Product update July 2017

Business update

– During the month of July, we run a pricing experiment where we brought down the price from $120 per year to $31.20 per year. The goal of the experiment was to figure out whether complaints about pricing were a general feeling or isolated. It turns out that the conversion rate has doubled, but the churn rate has only slightly improved, which means that $31.20 per year is not our optimal price. We will continue to increase the price until we find the optimal price point.

– Also we have moved more features from free to premium plans in an effort to increase our conversion rate (vision tracker, journal, focus timer and goals have been moved to premium).

New features

– You can set email and SMS reminders in the new web app

– You can add attachments to tasks

– You can now mark readonly tasks as completed

– We now accept Bitcoin payments 🙂

– Changed the layout to move the big rocks under the week view like in v1

Bugs fixed

– We rewrote the drag and drop code

– Fixed calculations of day totals

– Some users would see tasks disappear due to UTC calculations

– And a myriad of other small bugs and usability issues

Coming next

– We are going to improve the user experience for the Android users by improving the “Add task” form and reducing the load times.

– We are going to allow users to edit boards, roles and lists.

– Branding review: to continue in our effort to increase our conversion rate, we will look into targeting a specific type of user and matching our branding to that target user.

– We are looking for an online marketing expert to help us improve the quality of our incoming traffic. Contact us if interested!

  • Mike says:

    I am not sure how you relate to churn rate to subscription price?

  • Reto Gubler says:

    I got on because 30$ a year is affordable to pay for all the team members, if it is lots more it will be tough for a NPO like us. I have ben using it for my self for a month now and try to add the team into it. will be interesting to see it unfold.

  • Peeter Pärtel says:

    I registered for free account years ago… at least mid 2015… but I don’t use it.
    Just today I loged in to see the upgrades You have made… it looks much better now 🙂
    But still it’s a big decision to replace my current Franklin Covey Planner (paper based)… for some reason I like the control of having it on paper… also I just checked my mailbox and over these two years it seems like I have got just 2 e-mails from You… one in 2015 and one in 2016…
    I just went over my someday list and You service is still in the list… so someday, maybe…

  • Jeneen Haven says:

    I have been looking for a replacement for Covey for years. I am an app and productivity junkie. I love how I can create roles and then create goals based on those roles. I would love to see these features:

    -set a default due date on my tasks so that when I enter a task, it also shows up on ‘today” (Omnifocus has really intuitive task features I love)
    -access a view that would show me my goals in context of quadrants visually-regardless of what role they are assigned to
    -If I click on “today” I would like to have a calendar view that shows time blocking (like readdle Calendars 5) that syncs with google calendar rather than the list view you are currently using. This makes it easier to see when I am busy and what time is available for accomplishing tasks and goals.

  • Rex says:

    where is the monthly view gone in the lite version and why isnt the whole week displayed in a single view.
    both are incredibly limiting factors, which are forcing me to question why im using the product.

    • Denise McGee says:

      I agree. Being able to view upcoming events is a key component of planning. Limiting this is a very bad idea.

      • Andres Reid says:

        I signed up to the free version with a view to evaluating whether to move to the pay version. I was specifically attracted by the weekly view / monthly view.
        Having lost that I have also lost interest and am looking elsewhere.

  • Roberto Gutierrez says:

    Wouldn’t churn rate be more tied to the value current users feel they are getting form the service? If conversion increased, that means they are willing to pay for the service. Once signed up, if the value they expected is there one would figure they’l stay, unless price goes up in which case it will probably increase defections. If churn rate is the problem I would focus more on the customer experience with price increases only to reflect the investment in any additional features rather than just because price doesn’t seem to be the issue.

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