Are you are tired of complicated OKR software? Are you on the hunt for a software that can aid you implement OKR in a matter of minutes?

If yes, then you are in the right place.

OKR is an outstanding goal setting and progress tracking method which aligns the goals of business and employees together. In OKR, objectives are the desired outcomes that you wish for, and the key results are actually the roadmap to gauge the progress to track your progress towards achieving the goals.

Setting goals itself is a cumbersome process, and when you have to track the progress towards achieving goals manually, the entire process gets quite overwhelming to manage. Many successful organizations are using OKR software because it helps them increase the overall growth of their organization.

There are quite a few to OKR software to choose from. They not only help business in creation of goals, but also provides a platform to track their progress. WeekPlan, also happens to belong to the same blood line, one of the most prominent features of the software is that it enables you to create OKR for your business, and that too saving quite a lot of time as compared to other software.

Let us see how you can make OKRs instantly for your business using WeekPlan.

Setup Objectives

Objective refers to precise steps which business will take to attain the desired result. They are broadly stated, non-measurable statements that help to decide which route of action needs to be taken and why.

Setting objectives with Week Plan is quite straightforward. You can set all the objectives for the entire month, quarter or year that you want to achieve. Using Week Plan, you can create unlimited objectives for every team and project without any trouble.

Add Key Results

Now it’s time to add the key results with your objective. Week Plan allows you to include all the key results that you would like to track and achieve with all the objectives in a matter of minutes.

Include High Impact Tasks with Objectives

Week Plan enables you to attach the high impact tasks with your objectives because it believes that objectives are incomplete without them. You can set numerous HITs with your objectives.

Attach Start and End Values

Week Plan allows you to measure the key results according to the statistical values you want. You can easily include a relevant metric with all the key results so that you can evaluate your progress status with respect to any specific value and with defined percentages of tasks.

An Example to Create OKR with Week Plan

Let’s suppose you want to increase the top funnel of the sales and how will you go about creating a OKR with Week Plan is defined below;

  1. Click “Objectives” and then “Add Objective”. It will show you another window where you can place all your objectives and key results.
  2. In our example, the first objective is “Grow top of the funnel”. Simply add it in the name column, and it will be like:

Place all your Objective

  1. After setting the objective, the next step is to place key results along with this objective.

Place all your Key Results

  1. Now, include all the HITs with your objective.

Include HITs with your objective

After that, set the start and end values so that you can calculate key results according to these statistical values.

calculate key result

Key Difference between the OKR of Week Plan and other Software

1 - Easy to Use Interface

A nice and easy interface matters a lot because you can understand it easily. If the interface of OKR software is complex, and users can’t figure out how it works, then it’s not worth it because it will confuse and frustrate the user. That’s why having an excellent user interface is crucial for OKR software.

One of the major qualities of the Week Plan that makes it stand out from others is its simple interface. Week Plan makes it easy for the users to understand the entire process of creating and tracking OKR using its user-friendly interface. It allows you to place objectives and key results with ease in a single window.

2 - Facility to Add HITs with Objectives

High Impact Tasks are actually the tasks that have a significant impact on what you desire to accomplish. There are many tasks that are extremely important for the completion of an objective. Using Week Plan, you can divide your objective into high-level tasks and also can track their status by using a single click. It keeps all your HITs in the HIT section in the corresponding weeks so that you can find them under a single window.

3 - Flexible With Goal Revision

Sometimes, you need to make some adjustments in OKR to make it feasible. If you have set quarterly goals and you are halfway through a quarter, and you see that you might need to hold an objective for the next quarter then you don’t need to bother, because Week Plan provides you with the options to make all the necessary revisions. With this remarkable characteristic of the Week Plan, you can add or delete any objective at any stage of your OKR.

4 - Top Quality Functionality

The functionality of the Week Plan is far better than other OKR softwares. It allows you to include all small and big goals and also enables you to organize them on the basis of their importance. You also have the flexibility to add notes along with the goals so that you can get in touch with all the essential details regarding them.

5 - Budget Friendly

How about an OKR software which is not only the best among all but also not heavy on the pocket, too. Its like cherry on top.

While purchasing OKR software, you should compare its features and price among others because it’s not necessary that software that costs a hefty part of your budget will always be the best. Using Week Plan, you get your hands on an OKR software that is embedded with the latest features at a reasonable price so that you can get the top quality software at a reasonable price.

Many businesses make use of goal setting software that is relevant to OKR, but they failed to do so, the reason being they lack the particular tools and functionalities required to support OKR components. However, the said problem ceases to exist with Week Plan. As mentioned earlier, it is loaded with all key functions required to create, track and measure OKRs.

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