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Our top pick: Birds of InfluenceWhite and Brown Eagle · Free Stock Photo

Falconry is an ancient sport that requires flying a trained bird of prey to hunt wild animals. Female falcons turn out to be bigger, smarter, and shorter than their male counterparts. A master falconer shares some valuable lessons that falcons can teach you about leadership.

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Pick #2: Who Needs Motivation?

Percentage of Participants Who Exercised

A new research suggests motivation isn’t the key to achieving your goals. The British Journal of Health Psychology measured how frequently people exercised over a 2-week period.

It found that those who wrote down exactly when and where they intended to exercise were most likely to follow through.

Motivation had no significant effects on exercise behavior. But having a plan for implementation is the key.

This is why Week Plan asks you to schedule your high impact tasks.

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Pick #3: Goal Hacking for Dummies

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A goal-setting model called MCII, short for “Mental Contrasting with Implementation Intentions”, promises to increase your chances of achieving your goals.

It works by imagining your desired future and then reflecting on your present reality. But the trick is to identify the things that are stopping you from achieving that future.

Mental contrasting helps you save time, conserve energy, eliminate distractions, and focus on your most important goals.

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Pick #4: Happiness in Installments

Men’s Gray Crew Neck Shirt · Free Stock PhotoHappiness can be very elusive. But only a few people know that happiness takes time and it starts off small. You won’t go from feeling unhappy to marvelous in a minute, but you can be 20% happier now. What’s making you unhappy is your reaction to your thoughts and the events in your life, writes Tim Denning on Medium.

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Pick #5: Enneagram-ming Your Personality

Free stock photo of blank, female, handsThe Enneagram is an old personality-typing framework that seeks to unlock the secrets of human motivation. Why do people see the way they do? Why do some people think, feel, and act differently than other people? Learn more about the Enneagram to better understand your why. The article, titled Discover Your Motivation, gives you an overview of the 9 Enneagram types.

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