Adapting a good habit or transforming the bad ones into a good habit requires effort.

Habit tracking requires constant observation and measurement of daily behavior with the objective to adopt a new habit or getting rid of the bad one.

To track your habits you can use paper or a habit tracker app. We’ve listed down the best habit tracking apps that may come in handy.

1 - Momentum Habit Tracker

This application is on top of our best habit tracking apps recommendation list and has various extraordinary highlights which make it ideal for monitoring habits.

Quite possibly the most intriguing highlights are that with Momentum, you can bring your information into an Excel report, which considers a cross-stage review of your advancement.

On top of this, you’re ready to set week-by-week targets and take notes permitting you to effortlessly assume responsibility for your habits.

Momentum Habit Tracker

Available Platforms: iOS

2 - Habitica

Habitica is amazingly inventive in its way to deal with following and keeping up beneficial routines.

It is roused by RPG computer games, each undertaking you complete will step up your altered symbol giving you an additional motivator to remain spurred.

Its remarkable computer game-propelled configuration makes monitoring your habits and objectives fun.

The application isn’t restricted to simply habit following, however with it, you can join your companions and complete journeys and missions. It’s a computer game propelled as well as a game in itself.


Available Platforms: iOS & Android

3 - Habitify

Habitify. It’s a very much planned application with a basic yet appealing interface. Habitify gives you a rundown of your habits for the afternoon, and it allows you to confirm them as you complete them. Basic, yet viable.

Notwithstanding the fundamental habit following highlights, Habitify additionally has a Dark Mode to assuage strain on your eyes and a lot of cool diagrams and graphs that let you geek out over your habit progress.


Platforms: Android, iOS, Mac

Price: Free, Premium version for $4.99/month

4 - Productive Habit Tracker

Productive’s simple, however, the very much planned interface makes monitoring your habits basic. It is instinctively planned, with it, you’ll have the option to begin arranging in a flash.

Despite the fact that it is straightforward in its plan, it is brimming with extraordinary highlights, and best of all.

The application monitors your victories, which means you’ll have the option to gauge your proceeding with progress and stay roused.

Habit Tracker

Available Platforms: iOS

5 - StickK

StickK was created by social business analysts at the lofty Yale University. On joining, you make a responsibility contract with yourself and the application to arrive at your objectives, you can even wager cash on yourself.

For added inspiration, you can relegate a companion or relative to check your information to guarantee you’re en route to arriving at your objectives.


Platforms: Android & iOS

6 - Habitshare

Habitshare mixes a long-range interpersonal communication site with a habit tracker, permitting you to develop habits with companions.

The social alternatives are all around done and moderately phenomenal, and dissimilar to others with interpersonal interaction choices, there are informing choices permitting you to speak with companions continuously.

This permits you to propel your companions or be roused by them, with it your objectives become collaborations. You can likewise cripple the social angle and keep things hidden.


Platforms: iOS and Android

7 -Streaks

This apple design award winner is built around urging you to keep a 12-day dash of a beneficial routine, as such it is an extraordinary method to remain roused.

The interface is amazingly adjustable, in that capacity, you can make it suit you and your preferences. Additionally, it tends to be effectively coordinated with the Health application, quite possibly the most mainstream applications on the IOS.

Utilized together, you’ll have the option to create sound habits effortlessly. In case you’re falling behind, the application will send you an update, and keep you on track.


Platforms: iOS

8 - Habit List

Habit List is all about developing and maintaining a streak of beneficial habits. It is great at tracking your habits over a long period of time, enabling you to easily make sense of your progress in a way that is easy to read and understand.

If you have a complicated schedule or want to complete specific tasks on specific days, you can easily set a calendar of activities to complete, and view them accordingly.

Habit List

Platforms: iOS

9 - Balanced

Balanced is one of the best habit tracking apps - designed to help you keep track and measure your sleeping patterns, your exercise, and the time you spend sitting, encouraging you to develop healthier habits.

Unlike many apps, Balanced is completely focused on healthy habits. It gets you to be concentrated on only three activities at a time so you won’t be overwhelmed.


Platforms: iOS and Android

10 - Simple Habit Tracker

Simple habit tracker is one of the more interesting habit trackers and is packed with interesting features.

If you’re looking for inspiration, the app comes with over 200 pre-designed habits to get you started. One of the most appealing things is the s beautifully designed and eye-catching interface.

Simple habit tracker

Platforms: iOS

11 - Habitbull

Habit-bull is one of the most feature-rich habit tracker apps and its detailed recording system means you’ll be able to get detailed information about your progress.

If you’re aiming to increase your fitness, Habitbull can be integrated with google fit.

But anyone who’s looking for a more simple habit tracker may find this one complicated.


Platforms: iOS and Android

12 - Strides Habit Tracker

Strides Habit Tracker is a decent all-rounder, with all you anticipate from an extraordinary habit tracker and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

The application is speedy and simple to utilize, so you’ll have the option to begin creating incredible habits immediately. In the event that you intend to finish a set number of errands for a particular date, the application figures in case you’re on target to finish it on schedule, empowering you to tailor your habits around your objectives.

Strides Habit Tracker

Platforms: iOS

13 - Coach.me

Coach.me accompanies everything you may anticipate from a quality habit following application, with the additional one-of-a-kind component of having the option to employ either a habit mentor or even an initiative mentor for additional expenses.

The mentor employing highlight, on the off chance that you can manage the cost of it, has the capability of fundamentally affecting your objectives and profitability.

There are two alternatives, authority instructing, and habit instructing, so you’ll have the option to get the preparation you need.


Platforms: iOS, Android, Web Browser

14 - 42 Goals

42 Goals is very basic in its plan however accompanies a large number of the highlights you’d anticipate. Not at all like numerous comparative applications, it is improved generally for internet browsers. The site has an online local area permitting you to impart your advancement to companions.

42 Goals

Currently, it is neither on iOS nor Android, but they are in development, so stay tuned!

15 - Habit – 21-day routine

Habit – 21-day schedule is worked around the rule that it requires 21 days to frame another habit, accordingly, it urges you to keep another habit for more than 21 back-to-back days.

The application’s format is delightfully planned. The possibility that it requires 21 days to shape another habit is upheld by research, accordingly, it is conceivable you’ll see it as very valuable.

Habit – 21-day

Platforms: iOS

16 - Chains.cc

Chains.cc is genuinely exceptional in its methodology, each time you adhere to your habit, your chain develops, assisting you with remaining persuaded.

The application has an excellent and instinctive interface. Above all, it tends to be utilized both on the web and off, permitting you to monitor your habits any place you are


Platforms: iOS

17 - Done

Done enables you to follow a movement on numerous occasions a day, on top of this, the application is brimming with the highlights you’d anticipate from an extraordinary habit tracker.

With the application, you can without much of a stretch track habits you need to develop, and ones you need to gradually wipe out. Dissimilar to numerous other applications, it includes various customization alternatives making it suit your preferences.


Platform: iOS

18 - Good Habits

Good Habits offers numerous incredible approaches to follow the advancement of your habits on account of its brilliant plan. The application empowers you to take a gander at the exact information of your habits and chains.

Empowering you to check your advancement effortlessly. It very well may be utilized with the Apple Watch and the Today Widget for additional ease of use.

Shockingly, there, at last, isn’t an excessive amount to separate it from other applications. However, in the event that you like the manner in which it looks, you may make some incredible memories.

Good Habits

Platforms: iOS

19 - Sessions

Sessions is one of the best apps for tracking habits along with your work out regime. It is outwardly satisfying to take a gander at on account of its cleaned-up interface.

It permits you to set explicit measures of time to play out every action, you’ll have the option to painstakingly plan and design your day and schedule. You can likewise keep tabs on your development as you build up your habits and schedules for the greatest proficiency.


Platforms: iOS

20 - Morning Routine Habit Planner

Morning Routine permits you to zero in on each habit in turn, guaranteeing you keep on track. It very well may be utilized related to Siri, for sans hands use, an uncommon and helpful element.

The application incorporates rousing guidance from powerful and fruitful individuals, which is an incredible spark.

Routine Habit Planner

Platforms: iOS

21 - Persistence

Persistence has numerous approaches to make you stay spurred. The application reveals to you when you are on or off focus for finishing your objectives empowering you to address yourself and succeed.

Having the option to rapidly tell when you are now and again the target is amazingly valuable, guaranteeing you’ll generally realize when is the place where to propel yourself or unwind. Just as this, there are various different choices and approaches to follow your objectives.


Pricing: It has a $1.99 price

Download: iOS

22 - Way of Life

Way of Life is one of the best habit tracking apps that comes with a variety of capabilities. It comes weighed down with highlights to guarantee you are in charge of your habits and schedules.

Some may discover the design convoluted, notwithstanding, this is moderated because of the instructional exercise.

Way of Life

Platforms: iOS and Android

23 - Streaks

Streaks make dealing with different habits on the double basic without forfeiting further developed highlights.

With a brilliant, negligible interface, Streaks upholds up to twelve custom habits, complete with a supportive arrangement of charming symbols to make each new habit your own.

It likewise gives various alternatives to scratch off a habit, diminishing the contact that comes from following.


Platforms: iOS

24 - Tally

Tally bills itself as the “anything tracker,” which bodes well thinking about how misleadingly basic the checking application is.

Regardless of whether you’re checking the cups of espresso you chug or how frequently you do that unusual thing with your elbow, Tally allows you to follow however many habits as you’d like and offers some lovely progressed devices to keep on top of your habits.


Platforms: iOS

25 - Beeminder

A few groups may consider Beeminder a “final retreat” habit tracker application… since it charges you cash at whatever point you neglect to finish your habits! In the event that that is not a strong inspiration, I don’t have the foggiest idea of what is.

Beeminder makes them astonish highlights, similar to the capacity to import information from many apparatuses and applications like Gmail, Zapier, Duolingo, Fitbit, Twitter, Slack, and the sky is the limit from there.


Platforms: iOS and Android.

26 - HabitBull

HabitBull gives you a smart thought of all that a respectable habit tracker can be: a straightforward interface to log your objectives and how frequently you need to hit them.

More point-by-point schedules and outlines so you can screen your advancement over the long haul, and a lot of help to ensure you remain focused.

You can decide to begin positive habits or to stop negative ones.


Platforms: Android and iOS

27 - Goalify

If simply listing your habits isn’t getting you anyplace close to adhering to them, consider Goalify:

This application utilizes updates, tips, and timetables to ensure you’re giving yourself the most obvious opportunity with regards to succeeding, and you can get together with companions for an additional degree of responsibility.

With the free form of the application, you can follow three objectives without a moment’s delay.


Platforms: Android and iOS

28 - Grow Habit Tracking

Assuming you’re after a cleaned-up, clear habit following application, Grow Habit Tracking could be for you.

It doesn’t have a staggering number of highlights, it basically allows you to enter the habits you need to follow, at that point utilizes a delineation of a developing tree to help you adhere to your objectives.

Stop your habits and your trees need to begin growing without any preparation.

Grow Habit Tracking

Platforms: Android

29 - HabitHub

HabitHub is a habit tracking app that allows you to picture your habit streaks as exacting “chains.” notwithstanding the application’s pleasant plan, it likewise has some eminent highlights we haven’t seen in numerous other habit-following applications.

To begin, HabitHub allows you to set objectives for your habit streaks. This can be helpful on the off chance that you’re doing a 30-day challenge, for example, “Floss each night for 30 days.”


Pricing: One-time Payment $5.99

Platforms: Android

30 - Today

Today is as yet an extremely valuable habit following application, with the entirety of the standard highlights for making and confirming habits every day.

Today allows you to set custom cover pictures for every one of your habits, which can be valuable on the off chance that you need a token of the change you’re running after.


Price: Free, Premium version for $1.99/month

Platforms: iOS


In this article, we recommended the best habit tracking apps that may come in handy for nurturing a productive way of life. The apps prescribed are not listed in a particular order so user preference may vary as per the requirements. Since the apps offer a variety of features and capabilities, each one of them suffices for diverse needs.

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