Finding blogs that facilitate your personal needs and encourages you to accomplish the challenges you might face in the future.

We’ve gathered some of the top self-development/productivity blogs you should add to your reading list

1.The Blissful Mind

My Blissful Mind is head by Catherine. She is a mind coach who helps you get out of your own head and take action in your life. Her aim is to make you feel relax and get organize within your head and stop stressing about the future.

  • She helps in developing a healthy mindset full of positivity and provides confidence to accomplish your targets.
  • Work on the daily routine that assists you in overcoming the stress.
  • Time Management so you can find time for yourself and your family.

2.James Clear

James Clear is an author of the book called “Atomic habits”. You can find amazing content on subjects like health, happiness, creativity, productivity, and much more. His content is so rich because of the research, in his book and as well as on the articles he wrote on his blog site. habits, routines, and bettering yourself

3.My Morning Routine

My Morning routine is an independently run magazine that features brand new content towards inspiring morning routine, productivity, stress, anxiety, sleep, and many more. Her content targets all kinds of people from different walks of life.

They currently feature over 300 routines on their website and offer all the tools you need to create a perfect morning routine that works for you over the long term.

They also have a book to their name called “My Morning Routine”

4.Embracing Simple Blog

Christina Tiplea is the head behind Embracing Simple Blog. She aims to help the women who are going through stress and guiding them through the process of simplifying and taking back their homes so they have more time to spend on the things that bring them joy.

She sticks to subjects that encourage self-growth. She even offers an amazing 4-week course towards living a simple and stress-free life, It’s a great course, you only need to signup for her email. We highly recommend joining her course and guess what it’s free :D

5.Rachael Kable

Rachael aims to empower people around the world to inspire them to lead a stress-free life in a fun and simple manner. Her blog is packed with mindfulness tips and practices. If you seeking help navigating stress or enjoying the little things. She even has amazing podcasts to listen to.

Her passion and knowledge have drawn the audience from all around the world.

6.Career Girl Day

If you’re looking a content related to personal development, we’ve got you covered here. She started this online magazine to inspire women to become the best version of themselves.

They also feature different women from all over the world narrating their stories. She talks about the subjects like Self-Care, Habits & Routines, Productivity, and Mindset.

7.Life Goals Mag

If you’re looking for personal growth content, we’ve got you covered here too. I started this online magazine to inspire women to become their best selves.

We have different women from all over the world talking about how they’re doing just that. She talks about the subjects like Self-Care, Habits & Routines, Productivity, and Mindset.

8.She Dreams All Day

Mia is the brain behind “She Dreams All Day”, she is an introvert and aims to inspire many other introverts to shine with confidence and chase their dreams. She talks about the topics like Productivity, blogging, personal development.

Her goal is to inspire introverts to start their own blogging site.

9.Ariel Yasmine

Ariel is a medical student, blogger, who is helping students find their purpose, craft an abundance mindset, and motivate them to live purposefully through her writing.

Her content is well suited for those who are young, high achievers, who want to find their path and purpose. Her center of focus is Mindset, Personal growth, Self-care, Faith.

10.Gen Twenty

Gen Twenty is all about self-growth, accomplishing your targets, and self-care. Their aim is to make your “twenties” amazing and easy providing a guide on how to make money, budget in an effective manner, relationships, skill development, and many more. Gen Twenty is quite a powerful site with very rich content.


Here at MindValley blogs, you can find content for many topics like how to take better care of our bodies, create a unique vision for our lives, perform better at work, and build meaningful connections with people.

MindValley has a ton of free content that will help you become the best version of yourself, and how you can lead a peaceful life featuring practical life examples. So what are you waiting for head over to Mindvalley and start working on your next goal?

12.Live Bold and Bloom

Live Bold and Bloom has a ton of content to facilitate your needs. Whether you’re going through a difficult phase in your life or looking to organize your life, this blog has got you covered.

Live Bold and Bloom has some useful tips to adjust your life, this blog feels like you have a friend who listens to you and gives you the right advice, and continues the process of self-development.

13.Everyday Power Blog

Everyday Power features a variety of articles and quotes for self-development, these articles help you stay confident and at top of your game.

They aims to inject their self-help and educational content into the reader’s life so they can utilize it to the fullest. When you plan on making your work a priority, this blog can aid you in reaching your professional goals.

14.Tiny Buddha

Tiny Buddha is a well-known platform providing a rich source of content for many years. It focuses on the topics like mindfulness, peace, happiness, building healthy habits, and many more.

Tiny Buddha is about reflecting on simple wisdom and learning new ways to apply it to our complex lives—complete with responsibilities, struggles, dreams, and relationships.

Most of the content has roots coming from buddha, but this is not a site about religion. It’s about offering the content that make difference in the reader’s life.

15.Educate Inspire Chang

Educate Inspire change was founded back in 2015, aiming to provide the right kind of content to the readers to encourage them to bring a positive change in their life. This blog covers a wide range of subjects like alternative media, health, science & technology, spirituality, and more.

You can find general news stories as well as new scientific discoveries, information on the natural world, and tips to make life simpler.

16.Pick the brain

Run by Eric Falconer, Pick the Brain is a blog site dedicated to self-development with a focus on personal productivity, motivation, and self-education. This site has a number of general topics you can read on the go or in your free time.

The site covers anything related to self-improvement. Any information that people can use to live more prosperous, satisfying lives is a potential article.

17.The Daily Positive

The Daily Positive is led by Bernadette Logue, a transformation life coach.

Their center of focus is self-development and personal growth. It’s one of the most useful blogs available on the internet for relationships management, and it also has a very effective mental health section to help you find ways to cope if you suffer from depression or anxiety.

18.Marc and Angel

This Blog site has been headed by Marc and Angel, who are New York Times bestselling authors, professional coaches. The aim of this blog is to provide the correct tool to transform the reader’s life in a positive manner.

They focus on the subjects like happiness, productivity, emotional intelligence, relationships, and general self-improvement featuring over 900 articles.

Most of the content including inspiring posts and practical tips for a productive living is from Marc and Angel, themselves.


LifeHack aims to help millions of people by assisting them to identify the purpose of their life and break the complicated process into a simple manner. The site is dedicated to lifehacks, i.e., any advice, resource, tip, or trick that will assist you to get things done more effectively.

The blog provides advice from experts who will help you improve all the aspects of your life, including lifestyle, money, health, relationships, work, and technology.

20.Mind-Body Green

The content is produced by various wellness experts who will provide you practical and insightful conversations about health, nutrition, sports, meditation, happiness, relationships, self-growth, and personal success.

We can call this blog site an all-rounder, they take a 360’ approach because their content covers a huge range from eating right to mindfulness, relationships, personal growth, productivity, and many more.

21.Michael Hyatt

Here at Michael Hyatt, you will discover articles, podcasts, and interviews about leadership, personal growth, productivity, and subjects that will help you accomplish your personal, professional, and business goals and objectives.

22.The Positivity Blog

The Positivity Blog was founded by Henrik in 2006 who has written many practical tips, newsletters and created courses about simplifying life. Living a positive life is the key to happiness, but it’s not easy as it sounds. There are many hurdles you’ll come across in this journey like Negativity, self-doubts, and fear.

23.Dumb Little Man

Dumb Little Man is an online magazine who focuses on providing the content on the subject like self-development, productivity, exceeding goals, automation and finding a simpler way for everything. The site also features articles from the authors who wrote for New York Times, Washington Post, and Huffington Post.

24.Gretchen Rubin

Gretchen Rubin is a writer who continues to explore human nature and ways to lead a stress-free life and make our lives better. Gretchen Rubin is a New York Times bestseller author and one of the most influential writers on habits and happiness. Her style is light and pleasant and her approach pragmatic, not scientific.

25.Zen Habits

Zen Habits is led by Leo Babuta. Zen Habits is tied in with discovering straightforwardness and care in the everyday tumult of our lives. It’s tied in with clearing the messiness so we can zero in on what’s significant, make something astounding, discover bliss. It has over 1 million readers.

26.Mark Manson

His blog is a realistic self-help site based on psychology and evidence through experience. Topics covered include life choices, culture, relationships, and self-improvement. His blog site is filled with content, in fact, it is so rich that it is enough to fill multiple books.

27.Keep Productive

Keep productive aims to provide you the right tools for your work and personal life. The content focuses on productivity-enhancing software, podcasts from industry leaders, a weekly update of different productivity ritual reviews.

28.Be More With Less

Be More With Less was created by Courtney Carver. Her aim is to make the readers realize that the happiness we’re looking for lies within ourselves. This blog focuses on downsizing, creating space to notice your life, and how to enjoy what matters most to you too. She has a wide range of content on her blog site which is very helpful.

29.Benjamin Hardy

Benjamin Hardy is a psychologist and an author of the best-selling “Willpower Doesn’t Work” and ‘Personality Isn’t Permanent”.

Benjamin Hardy assists people with finding the sweet spot that links their career, lifestyle, passion, and purpose. His blogging site is a rich source of content, which is accessed more than a million times by thousands of people who want to become better versions of themselves.

30.Early to Rise

Early To Rise is an online asset for individuals hoping to supercharge their vocations, organizations, and self-awareness. The site gives guidance, techniques, and projects on abundance building, personal growth, and comprehensive health.

They feature articles as well as podcasts on the topics like self-development, wealth, and lifestyle.


Goalcast produces recordings, articles, and different materials to share self-improvement tips, functional counsel, and significant inspiration to a huge number of individuals around the globe. Bookmark the site on the off chance that you are hoping to construct your image, improve your character, or discover answers for regular difficulties.

32.Go Skills

The GoSkills asset focus has a ton of accommodating assets for acquiring new abilities and being more profitable. Look at the Office Productivity class for reasonable tips and proposals for the best devices to supercharge your profitability.

It aims to teach the day-to-day skill required at the workplace i.e. How to Use the COUNT Function in Excel.

A must visit the site to learn and enhance your skills to work more effectively.

33.Live Dev

The blog teaches you how to turn your ideas into reality with four props of content which are remote work, productivity, creativity, and goals. You’ll discover tools that will assist you to be your most effective self including informative articles, essays, and product reviews.

34.Asian Efficiency

Whether you want to crush your to-do list, achieve your goals in record time, automate your repetitive tasks, or have more free time you’ve reached the right place. In this blog site, you’ll end up discovering surprising tips and tactics that enable you to complete tasks better, faster, and smarter.

35.Thought Catalog

Thought Catalog serves as the digital hub for youth culture and millennial perspectives. The platform’s broad scope covers health, psychology, art, romance, literature, relationships, and self-improvement. There are plenty of topics to choose from.


99U is a creativity and productivity blog site. Among the topics, it covers, career stories of creative people, remarkable design ideas, and psychological topics are a few of them. The blog site features guides on entrepreneurship to achieve the balance between work and personal life.

37.The Muse

The Muse is all about focusing on the professional life, tips on how to nail the job interview, how to conduct yourself at work, interacting with different people at work.

It also features an interesting section for people who seek jobs by listing down the companies, you can check out the working environment of each company, so happy times for job seekers.

38.Steve Atchison

Steve Atchison is a social media expert. In this blog site, he talks about blogging, personal growth, and development. He’s regarded as one of the best personal development coaches in the U.K.

Aitchison mainly talks about developing good habits, transforming negative thoughts into positive ones, and finding the way to live life to the fullest.

39.Becoming Minimalist

Becoming Minimalist was created by Joshua Becker. He believes that “less is more” and he aims to promote this thinking among his readers and followers. He also promotes self-development through minimalist thinking.

His content is all about decluttering and organizing. But this space is not only dedicated to minimalist thinking, Joshua also provides content on time management, parenting, and how to manage your budget.

40.Goodlife ZEN

Goodlife Zen is headed by Mary Jaksch, a psychotherapist, and an author. Her aim is to inspire the people and make them utilize their full potential. She provides creative ways to make your wildest dreams come true, and become what you aspire to be.

She also provides practical examples to deal with the hardships and the tough scenarios life throws at you.

41.Happier Human

HappierHuman is a blog I run with the assistance of different scholars that emphasize self-improvement and personal growth. We are centered around giving ways that individuals can live a superior, more joyful life—subsequently the name “More joyful Human.”

Notwithstanding self-improvement, this blog additionally energizes objective setting, care, and an appreciation practice.

42.Personal Excellence

Personal Excellence began in 2008 as the individual blog of Celestine Chua. She expounds on a few pertinent subjects, like cognizant living, mental self-view, passionate dominance, efficiency, business, and connections. She likewise offers courses that you can complete at your own speed.


Riskology is the blog that shows you how to arrive at your most elevated potential. It urges individuals to accept their characters and plot new courses to make progress.

In the event that you are a thoughtful person and need to turn out to be important for a more extensive local area that desires to contribute something to the world, you can figure out how to do precisely that in this blog.

44.Chris Guillebeau

Guillebeau joins self-improvement and local area administration in one unique idea. He guarantees that you can do beneficial things for yourself while helping others.

His way of thinking spins around choosing what is best for you so you can be an influencer in the existence of everyone around you.

45.Marie Forleo

Forleo has gotten the go-to master for individuals who need to build up their abilities and gifts. In the event that you are struggling to trust in yourself, present your concerns to her and she will accept for your benefit. In view of her irresistible conduct and inspiration, you will doubtlessly wind up going out on a limb.

46.Develop Good Habits

Grow Good Habits has one basic objective, and that is to assist you with figuring out how to fabricate a superior life, each propensity in turn. Furthermore, it will show you how to wipe out those unfortunate propensities gradually, and how to completely change yourself in the best manners to construct a superior YOU.

47.Brain Pickings

In the event that you need to figure out how Popova’s interesting brain transformed her into perhaps the best self-improvement bloggers of her time, this blog is an extraordinary perused.

She shares life exercises she has gathered throughout the long term, especially handling imagination, otherworldliness, intellectualism, and development.

48.James Altucher

In this blog, Lori Deschene highlights stories and bits of knowledge of individuals from varying backgrounds, across all landmasses. She enjoys picking accounts of satisfaction, love, connections, positive change, care, and appreciation.

You can learn new tools to apply to your life, including great overseeing duties, defeating battles, arriving at your fantasies, and building more grounded connections.


Productivityist is an incredible approach further with your efficiency and propensities. Mike, every week, distributed a top to bottom blog and digital broadcast, joined with the host of assets and downloads on the Productivityist website, you’ll love gaining from Mike and his endeavors.

50.Farnam Street

Farnam Street is an online scholarly center point that causes you to get an edge, keep away from issues, and carry on with a more brilliant life. The articles revolve around the shrewd dynamics and building up a triumph situated outlook.

On the off chance that you’ve at any point considered what the best personalities within recent memory think about existence and profitability, this is your opportunity to peruse up.

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