How to instantly increase your productivity today using the Pomodoro technique

Today people suffer from the lack of focus when working, and often without realizing it. They would multi-task, they would get interrupted, they would think of other things they need to do while doing something else, etc…

The Pomodoro technique is a simple technique that has helped everyone I suggested it to.

The name comes from the kitchen timer that looks like a tomato (pomodoro in italian):

Il_pomodoro.jpg (591×591)

The technique goes like this:

1. Pick a task you want to make progress on.

2. Reduce any potential interruptions: turn off your phone, emails, Skype, put some headphones on to reduce the odds of being interrupted by someone.

3. Set the pomodoro timer to ring in 25 minutes

4. Work only on that specific task. Don’t check your emails. Don’t think of something else. Just work. Let the ticking sound of the timer remind you that you should stay focused.

5. After the 25 minutes of full focus have passed, take a 5 minutes break. Take a walk, stretch, go out of the office, etc… The resting phase is as important as the focus phase if you want to replenish your energy level for the next focus phase.

6. Start again from step 1.

Announcement: We have just introduced a Focus Timer inside Week Plan so that you can easily use the Pomodoro Technique together with Week Plan. Enjoy the boost of productivity! Enable the extension here


Pomodoro timer

  • Graco

    Awesome man!

  • Raoel

    Great!! I love how you combine such a large number of tools in one place. Really makes my life easier.

    • I am glad you like. weekplan is only at the beginning, there is so much I can do! (without cluttering the experience). First I want a great mobile app 🙂

      • Alexander Trush

        Agree that mobile app is the most crucial thing we need at the moment.
        I’m 50% unable to use weekplan because of the lack of mobility.

        • I can feel the pain, I received questions about the iphone about everyday 🙂 I am on it!

          • How about the iPad? I tend to work on there when it comes to completing tasks. I also have an Android phone (blech). I love Weekplan on the desktop though…so I need it everywhere!

            Question: does the iPad/iPhone version (which I downloaded recently) not synch with the account online? My tasks are not showing up…

          • 1. ipad/iphone app should sync’ with the desktop version. Are you in the same workspace?

            2. A new android app is coming soon for weekplan 🙂

        • My recent progress with the an iOS app!

          • That looks awesome Daniel!

  • Silvia
    • Very nice. I like 🙂

  • jake

    quick question. Where exactly is the Focus Timer? I’m not sure if i’m missing something. BTW, i use the focus booster and having something similar in your weekplan is icing on the cake!

  • Edna

    Hi. I just started using the app yesterday. I’m having trouble finding the Pomodoro timer on the app and the web version. Thanks.

  • Love the timer but the only problem for me is the annoying ticking sound. I have to watch videos for a lesson so I can’t turn the volume off. Is there a way to turn off the ticking?

    • Yes I will bring the mute option soon.

      • Asha K

        I actually would like to have a tick or something to indicate the timer’s running… is there any way to turn on the sound? Also wanted to second that I’d love a 25 min countdown instead of just a time tracker. In case that’s in the works! 🙂

        • Asha K

          Nvm I found the timer volume setting at the top! Would still love to have the countdown though.

          • Asha K

            Oh wow, it does work as a countdown! Haha I had stopped the timer already last time, and thought it was counting up since the time tracker was counting up. I’m an idiot, please disregard. 🙂 Just upgraded to Pro and love the Outliner as well! Thank you!!

          • Ah ah glad you found the answer to your question 🙂

  • Yves

    Hi, how to change the 25 minutes by default spread of time? Thanks in advance. Yves

    • Grace

      There is no feature to change this at the moment. What I will do is mention this to our product development team for possible product enhancement.

  • Ayra

    Hi I keep trying to enable the timer and a message appears saying its on but it isn’t staying that way and I can’t seem to find where the timer shows up in weekplan

    • It should show in the top bar.

  • Dinesh

    Superb. It sounds better & i will start to practice immediately.

  • Jarek

    Hi. I seem to have a problem of not seeing the extension appear in the top bar. I’ve attached the screen grabs showing that the extension is on and that the top bar does not seem to have the pomodoro. I am using Chrome. Any suggestions? Thanks.

    • Jarek

      Sorry, I just noticed that I have to start the Focus Timer for a specific task to see the timer appear. Please disregard previous.

      • Glad you found how to use it. Maybe I should add a mini tutorial to explain how to use it.