Productivity depends upon two main factors: the quality of the work and the speed of performing that work. It’s pretty easy to fall victim to unproductivity when managing everything on your own.

Productivity apps play a vital role here, as they help manage your work life balance and stay dedicated to your goals.

Productivity blogs can be of great help as they provide useful life hacks, tips, and tricks for effective time management.

Following a productivity blog regularly energises you to perform better. Productivity blogs also enhance your personal productivity levels.

All in all, if you want to learn some practical tips on how you can improve your overall performance by staying productive, Look for the best productivity blogs from our compilation.

List of Best Blogs on Productivity

For your ease, we have compiled a list of the best productivity blogs. We have described the unique motivational factor of each blog. You can choose the one that best suits your productivity needs. The blogs on productivity that we have chosen are:

  • Week Plan
  • Lifehacker
  • Brain Pickings
  • Zen Habits
  • LifeDev
  • Asian Efficiency
  • Barking Up the Wrong Tree
  • Tim Ferris
  • Work Smarter, Not Harder
  • 99U
  • Pick The Brain
  • The Muse
  • Productivity Pro
  • Full Focus
  • Dumb Little Man

    Week Plan


WeekPlan Blogs are highly compatible with the job sector as its blogs guide oneself for the crucial skills needed in the job market.

WeekPlan blog topics mainly focus on how to increase productivity in work life. In addition, WeekPlan blogs also focus on Time management skills and suggest tried and tested techniques.

Pomodoro is one of the famous time management techniques developed by a scientist in the late 1980s. You’ll find quality content on Pomodoro Technique at weekplan blogs.

Moreover, WeekPlan also reviews all the favourite digital planner apps and productivity apps available in the market. WeekPlan blogs usually take 5-8 minutes of reading time, but it’s all worth reading.


Blogs on productivity

Productivity blogs from Lifehacker list some uncommon topics you may not find anywhere else.

They try to answer the questions that are usually not discussed over the internet, but the majority of people are looking for their answers.

In addition, Lifehacker uses a fun tone so that the readers may enjoy having the read. On average, Lifehacker gets a good number of reader engagement on their blogs.

Brain Pickings

tips and trick productivity

Brain Pickings is a productivity blog for everyone. It doesn’t specify any particular niche.

Brain Pickings by Popova is a blog that compels its readers to find happiness by wondering about nature. It includes blogs on history, literature, art, and science.

Brain Pickings is an awesome choice for people who want to learn the art of productivity for personal development.

Though the audience for this blog is wide, there still seems to be very few people who are interested in such in-depth blogs.

Zen Habits

Zen habits

Zen Habit by the bestselling author Leo Babauta is a blog for simplicity aspirants. It guides readers to detangle the complexities of life and acquire simplicity. Living a simple life gives much more happiness than a life full of distractions.

Zen Habits provides practical solutions to difficult situations in life. Zen Habits blogs are short reads but provide knowledgeable content in a fewer number of lines.


inspirational blog

Lifedev produces inspirational blog content for creativity professionals. Lifedev mainly focuses on four things: remote work, productivity, creativity, and goals.

It tells creative individuals about how to turn their abstract ideas into reality. Others can also benefit from their blogs, as creating content on productivity is their main goal.

Asian Efficiency

personal development blogs

From the name of this blog, you may think that it’s dedicated to Asians, and only they can benefit from this blog. It isn’t true. Asian Efficiency is a blog started by a group of Asian friends.

They wanted to enhance their productivity for personal development. Their research for self-improvement turned out to be a great resource for everyone out there who’s struggling with productivity issues.

They guide basic tricks and techniques, time management skills, tech hacks, and practical tips to get more work done in less time.

Barking Up the Wrong Tree

Scientific blogs

If you want to learn the science behind “productivity” based on scientific theories and facts, then “Barking Up the Wrong Tree” is the right choice for you. It has been written by the bestselling author Eric Barker.

This blog’s author focuses on the scientific reasoning behind human nature, such as emotional intelligence and neuroscience.

This blog takes more reading time compared to others as the content is written in great detail and backed with scientific knowledge.

Tim Ferriss

Tim ferriss's podcast

Tim Ferris is a famous personality as he has great achievements under his name. He has won a 3-times annual “Best of” Apple podcasts. His bestselling Four-hour Work Week is another reason for his fame.

Tim Ferris has also been named one of the Fast Company’s “Most Innovative Business People” as well as several other prominent lists. Tim Ferriss’ podcasts entail his take on life and his discussion with some renowned personalities.

Keep Productive

productivity boosting blogs

Keep Productive offers insightful reviews of productivity apps. This blog focuses on productivity-boosting tools, podcasts from industry professionals, a weekly update of various productivity routine evaluations, and so on.

In addition, it enlists software courses, discounts, articles, and YouTube videos about finding a better work/life balance.


creative blog

99U is yet another creative blog, but it doesn’t limit its readers to being creative professionals only. This blog offers an energetic boom of inspiration to its readers. It provides colourful illustrations, practical examples, and advice on personal development.

It doesn’t only talk about art and creativity, it also discusses simplistic ideas such as: “The art of doing nothing”. It is a universal productivity blog for an audience of every type.

Pick The Brain

scientific blog

“Pick The Brain” by Erin Falconer is another scientifically backed blog. If you want to learn productivity by understanding how the human brain perceives it, this is the right choice. It also goes beyond just productivity and focuses on improving human life overall.

“Pick The Brain” has a good amount of audience on their blogs, which is visible by the number of comments under the blogs. This shows that there are readers who are interested in factual based learning.

The Muse

career-oriented blog

The Muse is a career-oriented blog. The main goal of the author is to inspire readers so that they can build a successful career. The Muse publishes success stories for the reader’s motivation.

You can also get career advice, guidance on how to find the right job and tips and tricks for increasing career growth chances.

The blogs on “The Muse” take a substantial amount of reading time but at the end it’s worth reading it.

Productivity Pro

personal productivity expert

Laura Stack is a productivity expert. She is a sales productivity, leadership productivity, and personal productivity expert.

Laura has probably got you covered for whatever level of productivity you’re searching for. She’s also an award-winning keynote speaker who has been featured in Forbes magazine, so we think she’s quite great.

Full Focus

productivity hacks

The author of “Full Focus”, Michael Hyatt, shares life hacks related to all areas of life. His productivity blogs are not specific to only work life productivity.

He also tells productivity hacks for personal life, relationships and other important parts of life. Full focus caters to the needs of readers from all walks of life.

Dumb Little Man

productivity hacks

“Dumb Little Man” is a blog for everyone.It caters the audeince of all types providing productivity solutions to concerns and difficulties that people frequently face on their life’s path.

This blog started with the author Jay White, sharing his own life experiences. Now it has become a collaborative blogging platform where people share smart productivity hacks.

It discusses how to enhance your physical and mental health, how to overcome your fear of failure, how to move outside of your comfort zone, and so forth. Advice about happiness, positive behaviours, and thankfulness may be found here.

Wrapping Up

Above, we have gathered a carefully curated collection of the top productivity blogs to help you overcome obstacles, make wise decisions, and inspire positive change.

You can always attain your objectives, be successful and productive, and be happy at the same time. Saving time is one of the simplest ways to boost productivity.

Do you want to take your productivity to the next level? Look out for the best productivity apps to manage your workflow. Week plan is an awesome tool for project management, time management, Pomodoro Tools & Techniques, and more.

To sum it up, WeekPlan is one of the most suitable productivity apps that can benefit you in both personal and professional scenarios. WeekPlan contains smart features that save your time. Better time management gives rise to improved productivity, and hence your overall performance can be upgraded.Don’t forget to check out the best productivity planners.

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