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Pick #1: Value vs Meaning

Blurred Thinking photo by Laurenz Kleinheider (@laurenzpicture) on Unsplash

This article, titled Visualizing the Meaning of Life: The Drip Coffee Model, delves into the meaning of life.

Based on a book written by Iddo Landau, it argues that the meaning of life isn’t about a “yes” or a “no”. Rather, it’s about enough.

So problems of meaning are really problems of insufficient value. Is your life meaningful? The better question to ask is, “Are there enough valuable experiences in your life?”

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Pick #2: Be a Productivity Maestro

Productivity Boost

Need a productivity boost?

Sometimes all it takes is a simple to-do list or a coffee break to celebrate a small win.

Dr. Khandee Ahnaimugan offers 18 tips that are often overlooked to get more done.

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Pick #3: Pareto Principle, Parkinson’s Law, Zeigarnik Effect

Being productive is about dealing with your own stuff, sticking to discipline, and practicing until you get better, using tools like the Pareto principle and the Pomodoro Technique, writes Vishal Ostwal of Pick the Brain.

The article also introduces other productivity theories like the Hawthorne Effect, the Zeigarnik Effect, Parkinson’s Law, and the Hofstadter Law.

If you’re looking put a name onto common productivity principles then this one is a good read.

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Pick #4: Blind Spots

Image of Blind Man Who Can’t See

We all have blind spots. Blind spots are our inner biases that create delusions.

The problem with blind spots is that you don’t know what you don’t know.

The key is self-awareness. This article shows you how to conquer your blind spots.

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Pick #5: the Number One Productivity Killer for Moms


Fact: you can’t be productive without getting enough sleep.

Roughly one-third of the population is suffering from sleep deprivation according to the CDC.

This article details the devastating effects of hijacking sleep patterns.

Unfortunately the article doesn’t offer any solution to improve sleep. Here are two from us: valerian root (helps with my insomnia) and the good night drink: apple cider vinager plus honey mixed with hot water (this drink was made popular by Tim Ferriss)

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