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Why Week Plan Is Great for Teams - Know It All

Here are many reasons why the Week Plan is very effective for teams. It has Shared Workspace, unlimited invitation, assigning roles, and much more.

Let’s imagine how an entrepreneur used Week Plan to start an online business helping thousands of professionals to land their dream job:

When she started Resume Hero months ago, Andreia thought of providing professional resume writing services and helping people develop their careers.

The first challenge was finding a tool allowing Andreia to keep track of the new project hassle-free. 2 months after launching Resume Hero, the tasks she needed to handle were finishing the website, recruiting new resume writers, and organizing the team’s weekly schedule more effectively.

What Andreia did first was to search “weekly planner” on Google, find our app and sign up.


After signing up, Andreia created a shared workspace allowing her team to collaborate more effectively by making sure everyone is on the same page:

Gif 1

Then she invited her website developer Gavin and professional resume writer Helena to the Resume Hero workspace:

Gif 2 2

Workspaces allow you to make sure each team only see the tasks you want them to see, so she didn’t have to worry about her co-workers running by mistake into her personal tasks like jogging every Saturday at 8 AM.

Gif 3 2

Unlimited invitations

Soon Resume Hero started to grow and Andreia needed to add to the workspace 10 new members. Not a problem at all!

Week Plan doesn’t restrict you on the number of people you can invite in your workspaces, which means you can use it at every stage of your project, no matter how many people work with you.


Teams can discuss on specific tasks, and stay updated from within their email inbox. No need to come back to Week Plan every time, you can simply reply to the email notifications to add your own comments.

So, when website visitors could not subscribe to the Resume Hero newsletter, the website bug was solved very fast because team members communicated efficiently:

Gif 4

Uploading files

But did the team at Resume Hero need to use email or file sharing services to send files to each other?

No such waste of time – in Week Plan you can easily upload multiple files to every task:

Gif 8

Assigning work

At some point, a client needed his resume translated to German and French; Andreia only had to create one task and assign it to multiple people. Assigning work is as easy as drag and dropping someone’s avatar on the tasks. That person gets notified by email that they have been added to the task, and will start receiving comment notifications.

Gif 5

Roles can be assigned default participants

Sometimes, some roles are handled completely by one person. You can define the default participant for all the new tasks of that role so that you don’t have to re-assign the person every time.

For Resume Hero, the only person having a French translation role was Aymeric, and Andreia created a Resume Translator role for which she defined the corresponding default participant. Très simple!

Gif 6

Journal for teams

Remember that Resume Hero was an online business?

This means that Andreia couldn’t hold a weekly and discuss project details with her team face-to-face, so she used Week Plan’s Journal for teams feature instead. Aside from personal notes, every team member can submit journal entries that are shared with co-workers retrospecting on the week.

Gif 7

A few months later…

Resume Hero now has a team of 30 people from eight different countries and Andreia has just delivered the 1000th resume to one more satisfied customer. The turnover time for a professional resume is two days, and customers also benefit from free job seeking resources, phone consultations, and LinkedIn profile updating services.

Things are going just as well in the background:

  • Team members are enjoying a sense of community and developed healthy interdependence relations
  • It’s easy to debate ideas and identify areas that need improvement
  • Participants find it easier to focus on important tasks and are rarely overwhelmed with urgent issues

Now, everyone in the team is feeling like a true Resume Hero because Week Plan worked wonders with this daring project from the very first moment!