In this swiftly changing world, keeping up with family, health, monetary matters, job, friends, etc., can be grueling. It’s almost like time has consumed people in different ways, and everyone seems to be after one thing: a better life, a better job, and everything in between. All of these things can become challenging to manage.

Everyone has a hobby, but getting time to do it seems like a lost dream. It appears that only the rich and famous can do hobbies, but if we look closely, they are not seen doing any of their hobbies.

In the current era, hobbies have taken over activities, now we can do tons of activities and have the same enthusiasm as we used to get from hobbies. Nowadays, so many things quickly distract us and consume much of our time.

This kills most of our productivity and makes us go behind deadlines, and after that, the pressure of completing tasks is always haunting like a white ghost. Indulging in different activities and hobbies is good for the body and mind plus, it is crucial.

What are Time Consuming Activities and Hobbies?

One must ensure they are not entirely giving their time to these things. But if you are a workaholic and you are looking for a break, or you are on a break and you don’t know what to do, then keep reading to learn about 14 time-consuming activities and hobbies from least to most.

This blog is also helpful for those who don’t know what to do after work. The below list of activities and hobbies will also help boost your productivity.

1: Volunteer


Office politics can tire the living soul out of you, and your mind can crave spiritual relief; Therefore, you need to volunteer for different activities. You could volunteer to help in any event, in governmental projects, at children’s events, and if you want to fulfill your soul, then just volunteer anywhere.

Now the real question is how to find events where volunteers are needed. You can find different events on your community service pages. You can see social media and search for such groups who are constantly looking for volunteers.

2: Cooking


If you are looking for a time consuming activity and hobby that will make you healthy, try out cooking. Cooking is a very self-pleasing activity and gives a sense of achievement.

You can learn a million things while cooking; it also allows you to do self-analysis. The most benefitting part is that cooking good food and having time yourself can release a good amount of dopamine in your body.

Cooking food at home can benefit your health in different ways, and what is better than if this becomes your hobby? If you think you are not good at cooking it, well, the fact is that no one is good in the beginning. It takes time, and you will become a home chef within no time.

3: Creative Writing

Creative Writing

What if some time consuming activities and hobbies make you money? This can happen when doing creative writing - you will be surprised to know that there are people out there who earn millions per annum by just writing.

This is a part of content writing, and if you don’t want to make the hobby your job, start your website and write whatever comes to your mind.

Some people might give this activity or hobby a second thought, but if you haven’t tried it, how will you know that you like it? Or maybe you must be good at creative writing and haven’t discovered it yet. Since you will say your mind and heart out, coming from a hectic day and spending time in creative writing can surely relax you.

4: Drawing/Painting


There is an old saying that needs to be canceled, and it says, a painter is naturally gifted’! This is lame to a severe extent - anyone can paint.

If this were true, then there would have been no painting, drawing, or art schools. This skill can be learned - if you don’t have the time to take classes, then just practice, and you will excel soon.

Painting or drawing is one of the best time consuming activities and hobbies that relieves you from all stressors. Colors have an amazing impact on your eyes and brain, soothes your wit to the core.

Since your eyes and brain get tired at the office or even if you are working from home, we suggest that you grab some paints, brushes, a canvas and Google scenic images and try to paint them.

5: Listening to Music

Listening to Music

Many people think listening to music is a waste of time and money, but the latest research shows that music helps people become more productive.

We had our doubts and tried this on ourselves, which amazingly worked! Some people don’t like goth or metal music but listen to it before or in the middle of work - making them hyperactive.

In many offices, you can find soft music playing in the background - studies show that it makes people work in a happy mood. It even changed the way they communicated in the office. In this way, your regular playlist will be updated as well.

So, listening to music indeed falls on the list of time consuming activities and hobbies. While there can be many productivity killers at work, listening to motivational music can set you back on track.

6: Discover New Skills

Discover New Skills

This is as difficult as finding what you are good at or your hidden talents. You can make it interesting by making it an adventure or a mission, and most definitely, you will find different time-consuming activities and hobbies for yourself, which can further lead you to advance in a new skill.

This skill does not have to be polished or perfected; it should be a skill that relaxes you after the busiest day at the office. We suggest you start with playing a musical instrument, painting, photography, cooking, singing, or swimming.

This skill should be healthy, and it should not be the one that frustrates you. However, you must take time to discover what skill you should adopt.

7: Camping


This is one of those time-consuming activities and hobbies that will make you savor every breath you take. You don’t need to head out to a different or distant place; you can camp on your terrace, backyard, or front lawn. Wait for the clear sky and starry night, and you will have the most epic camping experience.

If you hate doing it alone, get some of your friends along, or your dog can also be good company. This may seem too much for job holders, but when you get into it, you will be waiting for the following weekend to come. Many people do it because it is stirring, thrilling and exciting and gives an adrenaline rush.

8: Gardening


Gardening and landscaping are the most splendid time consuming activities and hobbies. Many swear they have become calmer and experience serenity after adopting this hobby.

This is because taking care of plants, seeing them grow, and seeing fruits and flowers blooming makes you feel more connected with nature.

If you are a germ freak, this hobby is not good for you, but many of you out there take all sorts of precautions and still do such time consuming activities and hobbies.

You don’t have to take any classes to learn how to garden or do landscaping; you can learn everything about it on YouTube. We suggest you also plant some fruits and vegetables - this will provide you with organic food for free.

9: Playing Video Games

Playing Video Games

No one is ever too old to play video games. Some people might disagree with saying that playing video games can be the best time consuming activity and hobbies.

This is scientifically proven that video games can enhance your brain’s working, boost your memory, and speed up your motor skills. People who play video games have better reflexes than people who don’t play video games at all.

There are hundreds of video games you can play for free. Once you play video games, there is no turning back. You will automatically become more productive and will complete work on time because you will want to get home and complete that unfinished level. The paid games are not so expensive, so when you excel at free online games, go for the premium ones.

10: Pick a DIY Project

Pick a DIY Project

If you are unsure about the above time-consuming activities and hobbies, then pick a DIY project. This can be difficult for the ones who have done nothing but focus on their jobs.

If this is the case, look around, and you will find a corner of the house, a piece of furniture, or a wall you don’t like. You could also rearrange your backyard and garage or change the car’s paint, etc.

When you have decided, just go to the nearest hyper stores and get yourself the materials and the tools and start tearing things. Destroying things and fixing themselves on your terms gives you an oddly satisfying feeling.

11: Watch Documentaries

Watch Documentaries

Watching documentaries can become a lethal addiction. This is one of the most time consuming activities and hobbies - you will develop an interest, and soon, you will recommend them to your colleagues and friends.

Later, your cabinet will form a group and have discussions over it - so you see how only watching documentaries can become an activity or a hobby.

Some so many people are ashamed to say that their favorite hobby or fun activity is watching movies or documentaries. The fact is that such people are highly creative and can adopt any skill before anyone does. Movies can also have a good impact on your personality and mood as well.

12: Make a Small Trip

Going on a trip can cost a lot of money in this era of fallen economies, but you can still have fun. To find the nearest spot to have a trip, you must Google ‘things to do in (your city name)’.

You can take a trip to the walled city or downtown and look for newer things to shop for or eat different foods. This is why some people say their favorite time consuming activities, and hobbies are traveling and making short trips.

People are beholders for finding the best places and making short trips. You can also explore the outskirts of your city and find unreal places. A change of place can do wonders for the next coming week.

13: Organize Your Home

Working people usually have messy homes, and this is because they sometimes take their work home. This leaves the house wholly unorganized, and that makes you late for the office every morning.

Organizing your home can be one of the most time-consuming activities and hobbies because it takes a heck lot of time to set things in the right place.

It is also one of the most common time-consuming activities and hobbies of people with OCD, and you will see people with this condition have top-tier and highly paid jobs.

Organizing a home can give people content gratification. It is just like cooking for yourself. A managed home can make you think more positively.

14: Work on Being Fit

Being healthy and fit should be the ultimate goal for every person. Going to the gym and eating healthy can become the most time consuming activities and hobbies.

You’ll spend about an hour in the gym, and preparing healthy food can take more than an hour. This activity clearly consumes a lot of time, and when you see the results, you will have a sense of accomplishment and achievement, and you will make it a hobby.

If you don’t have time for the gym, start working at home. You don’t need expensive gym equipment and machinery to exercise at home; there are different ways to do it - you can see hundreds of videos on YouTube. Going for a jog, playing an outdoor game, cycling, skating, and swimming can also keep you fit.

Wrapping Up

Just like you, we also used to think that working a 9 to 5 job doesn’t get you the time for fun activities and hobbies. Everything is possible when you know how to manage your career and carry out the different time-consuming activities and hobbies. You need to chalk out everything to keep a good balance in life.

This can be done by choosing the best planner for yourself - lately, there has been a lot of talk about Week Plan. This is also a good planner for companies who want the best for their employees.

Know that it is not only for organizations but also very much affordable so that anyone can use it in multiple ways. You can set your weekly goals and see a day’s summary in the time tracking feature.

It also has an AI calendar that allows you to easily schedule your tasks, track working hours, show uncompleted tasks, repeat tasks, subtasks, and much more.

It will show a complete list of the most time-consuming activities and hobbies - allowing you to manage everything on your phone or any device‌. With Week Plan, you will never have to waste time. You can also benefit from it in your normal daily life to manage work, activities and hobbies.

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