This release introduces a number of changes that will make Week Plan easier to use: no new feature per se, but lots of usability tweaks.

All sidebars show on the left

The Plan of the Week sidebar has always shown on the left, because most of our users read from left to right, and we want the Plan of the Week to have an important position.

We have decided to apply this thinking to all sidebars, because if you are opening a sidebar, it becomes the most important thing right now.

As an added bonus, it is consistent with the Plan of the Week.

Plan of the Week, grouped by roles

The Plan of the Week used to be grouped by roles, like the book “7 habits of the highly effective people” prescribes, but in a recent change, we thought that we could show the Plan of the Week as a unified list, to allow to see more tasks.

This was not the right compromise, and we are rolling it back. Additionally, you can now group the Plan of the Week by Objectives too.

Many applications that you use everyday nowadays have a navigation on the left. We think moving the navigation to the left will make navigating the application more intuitive.

We have also improved the structure of the navigation to be able to find the right link faster.


What are we up to?

Our priority is to improve the user experience of Week Plan so that more users can learn how to use it. We are going to introduce new features like the classic calendar view that most users are familiar with.

Also, we want to improve the mobile experience. We will allow drag and drop in the mobile experience, make buttons biggers, and improve the performance.

In parallel, we have decided to start working on a new product, Quarter Plan, that will help teams implement OKRs successfully. Let us know if you want to know more!

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