Productivity is becoming a prevalent phenomenon in today’s time. People are concerned about productivity and want to become more productive.

Whether it be students from college or school, freelancers, employees, or business owners, productivity has now become every one top priority.

Productivity means you are working in a consistent mode, delivering work before the deadline while wasting no time elsewhere.

Employees want to be productive to accomplish their daily tasks by the end of the day.

Freelancers want to be productive so they can deliver their projects quickly. Students want to be productive so they can study well, achieve good grades, and submit their assignments on time.

Boosting Productivity With Digital Planning

Productivity is helpful for everyone in things like task completion, enhancement in performance, and goal achievement.

Moreover, productivity is one of the prerequisites for success at work and in life.

So how can we ensure productivity while working on a task and project? Quite simple, it is.

Time management software or productivity applications that are used for daily planning is one of the most effective tools that can boost your productivity.

We’ll now look at the excellence and brilliance of productivity applications and how to increase your work productivity and daily planning with these applications.

1: Using Digital Planners

Digital Planners

Using the latest technology while doing anything in today’s age and time is often preferred.

This is because technology has given us viable solutions to many things and can also be used to increase our productivity.

One such example of using technology to increase productivity is using digital planners.

Digital planners are becoming popular for all the right reasons. These can be essential tools that can benefit you in many ways.

These digital planner applications can be used for work planning as these digital planners have features like a work planner that make work planning seamless.

If you are a manager or business owner, this is a must-have tool. The work planner can help you with task management and ensure the deadlines are met for every task.

These digital planner software solutions can also positively change your personal life.

As much as success is necessary for professional life, it is also important in personal life.

Therefore, for personal well-being and success, life planner features offered by digital planners can be beneficial.

In addition, this feature can help you with setting personal growth goals and achieving them.

2: Tracking Productivity

Tracking Productivity,  Productivity

Digital planners often have productivity trackers; these trackers can also be called time trackers.

These are one of the most integral tools that can be used to boost your productivity and optimize daily planning.

Therefore, tracking your productivity level is very important. Below are the multiple reasons why tracking productivity is essential.

Tracking productivity helps you to know how effectively and efficiently you have been working by the end of the day.

It is also helpful in knowing that you are on the right path to accomplishing your goal and what has been your work progress.

Another significant benefit of tracking productivity levels is that it helps you plan your day and future projection of the work.

When you are setting your future goals, one very effective measure of setting goals that are realistic and attainable is productivity level.

3: Schedule Making

Schedule Making

Schedule making is one of the most important things we often do when starting our day.

Schedule-making brings clarity in numerous ways, such as what tasks are to be completed and how much time should be allotted to specific tasks and projects.

Schedule making is excellent, but it can often be pretty complex, especially with paper planners.

If paper planners are used while making a schedule, you might have to revolve your head around various things. Also making rectifications and corrections while using paper planners can lead to a mess.

That is why digital planning makes the way to go for effective schedules.

Why so? We’ll tell you. Digital planning makes schedule-making easy and instant. For instance, if the digital planner is used for this purpose, there would be an easy way to edit and re-edit the task in the schedule maker.

Digital planners often provide numerous options that make schedule-making easy. Firstly you can easily set or add projects and their timeline.

If you need to postpone a project, you could also do that too quickly.

4: Performance Evaluation

Performance Evaluation, Business Performance Evaluation

Productivity matters most, especially when you are working in teams and groups.

Therefore, you must ensure while working in groups and teams that everyone is giving their best input.

For instance, a business organization would be successful if its workforce equally participated in operations and provided their productive input.

Digital planning can be used for performance evaluation, and performance evaluations are necessary for ensuring productivity is at optimal levels. In addition, digital planners can be used for tracking the productivity of the employees and overall teams.

This would assist the managers in knowing how effectively and efficiently every team participant is performing.

5: Creativity


Digital Planning adds creativity which leads to increases in productivity.

Now if you have used paper planners, you might have encountered no fun with them, no matter how colorful it looks.

The main reason paper planners fail is that they are boring, and this is because, after some time, we get bored with them, which leads to us giving up on them and eventually losing the routine of checking up on task completion and overall productivity.

Digital Planning resolves this, among the great things about digital planning is that it adds creativity that enhances productivity.

In addition, digital planners are designed so that people are hooked to them in a way that becomes standard practice in their lives.

Digital planners often have a visually appealing and very user-friendly interface.

This means that people planning using digital planners often find it fun to use. In addition, numerous templates can be used for schedule making, adding fun to the process.

Digital planning adds an impressive creative aspect, boosting motivation for planning out, eventually leading to productivity enhancement.

That is why many people are now shifting to digital planning, and so should you.

6: Ease

Ease, digital planners, digital planning

Digital planning is also better because of its ease of use. Digital planners are convenient; this is because digital planners are intuitive. When using a planner, the primary thing you want is its ease of use.

If the planner is easy to use, schedules and timelines can be created easily.

The ease factor is also a productivity driver. While digital planning, if the planner is easy to use, then KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) can be easily understood.

As the KPIs are easily understood, operations like performance evaluation can be undertaken immediately with minimal or no time wastage.

7: Reminders

Reminders, Business Reminders

One of the best parts about digital planners is they are created to minimize procrastination.

You must be wondering how digital planners can avoid procrastination, which we often do intentionally or unintentionally.

Digital planners have reminders and pop-ups; these are used to notify the user about their daily schedule.

Unfortunately, paper planners don’t have such tools, and seriously, by now, you have to cut out paper planners such as daily journals from your life.

Digital planners not only help you overcome procrastination but also can help remind you about what tasks are to be completed.

We are often bustling with many things daily, and we usually can be so occupied that we often forget about our following tasks.

The significant part about digital planning is that you are constantly notified, so you don’t procrastinate and forget any of your tasks.

Adding to this, your productivity skyrockets and peaks once the procrastination is overcome. This is why digital planning has the edge over paper planning.

8: High Impact Tasks (HITs)

High Impact Tasks (HITs)

Digital planning is essential for productivity enhancement; we know that by now, but one thing to add here is that tools like digital planners used for digital planning can be used for the bifurcation of low-impact or high-impact tasks.

When we have all our tasks listed for days, weeks, months, or even years, some tasks are more impactful than others.

These are those tasks where most of the resources should be focused on.

These tasks require more productive input than other tasks, and if digital planners are made, these tasks can be undertaken and completed successfully.

While setting productivity as the primary goal, an individual or team should also focus on ensuring that productivity is navigated in the right direction, and digital planning provides that.

9: Recurring Task

Recurring Task

At work or in our daily life, we often have repetitive tasks, and we often get bored doing such tasks; these are called recurring tasks. These tasks are low-impact tasks that are to be completed anyway.

With digital planning, the management of recurring tasks becomes super easy.

First Off, with digital planning, recurring tasks can be easily identified. Once these tasks are identified, they can be automated.

Automation assists in the completion of tasks without any need for human input.

This means that the resources such as time are saved and could be invested in more complex tasks, which adds higher value.

Recurring tasks are better off with automation, and this has a significant impact on increasing productivity at work too.

As recurring tasks are automated, they are finished quickly as compared to those undertaken by humans.

Also, as these tasks are automated, it reduces the chances of human error in any such operations.


There is always more on digital planning and its effectiveness in work and daily life.

You might also be very curious about digital planning and its positive impact on productivity; various questions might pop into your head. To answer these, here are some FAQs.

Does Digital Planning Guarantee Increase In Productivity?

Yes, it does, and for that, you need strong willpower. Look, with digital planners, you are your productivity buddy, and these tools surely want you to be productive; that is why these tools have functionalities such as reminder management to keep you on track.

What these tools need from you are sincerity and your efforts. Changes such as boosting productivity are often complex to make, let alone continuously following them, and any individual or team needs to be strong-willed to make these changes.

Digital planning tools will do their part with utmost importance, and with your input, goals such as increased productivity can be easily achieved.

Are digital planners expensive?

No, digital planners are not expensive, and that is what makes digital planning a financially viable option.

There are various digital planners, some are free, and some are paid. The paid versions, too, are affordable and charge minimal subscription fees.

We want to add that the free version of digital planners offers limited features that make it workable.

The paid digital planners provide excellent value for money and have numerous feature offerings. It would be best if you always went for paid digital planners.

The TakeAway

A digital planner is one of the essential tools you could use to enhance and optimize your productivity level.

However, only one name pops up when it comes to the best digital planner you can use to have a productive day there. The best digital planner for your personal and professional life is Week Plan.

Week Plan is the most convenient, helpful, feature-rich, and interactive productivity tool. Our application is best for planning, scheduling, task, to-do list, and time management.

If you want to become a productive person, make utmost efforts to follow and implement the techniques mentioned above and use our planning platform as your primary digital planner.

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