Is your organization a victim of inefficient task execution, deadlines being missed consistently and lack of team collaboration in your team?

If yes, then it’s high time to think about implementing a task management software to manage your tasks better. An effective task management software is important because it offers the best solution to overcome these challenges.

Task management systems are used to manage tasks, track time, and easily collaborate with the team. These are efficient for individuals, teams, and organizations to help them complete tasks efficiently without missing any deadlines.

Almost all successful organizations use task management software because they understand the benefits of managing tasks the right way. If you have no idea about the impact this software can have on the growth of your business, then take a look at some of the key benefits of using effective task management apps.

1 - Manage Everything from A Single Place

Week Plan

Either you are working on a single project or multiple projects, keeping everything essential about the project(s) is necessary. In this, a task management software helps you keep everything together in the form of cards/tickets, notes, calendars and more.

It provides a central integration platform using which you can save all the activities that your team performs while working so that they don’t have to memorize things and it is easier for the whole team to stay on track.

Task management apps keep you away from the risk of losing any sensitive information, important tasks, and deadlines. By using such software, you not only save time but also have a sustainable paperless environment so that your key data is easily accessible.

2 - Make Task Prioritization Easier

Task Prioritization

Task prioritization is one of the key factors to meet the deadlines for important tasks, otherwise, it becomes quite difficult to manage them on time.

Generally, while starting work, many people get stuck in the low priority tasks, that eat up most of the time for more important tasks. It can happen to you as well if you don’t prioritize your tasks.

It is because the focus is to finish the list of tasks that you have with you one by one. It is poor management of tasks and is a leading factor that contributes to deadlines being missed because your task is not prioritized on the basis of importance and deadlines.

Task management software helps you to overcome task prioritization issues so that you can get all the important tasks done on time.

3 - Access Data from Anywhere Anytime

Data Management

If you are handling a complex task and planned to work outside the office or on weekends, then it is important to have all the important data with you so that you don’t have issues continuing the work.

Task management apps give you access to get your hands on your database anywhere anytime using any device. What you need is an internet connection and that’s it.

This benefit keeps you away from the frustration of getting back to the workplace in order to get that vital information. By simply logging on from the comfort of your home, you get the flexibility to access all your required data in a hassle-free way.

4 - Keep an Eye across All Tasks

task tracking

In bigger organizations where there are too many tasks to work at the same time, it is extremely necessary to view the status of all so that you can see how things are going.

Tracking the progress of tasks manually kills a lot of time because project managers have to see the performance of every individual to identify the problematic area. With the task manager, they don’t have to worry about this because they can easily keep track of each member’s progress in a matter of seconds.

5 - Boost your Productivity


Productivity matters a lot for the success of any organization. If your team member spends a lot of time finding what needs to be done then, they would end up spending most of the time finding, whereas that time was meant to be spent on execution of tasks.

To avoid this problem, an online task manager is a perfect solution because it not only helps them locate their tasks easily but also enables them to view all the important tasks relating to any project with its due dates so that they can plan things accordingly.

6 - Make Task Delegation Easy

team task calendar

Task delegation is an important step to successfully manage multiple tasks in a short span of time. Using task manager, it becomes much easier because it does not only provide you the ability to assign the right task to the right person with mere clicks but also enables you to monitor their progress as well.

It is simply impossible to finish all the tasks by yourself no matter how talented you are. Using task delegation, you can make use of each member on your team efficiently instead of letting them sit around idle while you are overburdened.

7 - Improve Team Collaboration

team collaboration

If you work in a small team then it might not be that difficult to get in touch with everyone’s progress, but as your team grows, it’s not less than a bigger challenge to check how every member is performing.

Task management software bridges this gap by developing the spirit of working together. Using this software, your entire team can see which tasks are assigned to whom so that they can collaborate together and complete their parts effectively in time.

8 - Track Time Spent On Projects

time tracking

It’s quite tough to take control of every single minute of your day when there are too many distractions around you. By using a task management software, you can identify all the things that create distractions because you can track the entire time you spend on each task.

This software not only enables you to monitor the time utilized on each task but also allows you to see who is responsible for each task to gauge the productivity of all individuals.

9 - Centralized Platform for Document Sharing

Document sharing

With too many tasks, there are different documents that need to be organized so that finding the related documents when required becomes easier.

Using a task management system, you can centralize file-sharing that makes it easier to locate files related to each task. It does not only save the time of your team but also enables them to place other work-related files in the right place to make it easily accessible to others.

10 - Eliminates Remote Working Barrier

Remote work

Nowadays, the concept of remote working is at its peak because organizations realize that they now can have a perfect platform using which they can see how their remote workers are doing the job.

Task management software helps remote team members get all the live updates regarding work in real-time. It not only saves the business time from rescheduling important updates but also ensures that everyone is on the same page without making any extra efforts.

11 - Distribute Workload

workload distribution

How can you track the workload of the entire team if you have no idea about who is doing what?

As a project manager, one of the biggest challenges is to ensure that you have divided the workload equally among your team because poor workload distribution can create too many hurdles in achieving your goals and targets on time.

The best way to manage this issue is to use an online task manager. It does not only allow you to assign equal tasks but also makes sure that you can track their progress on tasks anytime.

12 - Notify Team Members About Overdue Tasks


When you have a big list of tasks to assign to a huge team, there is a strong possibility that they miss some of their tasks. Highlighting all these tasks and notifying them to the team members is quite difficult when done manually.

Task management software makes it an effortless process because it automatically points out all the tasks that are nearing the deadlines and automatically notifies all the relevant team members about their tasks.

13 - Automate Recurring Tasks Creation

recurring tasks automation

There are always some tasks that need to be repeated and it is quite annoying to create these tasks every time. Recurring tasks are normally managed using a calendar or outlook in the past which is not the best way because nowadays there are many smart business task management tools to handle them with perfection.

A task management software helps you avoid wasting time in creating these tasks by automating it which saves a handsome amount of time that can be utilized on other key things.

14 - Task Calendar to View Entire Team’s Tasks

task calendar

It is not easy to ask every team member regarding which tasks they are working this week or have they completed the entire task sheet of the last week or not. But, if you don’t know that, then how can you identify their individual performances?

Being updated and aware of the entire team’s tasks is essential to gauge the progress of each member. For that, task management software provides a task calendar feature using which the managers can easily view the complete task sheet of every single employee in the blink of an eye.

15 - Provide Visible HITs (High Impact Tasks)


High impact tasks are the tasks that have a huge impact on your achievements. Just knowing about all the high impact tasks is sometimes not good enough because if you get busy with other tasks, you can easily forget them. You need a system that constantly reminds you of these tasks and helps you prioritize them.

Task management software has an outstanding solution for these tasks. They offer you a separate section where you can place all your HITs so that you can stay close to them and focus on these more than other less important tasks.

16 – Add Subtasks to Bigger Tasks


In bigger organizations, there is always a problem regarding how to handle large and complex projects. Because there are so many things that are attached to that project, it gets quite difficult to describe the parts of a single task to the team members.

Task management apps offer an impeccable solution for that problem. They give you the facility to add as many subtasks to a project as you want so that you can break a massive project into more manageable parts.

It not only makes things easy for team members to understand but also gives them the confidence to accomplish a huge project successfully, by breaking it down into small chunks.

17 – Create Separate Workspace for Each Group


Getting the attention of every team member towards each task doesn’t make sense because it can be distracting for those who are not involved in that task.

The best way to encounter this issue is by creating a separate workspace for all the groups so that only the relevant members are involved in a particular workspace.

Task management apps provide you with this option to create a separate workspace for all your teams so that you get involved with the right person instead of involving those who have nothing to do with that particular project.

Is Week Plan Good Enough To Offer All These Benefits?

When we talk about task management tools, almost everyone is well aware of Week Plan because it’s not only a task management tool but also a software that offers other exciting features that boost your productivity and take it to the next level.

Week Plan

Week Plan is fully equipped with all the features to give you all the benefits listed above. You can create nested subtasks, place all your HITs separately to recognize them straight away, keep all your project-related files safely in it.

Access it without having the trouble of going office to get your important files, track the productivity of every individual member of your team, assign any task to anyone without trouble, collaborate among your entire team in seconds, and get connected with your remote team whenever you want.

It also helps you distribute workload equally by seeing the task sheet of each individual, view all the overdue tasks and notify the person who missed these tasks, set recurring tasks automatically, see all the daily, weekly, and monthly task of each member in calendar view, create as many workspaces as you require to stay connected with all the participating members of the project and a lot more.

Week Plan is not restricted only to these features. It has a lot more to offer than that which makes it a perfect investment for your business. So, be confident while selecting Week Plan as your task manager as it really is worth it.


Now you see the countless benefits this tool provides to your business. Utilizing this software not only makes the complex tasks look smooth and efficient but also helps your organization to hit the deadlines with ease.

But make sure you use it the right way because it’s not only about using an online task manager but it is more about how efficiently you and your team are using it to become more productive and effective.

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