I found a great video with Darren Hardy than lay down a list of **actionable **techniques that will help you get more done of the the right stuff.

Some of the techniques he covers:

  • Focus, focus, focus. Don’t try to be good at everything. Look at your goals, and focus on the few things that really help towards your goal. When you have identified the few things that really have a positive impact, do more of these things and less of all the rest. Not only should you do more of what works, you should also focus on getting better at it. Actively trying to develop a specific skill will be more efficient than trying to develop 52 skills this year.
  • Learn to say no: What you don’t do matters as much as what you do. What you choose to not do allows room for the things that matter.
  • Focus and Rest: Very similar to the pomodoro technique which I will implement in Week Plan this year: Strong focus during a defined period of time (no longer than 90 minutes) and then a rest period. Rinse and repeat. Strong focus means remove any potential distraction (turn off the phone, the emails, tell everyone you will be available in 90 minutes, etc…)
  • Use the power of the routine / habit: Do things every day until they become second nature. It doesn’t require any willpower to brush your teeth. You just do it. Well what if building your personal or professional network would become second nature? How much impact would it have on your life if you send a casual email to people important to you every single day?
  • Actively learn a new skill by getting the top educational material available without overloading yourself.

Do yourself a favour and set some time aside to watch this video while it is available for free:

Link to the video

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