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In this post we’ll compare Week Plan with Google Calendar, a time-management app created by Google and available since 2006. Week Plan is the best Google Calendar alternative in comparison to the other apps we have analyzed before (Todoist and Trello). Despite the fact that the user interface has similarities, there are some major differences too.

Once again, we will provide you with a short comparison in terms of features, price, and time management concepts. This time, it’s Google Calendar’s turn to get under our magnifying glass!  

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Google Calendar Google Calendar

Google Calendar features

  • Weekly, monthly, and agenda view
  • Compatible with computers, phones, and tablets
  • Focused on event scheduling
  • Various event editing options (place, participants, attachments, color, notifications, visibility, etc.)
  • Users can invite guests to their events
  • Importing Microsoft Outlook calendar files and CSV files
  • Integration with other Google services (Gmail)

Week Plan features

  • Weekly view
  • Marking tasks as important and/or urgent
  • Formulating goals related to the various roles you play in your life (Partner, Father, Colleague, and so on)
  • Automatically moving tasks to the next day
  • Parking Lot for dumping ideas and using them later
  • Personal journal where you reflect on your day or week
  • Additional features included in the PRO version

Google Calendar and time management

Google Calendar is not based on a certain time management paradigm and doesn’t pack any productivity philosophy; actually, this app is similar to many other desktop calendar applications like Microsoft Outlook or iCal.

The app’s purpose is helping users keep track of events and ease collaboration with other event participants. Using Google Calendar is much like using a traditional agenda, plus some useful features you couldn’t enjoy if you chose to stick with the paper and pencil solution or organized events via email (communicating more easily with guests, adding attachments to events, and getting reminders).

The idea of prioritizing tasks is not included with Google Calendar, unless you want to implement this by yourself and choose a different color for urgent and/or important events.

What makes Week Plan different

The difference between Week Plan and other productivity tools is its vision on time management. While most apps help you become more “productive” by encouraging you to tick as many tasks as possible, this weekly planner helps you keep your goals in mind and focus on what is the most important – or become more effective.

We put emphasis on completing the tasks that matter, not on ticking a large number of tasks so you feel overwhelmed and exhausted at the end of the day.

This is why you can mark tasks as urgent and/or important – so you prioritize activities and feel in control of your life.

Google Calendar pricing

Google Calendar is a free app – in order to use it, you need to have a Google Account, which is also free.

Starting to use Google Calendar is very simple – you just need to be logged in with your Gmail address and go to Google Calendar – and you can start creating and managing events.

Week Plan pricing

Week Plan is available in two versions: PRO and ULTIMATE. ULTIMATE unlocks all the features, PRO allows you to pick three premium features.

PRO pricing

  • Monthly billing cycle – $10
  • Yearly billing cycle – $104 every year

ULTIMATE pricing

  • Monthly billing cycle – $16.25
  • Yearly billing cycle – $156 every year

Week Plan’s premium features include:

  • Subtasks
  • Recurring tasks
  • Integration with Google Calendar and Outlook
  • Integration with 1000+ web services via Zapier.com

Why would you choose Google Calendar

If you already have a Gmail address, like many other Internet users, you simply have access to this app and can start using it immediately. Google Calendar is a good idea if:

  • You want to easily add events from Gmail
  • Prioritizing tasks is not crucial for you
  • You want to use a free app
  • You want to use reminders so you don’t forget about your meetings and assignments
  • You prefer a simple layout
  • You want to stay connected with friends and co-workers

Why would you choose Week Plan

Here’s what Week Plan has to offer:

  • A new and successful vision on how to get things done
  • Learning how to become more effective and de-clutter your weekly schedule
  • Thinking in terms of roles
  • Planning and managing tasks week by week
  • Fresh content and advice on how to become more effective
  • Great features for teams

In conclusion, Google Calendar is a suitable weekly organizer if you don’t want to invest any money resources in time management right now and you just need a reliable replacement of the old-school work planner. A plus for Google Calendar is that it helps you collaborate more effectively with other people.

Week Plan, as a Google Calendar alternative will provide you with clarity of execution and prioritization. So if you are feeling overwhelmed by all the things you need to do, Week Plan is probably a better choice.

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