lead to chronic leg cramps and leave you feeling less alert and mentally clear for the next day. So, stay hydrated! Drink plenty of water.

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However, there is another greater addiction than coffee that makes you almost paranoid when you even think about leaving it. That is cigarettes. Smoking starts off as a curiosity or the desire to look in front of your friends but soon the nicotine casts its spell and the person falls right into the trap. Among the many side effects of smoking the crucial one is that it makes depletes your energy by reducing your oxygen levels and making breathing difficult for you. It also leads to stress and anxiety which can affect both your mental and physical energy that you need to carry on your daily activities with ease. Excess stress will not let you fall asleep that easily and it will constantly affect your work life. A solution to this problem is urgently needed and yes there are ways but the most important ingredient of all is will power. If you have enough determination to quit smoking then you will find the task being very simple to you. However, cravings will occur every now and then but you need to be in control of your mind and body to make this impossible like task possible.

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Apart from this the main reason you might feel tired all the time is just because you’re lazy. Your love for the bed might run too deep. Even deeper than your enthusiasm to get all of your work done and give a check on your to do list. It might take you a while to admit this to yourself but once you do there are ways to improve this laziness and get your life back on track. The first thing is to do is to make your bed. This might seem like a small task but it will give you a sense of accomplishment which will be the driving force of your eagerness to get other jobs done as well. However, if your day doesn’t go well and you fail to do all of your works properly you will still have a well made bed to return to which will give you some sort of relieve and it will subconsciously motivate you to do better tomorrow. Other than this yoga can be great start to make sure you have all of your focus on your work and help you get started in your day.

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On the other side there is a very deep problem where the people suffer in silence and their quiet cries are often not heard. Yes, they are none other than the depressed people. Their stories of not being able to sleep for days are mostly regarded as a mere attention seeking strategy and often ignored. These people suffer from lack of sleep and as a result they are seen with heavy bags under their eyes, cuddled up in their corner feeling drowsy but sleep barely comes to them. This problem can only be sorted when they will feel loved and valued. When their feelings will be taken into consideration their sleeping pattern will automatically return to normal and they will be back to being the happy, fun love, outgoing person they used to be. All they need is a little love and care.

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However if all the criteria above mentioned are in check and you still feel too tired to function properly throughout your day then it might be a good idea to contact your doctor. The problem might be more serious and you might be in need of a medical checkup. We definitely hope that you are absolutely okay but it never harms to get it checked. After all it’s better to be safe than sorry, right?

To sum it up proper sleeping routine, daily exercises, healthy eating habit, no bad habits of drinking excess coffee or smoking and a good state of mind is all you need to fight all your tiredness away. A well controlled routine can help improve your lifestyle significantly and in ways you never even imagined. Small habits like the ones mentioned above can help you achieve all of your goals since you will not have tiredness holding you back. When you will stop dozing off every now and then you will see that the passion for completing your work is back and you are making your life more productive. Well best of luck in your quest of making the most out of your life.

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