The fastest way to add a task to weekplan from anywhere (SMS integration)

My goal with weekplan and the mobile world is to make it very fast to add a new task. I want it to be possible to be in the middle of a discussion and to quickly jot down a task without having to wait ages for the app to start. At the moment, the mobile app/view is not a reflection of that vision. It still takes too long to load (which I am hoping to improve once I introduce the offline mode). But I have found a great alternative, which speed is hard to beat: adding a task via SMS is almost as fast as writing it on a paper notebook.

How to start

1. Add a new contact on your phone called “weekplan” with the mobile number +12077473362 (this is a US mobile number, there is no surcharge over the normal cost of a SMS to a US number).
2. To link your phone number to your account, you simply need to send a SMS “Hi” to +12077473362.
3. You will then receive instructions to link it to your weekplan account.

To add a task via SMS

Once your phone number has been registered, you will be able to add a task by sending “Task Whatever you want”: Add task via SMS

To see the list of tasks for today

Simply send the command Today. Show today's list of tasks

To mark a task as done

Simply send “Done NUMBER”. NUMBER being the number shown next to the next when you send the Today command. Mark a task as done via SMS

Other commands

You can also send:
“Workspaces”: sends the list of workspaces in your account.
“Workspace NUMBER”: changes the current workspace.
“?”: Show the help.
  This new feature is accessible to users with a PRO account. To easily upgrade your weekplan account, just go here.

  • Mohsin

    Please fix your instructions, they don’t work presently

    • It is supposed to work. What doesn’t work for you?

  • Shankar Vasudevan

    Hi does this work for Non-US numbers? I am in India and I sent an SMS to the no given above. I haven’t yet received any instructions to link my account with my mobile no.

  • Danielli

    Does it works for brazilian numbers?

    • We are using Twilio under the hood to send SMS, and Brazil seems to be supported.

  • David Paull

    didn’ work, got message: Phone number not recognized. Send your email address prefixed with ‘Email’. Example: Email [email protected]

    • Did you send “Hi” to start the registration process?

  • Jess

    I texted “Hi’ to start the registration process and it never replied 🙁 I double checked the number to make sure I typed it in correctly and it is indeed correct!

  • erik

    My Canadian number wont work to sync, keep getting the “Phone number not recognized”

    • Hi Erik, could you please try again? I have added some logs to be able to understand what is happening…

  • When I tried to link my phone, I was told I need a PRo account. I have a PRO account.

    • It could be that you have two accounts. Could you please send by email ([email protected]) your phone number and weekplan email address?

  • In the US with a US number from T-mobile, sending Hi to weekplan’s number returns a message that “Phone number not recognized. Send your email…..”. Tried three times and confirmed the fed number is accurate too. I see from comments below this is ongoing issue. Is there a solution for this?

    • Can you send me the last 5 digits of your phone number, I will look in the logs to understand why it doesn’t work.

  • Gayle Pinn

    When sending message ‘hi’ I received message ‘phone number not recognised’

    • Make sure you send “Email gm****” by SMS

  • Liz Boyd

    It doesn’t work. It said it is not recognized. and i sent email by sms.

  • Lib Tutu

    Will there be charges for an Australian mobile? I got it working, but don’t want a nasty surprise at the end of the month…

  • gillian

    I am located in Canada and I went just now to set up the connection with my iPhone. It worked perfectly. It said at first that it didn’t recognize my number and prompted me to send another text with my email address and I had no problems. Seamless. Thanks!

  • 9 of Pents

    This is a great idea. The price is high locally (texting the US) for this so this doesn’t work for me personally though so I’ll keep waiting for mobile apps (ios and android). Keep up the great work!

  • luxurious-monk

    I have downloaded android app but I believe it does not have any task reminder notification thing. Are you planning to put that in your app. SMS service to US number from India will cost me high. Or any other workaround you can suggest so that notification can pop on my phone screen.

    • I suggest you synchronize with Google Calendar, then you will have access to your tasks on your phone.

  • Jamie Traeger-Muney

    Does it work with WhatsApp, so that people that aren’t in the US don’t have to pay texting fees?