In the ever-evolving world of education, teachers require the right tools to plan their lessons and manage their classrooms effectively. Teacher planners are now more than just physical diaries; they are software and apps that aid in lesson planning, attendance tracking, grade reporting, and more. This article brings you the best Teacher Planner tools, both free and paid, updated for 2023.

Overview of 7 Best Teacher Planners

1. Planboard



Planboard is a well-designed Teacher Planner app with various features to help educators organize their schedules, plan lessons, and align their curriculums. Whether you are a new teacher or a seasoned professional, Planboard provides a streamlined and user-friendly platform. With various customization options, Planboard is tailored to fit individual needs.

Top 3 Features of Planboard

1. Lesson Planning

Lesson Planning allows teachers to design and manage lessons effortlessly with drag-and-drop functionality. 

2. Curriculum Alignment

This feature helps teachers align their lessons with state standards and regulations, ensuring compliance and effectiveness. 

3. Attendance Tracking

Planboard’s Attendance Tracking feature simplifies recording and monitoring student attendance.

Pros of Planboard

  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Extensive library of project templates.
  • Google Calendar integration.

Cons of Planboard

  • Limited features in the basic version.
  • The mobile app interface may be limited.
  • No location-based reminder.

Supported Platforms

The app is available on Android and iOS platforms.

Planboard Pricing

Free, Premium at $9.99/month.

Final Verdict on Planboard

Planboard emerges as a top Teacher Planner due to its robust functionality and user-friendly interface. Features like Curriculum Alignment and Attendance Tracking make it a must-have tool for educators seeking efficiency and effectiveness in their daily tasks.

2. TeacherKit


TeacherKit is a versatile Teacher Planner app designed to streamline classroom management. It covers various aspects of a teacher’s daily routine, from grading to student behavior tracking. The intuitive user interface and robust features make TeacherKit a favorite among educators who want a smooth and efficient tool to manage their responsibilities.

Top 3 Features of TeacherKit

1. Gradebook

The Gradebook feature offers a simple and efficient way to manage student grades, making tracking and reporting easier. 

2. Student Behavior Tracking 

This feature provides real-time insights into student behavior and helps create a more conducive learning environment.

3. Reporting

With TeacherKit’s Reporting feature, teachers can generate detailed and customized student performance and progress reports.

Pros of TeacherKit

  • Comprehensive Gradebook functionality
  • Real-time student behavior tracking
  • Seamless integration with other tools

Cons of TeacherKit

  • Limited features in the free version
  • No desktop app is available
  • It can be overwhelming for new users

Supported Platforms

The app is available on Android and iOS platforms.

TeacherKit Pricing

Free, Premium at $3.99/month

Final Verdict on TeacherKit

TeacherKit stands out for its comprehensive approach to classroom management. With powerful features like Gradebook and Student Behavior Tracking, it’s an essential tool for teachers seeking to stay on top of their classroom dynamics.

3. Common Curriculum

Common Curriculum

Common Curriculum is a web-based Teacher Planner designed to facilitate collaborative Planning, curriculum mapping, and lesson library access. This platform is for teachers who want to engage in collaborative lesson planning and align their lessons with district or state standards.

Top 3 Features of Common Curriculum

1. Collaborative Planning

Collaborative Planning allows multiple educators to collaborate on lesson plans and ensure consistency across subjects or grades. 

2. Curriculum Mapping

This feature aids in aligning lessons with specific standards, creating a well-structured and compliant curriculum. 

3. Lesson Library

Common Curriculum’s Lesson Library provides access to a vast collection of lessons and resources shared by educators across the globe.

Pros of Common Curriculum

  • Web-based interface for easy collaboration
  • Extensive Lesson Library
  • Seamless Curriculum Mapping

Cons of Common Curriculum

  • No mobile app version is available
  • It can be complex for beginners
  • Subscription required for advanced features

Supported Platforms

The platform is accessible through a web browser.

Common Curriculum Pricing

Free, Paid plans starting at $7/month

Final Verdict on Common Curriculum

Common Curriculum fosters collaboration and alignment. Its web-based interface and extensive Lesson Library make it an indispensable tool for schools and educators focused on consistent and standard-compliant lesson planning.

4. iDoceo


iDoceo is a powerful Teacher Planner app specifically designed for iOS users. This all-in-one tool focuses on grade tracking, timetable management, and integrating resources, thus providing an encompassing solution for teachers. Educators can access features that enhance their daily classroom management with a one-time purchase.

Top 3 Features of iDoceo

1. Grade Tracking

iDoceo’s Grade Tracking offers comprehensive management of student grades with intuitive navigation. 

2. Timetable Management

This feature allows Teachers to plan and manage their schedules seamlessly, allowing more organized and efficient time use. 

3. Resource Integration

Integrating various resources like files, images, and links is effortless, helping teachers keep everything in one place.

Pros of iDoceo

  • Robust Grade Tracking functionality
  • User-friendly Timetable Management
  • Seamless Resource Integration

Cons of iDoceo

  • Available only on iOS
  • No free trial is available
  • It may require a learning curve for some users

Supported Platforms

This product is exclusively available on iOS.

iDoceo Pricing

$11.99 one-time purchase

Final Verdict on iDoceo

iDoceo’s exclusive focus on iOS ensures a tailored experience for Apple users. Features like Grade Tracking and Timetable Management make it a valuable investment for educators seeking an all-in-one iOS solution

5. Chalk


Chalk is a web-based Teacher Planner emphasizing curriculum management, lesson plan sharing, and analytics. Targeting educational institutions, it offers a platform for educators to create, share, and analyze lesson plans, ensuring alignment with educational standards.

Top 3 Features of Chalk

1. Curriculum Management

Chalk’s Curriculum Management ensures alignment with educational standards, making lesson planning more structured and consistent.

2. Lesson Plan Sharing

This feature enables educators to share lesson plans within the institution, fostering collaboration. 

3. Analytics

Chalk provides detailed insights through analytics, enabling educators to make data-driven decisions.

Pros of Chalk

  • Powerful Curriculum Management
  • Easy Lesson Plan Sharing
  • Data-driven Analytics

Cons of Chalk

  • Pricing information not readily available
  • No mobile app version
  • It may require training for optimal usage

Supported Platforms

Chalk is a web-based platform accessible through Internet browsers.

Chalk Pricing

Contact for pricing (School-based pricing)

Final Verdict on Chalk

Chalk stands out for its emphasis on collaboration and analytics within educational institutions. Its powerful features make it an excellent choice for schools and educators aiming for cohesive curriculum management.

6. Classcraft


Classcraft is an innovative Teacher Planner app that introduces gamified learning into the classroom. With features like behavior management and analytics, it aims to engage students and enhance the learning experience.

Top 3 Features of Classcraft

1. Gamified Learning

Classcraft’s unique approach to engaging students through gamification excites daily learning. 

2. Behavior Management

This feature helps track and influence student behavior, fostering a positive classroom environment. 

3. Analytics

Classcraft offers detailed analysis and reporting of student engagement and progress.

Pros of Classcraft

  • Engaging Gamified Learning experience
  • Effective Behavior Management
  • Robust Analytics for insights

Cons of Classcraft

  • Subscription required for premium features
  • It may not be suitable for all age groups
  • Requires a stable internet connection

Supported Platforms

The app is available on iOS, Android, and web platforms.

Classcraft Pricing

Free, Premium at $12/month

Final Verdict on Classcraft

Classcraft is unique in its approach, introducing gamified learning to enhance student engagement. Its robust features and multi-platform availability make it an exciting option for educators willing to explore innovative teaching methods.

7. Socrative


Socrative is a versatile Teacher Planner app designed for quizzes, real-time Feedback, and reporting. It simplifies assessment and allows teachers to engage with students interactively. The real-time data and ease of use make Socrative popular among educators.

Top 3 Features of Socrative

1. Quizzes & Assessments

Socrative’s core functionality lies in creating and managing quizzes for engaging assessment. 

2. Real-time Feedback

Teachers can receive and provide instant Feedback, enhancing student communication. 

3. Detailed Reporting

The reporting feature in Socrative offers insights into student performance, aiding in targeted teaching strategies.

Pros of Socrative

  • Easy creation of Quizzes & Assessments
  • Real-time Feedback for instant insights
  • Detailed Reporting for performance tracking

Cons of Socrative

  • Limited question types in the free version
  • No offline mode
  • May require additional training for advanced features

Supported Platforms

Socrative can be accessed on Android, iOS, and web browsers.

Socrative Pricing

Free, Pro version at $59.99/year

Final Verdict on Socrative

Socrative offers a straightforward approach to quizzes and assessments, making it a great tool for educators seeking efficient evaluation methods. With its real-time Feedback and reporting, it is a robust tool for modern classroom management.

Best of the Best - Top 3

1. Planboard

Recognized as one of the Best Teacher Planner Software, Planboard offers a web-based interface that accommodates desktop and mobile device usage. Its user-friendly interface, combined with versions for different levels of need, ensures adaptability. Features like unlimited tasks, smart reminders, and upcoming task notifications are available in both basic and premium versions. The Standard plan offers additional features like file sharing and native integrations. In contrast, the Enterprise plan goes further with Brilliant features like real-time collaboration.

2. TeacherKit

This Teacher Planner Software stands out for its task management tool. It includes a to-do list application for daily tasks and sticky notes for quick reminders. Its user-friendly interface caters to Android and other mobile apps, ensuring cross-platform support. Task priority and location-based reminders enhance its functionality. At the same time, the option for one-time purchases or different pricing plans (Basic, Premium, and Annual) provides flexibility. Its integration with Google Calendar and features like dark mode make it a comprehensive tool for educators.

3. Common Curriculum

Common Curriculum offers simple to advanced features as one of the Best Teacher Planner tools. Its simple interface allows easy navigation. However, its advanced feature sets, such as unlimited task handling, recurring task settings, and habit tracking, elevate it beyond a basic to-do list app. The library of project templates and language support provide additional functionality. Native time tracking, export options, and a clean interface enhance its appeal. With various versions available, from a free basic version to the elaborate task management in the Premium plan, Common Curriculum offers a flexible and powerful solution for all levels of teaching professionals.


Selecting the Best Teacher Planner Software depends on identifying the key features matching an individual’s or institution’s needs. Whether it’s a simple to-do list app for personal tasks or a complex task management tool for the professional organization of tasks, the top three tools identified here - Planboard, TeacherKit, and Common Curriculum; offer a comprehensive range of options.

Their flexibility in pricing plans, from a basic version to Premium and Enterprise plans, caters to various budgets. Integration with tools like Google Calendar, location-based reminders, and native time tracking extend their functionality beyond simple task management.

The brilliant features, clean interface, and advanced features make them stand out in the field of Teacher Planner tools for 2023. 

Whether you’re a teacher needing a daily task tracker or an institution looking for powerful third-party application integration, these tools offer an answer. With options for every need, the future of education planning looks bright, streamlined, and efficient with these top picks.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What is the Best Teacher Planner Software among the top three?

All three, Planboard, TeacherKit, and Common Curriculum, offer unique features and functionalities. The “best” choice depends on individual needs, such as unlimited tasks, mobile app support, or integration with Google Calendar.

2. Can I use these Teacher Planner tools on an Android device?

Yes, all these tools offer mobile apps that support Android devices and provide a user-friendly interface.

3. Do these tools support real-time collaboration and file sharing?

Planboard and Common Curriculum support real-time collaboration and file sharing. TeacherKit may have limited features in this aspect but offers other key features like location-based reminders.

4. What options are available for pricing plans?

Depending on the software, various pricing plans are available, including Basic, Premium, Enterprise, and Annual. Some offer one-time purchase options.

5. Can I track daily tasks and to-dos with these tools?

All three tools provide task management features to track daily tasks, to-do list items, and even sticky notes for quick reminders.

6. Is cross-platform support available in these Teacher Planner Software?

Yes, the tools offer cross-platform support, enabling use across different devices, including mobile and desktop.

7. What are the advanced features available in these tools?

Advanced features include customizable filters, dark mode, native integrations, and elaborate task management options.

8. Do these tools offer integration with Google Calendar or Google Keep?

TeacherKit specifically integrates with Google Calendar. Integration with Google Keep may vary across the platforms.

9. Are there options for basic to-do list management or more complex project handling?

Depending on your chosen version, these tools provide everything from basic to-do list management to handling complex features and projects.

10. Can I set recurring tasks and reminders?

Yes, options for recurring task settings, smart reminders, and even location-based reminders are available in these tools.

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