The fastest way to add a task to weekplan from anywhere (SMS integration)

My goal with weekplan and the mobile world is to make it very fast to add a new task. I want it to be possible to be in the middle of a discussion and to quickly jot down a task without having to wait ages for the app to start. At the moment, the mobile app/view is not a reflection of that vision. It still takes too long to load (which I am hoping to improve once I introduce the offline mode). But I have found a great alternative, which speed is hard to beat: adding a task via SMS is almost as fast as writing it on a paper notebook.

How to start

1. Add a new contact on your phone called “weekplan” with the mobile number +12077473362 (this is a US mobile number, there is no surcharge over the normal cost of a SMS to a US number).
2. To link your phone number to your account, you simply need to send a SMS “Hi” to +12077473362.
3. You will then receive instructions to link it to your weekplan account.

To add a task via SMS

Once your phone number has been registered, you will be able to add a task by sending “Task Whatever you want”: Add task via SMS

To see the list of tasks for today

Simply send the command Today. Show today's list of tasks

To mark a task as done

Simply send “Done NUMBER”. NUMBER being the number shown next to the next when you send the Today command. Mark a task as done via SMS

Other commands

You can also send:
“Workspaces”: sends the list of workspaces in your account.
“Workspace NUMBER”: changes the current workspace.
“?”: Show the help.
  This new feature is accessible to users with a PRO account. To easily upgrade your weekplan account, just go here.


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