Do you manage a business where you have to set and track objectives on a monthly, quarterly, and/or yearly basis? Does aligning employee performance with business goals matter to you? If so, then it’s time for you to start thinking about getting OKR software.

For every business, it is essential to keep all employees on the same page so that they can easily communicate company goals among all of them.

One way to do that is to set goals and manually keep each employee on track. However, setting goals manually is a hectic job because you essentially have to associate key metrics with them, so you can measure the results and stay updated about their progress and deadlines, which certainly isn’t as easy as it may sound.

The other way, which is way more effective and proven to be more accurate, is to use a decent OKR app. These solutions are specifically designed to accommodate all the needs and help businesses stay away from any problems that they might face while setting and tracking OKRs.

But, not all tools are necessarily perfect for your business. It can be the lack of features or some might cost you a little too much.

So, to save your time hunting for the right tool, we have compiled a list of all the best OKR tools that make the process of creating and tracking OKRs easier and faster.

1 - Asana

Asana is quite flexible when it comes to OKRs software. It offers the feature of board columns using which you can effortlessly categorize the objectives with respect to teams or time period. Using Asana, you can set the deadlines of objectives so that everyone can see them. It also has the progress tab feature to monitor the progress of goals.


The OKR management tool of Asana helps to clarify the expectations of an organization and allows to gauge the success of their goals in seconds. It ensures that the objectives of the business always remain on top so that they are always in the sight.

Available Apps: Android, iOS

Pricing: Paid plan starts from $9.99 per person per month

2 - Week Plan

Week Plan is one of the best OKR software to set up objectives and link all the key results that you like to achieve on the basis of the month, quarter, and year. Using Week Plan, you can set multiple objectives and key results for your team, company, and project. It also provides you the facility to include high-impact tasks with your objectives along with start and end values.

Week Plan

The OKR of Week Plan is already used by many top companies because of its effectiveness and ease of use. It makes it extremely easy for the business to let their employees understand all the goals that they must accomplish in a definite time period.

Available Apps: Android, iOS, Chrome, Windows, Gmail, Mac OS

Pricing: Paid plan starts from $1 per week

3 - Wrike

Wrike allows you to set company and individual employee goals for each quarter so that you can quickly view the success of these goals by the end of every quarter. It enables you to create subtasks along with all the objectives and key results and gives you the ease to share OKR tasks with the management once done.


With Wrike, you can quickly visualize how many objectives have been achieved as it allows your team to mark all the subtasks of the OKR after completing them. It also gives you the benefit to make necessary adjustments to your OKRs so that you stay on track and meet your goal.

Available Apps: Android, iOS, Mac, Windows

Pricing: Paid plan starts from $9.80 per user per month

4 - Aha

Aha is another effective software for setting goals and tracking their progress. It helps to get the entire business in line with all the necessary goals. Using Aha, setting goals becomes a simple process because of the ease of use it offers. It also provides you the ability to track and measure the progress of your goals.


Aha also provides you the feature to analyze the results of your goals to see which activities are contributing more towards getting them done.

Available Apps: Android, iOS, Web-based

Pricing: Paid plan starts from $59 per user per month

5 - Trackstar

Trackstar is an excellent tool to track goals and productivity. It allows the business to create goals easily so that the business can achieve the required targets on time. Trackstar also allows you to track goals so that the progress on goals can be measured.


Using Trackstar, you can speed up the process of achieving goals because it helps all the employees to work on similar key priorities that drive the most results for the business.

Available Apps: Android, iOS

Pricing: Paid plan starts from $3040.00 per year

6 - Engagedly

Engagedly is a powerful tool to set and monitor goals for you and your business. It enables you to layout all your objectives and key results using the customizable check-ins feature. You can also track the progress of every single goal in a matter of seconds with its progress indicators.


Using Engagedly, you can avail yourself the feature of check-in on your goals and key results in real-time and can get instant alerts when these check-ins are due.

Available Apps: Android, iOS

Pricing: Paid plan starts from $6 per user per month

7 - Lattice

Lattice is a good OKR tracking software setting and monitoring tool to let the employees know the business goals so that they can work together in achieving these goals. It enables you to integrate goals with everything your team does and allows your employees to align their individual achievements along with business success.


Using Lattice, it becomes easy for organizations to clearly define their objectives to the entire team so that they can boost their performance to hit the goals of the business on time.

Available Apps: Android, iOS

Pricing: Paid plan starts from $9 per person per month

8 - Namely

Namely is an excellent tool that helps in aligning the goals of individuals with the goals of the business so that the performance of the business can be improved by collective efforts. With Namely, you can have the ability to align goals with performance reviews and can place weighing along with each goal to track the achievements.


Available Apps: Android, iOS

Pricing: Paid plan starts from $15-$30 per month

9 - Peoplegoal

Peoplegoal provides a remarkable methodology for goal setting that leads to well-defined expectations. Using this tool, you can set your business objectives by making use of a balanced scorecard approach. It also allows you to access the performance of all your goals so that you can identify the improvement areas.


Using Peoplegoal, it becomes stress-free for employees to align their individual goals with the objectives of the company and see their contribution to the success of the organization.

Available Apps: Web App

Pricing: Paid plan starts from $7 per user per month

10 - Weekdone

Weekdone is a nice tool to set structured goals. It is quite helpful to organize all the goals so that team coordination can be improved. With Weekdone, you have the freedom to create weekly and quarterly objectives separately. You can also track the progress towards goals to see if you are going in the right direction.


Weekdone also gives you the feature of feedback and recognition using which you can complement progress on all the goals to quickly identify the status of all goals.

Available Apps: Android, iOS, Windows 10

Pricing: Paid plan starts from $9 per person per month

11 - 15Five

15Five is a flexible tool to create, manage, and track OKRs. It enables you to create individual, and entire company goals effortlessly so that personal and collaborative objectives can be set with ease. 15Five also provides the facility to set the status of objectives on a weekly basis so that it becomes easy to get in touch with their progress.


15Five also gives you the option of custom reports using which you can have detailed insights on the objectives according to your needs.

Available Apps: Android, iOS

Pricing: Paid plan starts from $7 per person per month

12 - Heartpace

Heartpace is also a good tool for OKRs. Using it, you can align the company, department, and individual OKRs so that you can keep all of them on the same page. Heartpace enables you to set ambitious objectives to ensure that the teams can put their focus on all the key challenges.


Available Apps: Android, iOS, Web App

Pricing: Paid plan starts from €5 per user per month

13 - Monday

Monday is a powerful tool for creating and implementing an OKR strategy for your business. Using Monday, you can effectively plan all the objectives that you want to meet in a specific time period. It also allows you to monitor the progress of your goals and helps to view the consequences of the OKR strategy that you have implemented.


Available Apps: Android, iOS, Web App

Pricing: Paid plan starts from $39 per month

14 - 7Geese

7Geese is an effective software to align your organization together with its main objectives. It allows you to set strategic objectives so that your employees keep motivated and engaged. 7Geese gives you the feasibility to see real-time updates of your OKRs and helps you to instantly monitor their progress. Using 7Geese, you can update your OKR from your desired communication app like Slack, Jira, etc. thanks to the wide range of integrations it offers.


Available Apps: Android, iOS, Web App

Pricing: Paid plan starts from $10 per user per month

15 - Betterworks

Betterworks is a popular tool for implementing OKRs. It is quite helpful to keep your entire team on the goals that matter the most to your business. With Betterworks, you cannot only create OKRs with ease but also can see all your OKRs in a single look so you can recognize the areas that need any special attention.


Betterworks allows every person to view the progress status of goals to see how they are going towards accomplishing their business goals. It also has a feedback and recognition feature to see which employee is performing better and contributing more towards the shared goal.

Available Apps: Android, iOS, Web App

Pricing: Paid plan starts from $10 per user per month

How to Pick the Right OKR Software?

So, after viewing all the best OKR softwares, you are heading towards the most important step which is to make a decision. We know that picking the best OKR software is not as easy as it may seem, that’s why we have listed some important points that you should check before making the final decision.

1 - The first step is to discuss the idea of purchasing the best OKR tracking software with all your teammates because they are the ones who will be using the software. It helps you get different thoughts regarding what works best for you so that you can make a better decision.

2 - You should ensure that the software you select has the capability to constantly review all your goals so that you can take the right initiative at the right time and also can view the improvements as they occur.

3 - Sometimes, it’s quite tough to handle OKRs, and you need some sort of assistance to get them done. So, make sure that your tool provides you with proactive support and onboarding features to help you get started with OKRs instantly.

4 - See if your tool is providing the right integration options so that you can integrate it with your tools and update the OKR progress without any hassle.

5 - Confirm that your OKR software allows you to link quarterly OKR along with your long-term strategy so that you can easily move your bigger objectives from quarterly OKR to yearly OKR.

6 - Ensure that your selected tool has the feature of connecting individual activities with OKRs so that you don’t need to create separate OKRs for individuals and teams.

7 - See if the price of your tool is reasonable per user because as your team progresses, you need more users to access the tool. So, make sure it doesn’t create a financial burden to your business.


Nowadays, successful organizations are making use of OKR management tools because they know that these software’s can provide an engaged workforce, exponential growth, and profit. So, use OKR tracking tools and save the time that is utilized on updating the spreadsheets regarding goals tracking.

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