The best way to predict your future is to create it - Abraham Lincoln

To be proactive is to take responsibility for your life. The Habit one be proactive is the foundation of all the other habits in the book “7 habits of highly effective people”.

We spent some time scouring the internet to find some nuggets related to this particular habit.

  • A video by Dr. Stephen Covey himself in which he explains what exactly meant by Being Proactive
  • Circle of Influence: It is an interesting take by Franklin Covey in 7 habits be proactive about how proactive people influence the circle which they have a control over. If one is proactive then they can take small steps and redefine the purpose of their existence in one role and take steps for the greater good.

  • Be Proactive Board: This Pinterest board around be proactive 7 habits. It has some interesting ideas for kids, teens, professionals to follow. You can check it out for sure and if possible share and save some.

How to practice being proactive?

I found that I could develop my sense of proactivity by tuning in with my daily frustrations. The more I’d realize what doesn’t work around me, the more inclined I’d be to want to fix it if possible.

  1. Pay attention to what frustrates you in your day life and find a way to solve it if possible. By fixing the small issues of every day, we will start taking responsibility.
  2. Another way to start is to spend 5 minutes at night reflecting on your day and identify these frustrations and consider a potential solution. The next day, you try to actually apply what you came up with.