Today people suffer from the lack of focus when working, and often without realizing it. They would multi-task, they would get interrupted, they would think of other things they need to do while doing something else, etc…

The Pomodoro productivity timer technique is a simple technique that has helped everyone I suggested it to.

The name comes from the kitchen timer that looks like a tomato (pomodoro in italian):


The technique goes like this:

  1. Pick a task you want to make progress on.
  2. Reduce any potential interruptions: turn off your phone, emails, Skype, put some headphones on to reduce the odds of being interrupted by someone.
  3. Set the pomodoro timer to ring in 25 minutes
  4. Work only on that specific task. Don’t check your emails. Don’t think of something else. Just work. Let the ticking sound of the timer remind you that you should stay focused.
  5. After the 25 minutes of full focus have passed, take a 5 minutes break. Take a walk, stretch, go out of the office, etc… The resting phase is as important as the focus phase if you want to replenish your energy level for the next focus phase.
  6. Start again from step 1.

Announcement: We have just introduced a Focus Timer inside Week Plan so that you can easily use the Pomodoro planner technique together with Week Plan. Enjoy the boost of productivity!

Pomodoro timer

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