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Best Online Planner - Week Plan

Unlock your potential with Week Plan's online planner. Prioritize, organize, and achieve your weekly objectives seamlessly. Start planning now!

Master Your Week with Week Plan

Looking for an efficient Online planner? Week Plan is a cloud-based Online planner app with various features and capabilities to consider. Introducing Week Plan – a cloud-based app where ambition meets action. Explore its unmatched features today.

Unbeatable Features of Our Online Goal Planner

Unbeatable Features of Our Online Goal Planner

1 - Prioritization


Ever felt overwhelmed with too many tasks? Our online planner helps you figure out what truly matters. By focusing on and prioritizing your personal tasks, you can ensure that you’re always working on tasks that align with your core values and ambitions. Say goodbye to bad habits of mismanaging your time and embrace a more structured approach to achieving your goals.

2 - Quadrant View

Quadrant View

Inspired by the Eisenhower quadrant and the key features from the book ‘Seven habits of Highly Effective People’, our quadrant view is a game-changer. It’s a powerful online planner tool that helps you categorize tasks based on urgency and importance. This way, you can easily track tasks that need immediate attention and those crucial for your long-term.

3 - High Impact Tasks (HITs) High Impact Tasks (HITs)

In online planning, it’s not just about ticking off daily tasks. It’s about understanding which tasks make the most significant impact. With our online planner, you can identify and focus on your HITs. These tasks align with your personal and business goals, ensuring that every step you take is actionable toward your larger achievement.

4 - Time Tracking

Time flies, especially when you’re chasing target. With Week Plan’s built-in time tracking, you can monitor your time on each task. It’s not just about tracking; it’s about ensuring your daily planning aligns with your long-term planning. This advanced feature helps refine your daily habits, ensuring you’re always moving towards your larger achievement.

5 - First Class Calendar

Dive into Week Plan’s first-class calendar, a key feature of our online planner. It’s not just about marking dates; it’s about aligning your daily tasks with your personal goals. Whether you’re setting short-term goals for the week or yearly goals for the bigger picture, this calendar ensures you’re on track. And with real-time dashboards, you can see your progress as you inch closer to your ultimate goal.

6 - Goals


Setting achievable goals is the foundation of any successful plan. With our online planner, you can set daily goals, weekly goals, monthly goals, and even yearly goals. Whether personal goals like fitness or professional work goals like project completion, our platform ensures you stay on track. Plus, with the premium version, you get even more advanced features to help you break down those ambitious goals into manageable tasks.

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7 - Pomodoro Timer

Ever heard of the Pomodoro technique? It’s a time management tool that boosts productivity. Week Plan’s online planner integrates a Pomodoro timer, encouraging you to work with intense focus for 25 minutes and then take a 5-minute break. It’s all about breaking your work into actionable steps, ensuring you’re not just busy but effective. The time you spend in these focused intervals gets added to your time tracking, giving you a clear picture of your daily progress.

8 - Roles


Life isn’t just about work. It’s about balancing multiple roles - be it as a parent, friend, colleague, or more. Our online planner encourages you to segment tasks by these roles, ensuring you maintain a balanced life. By managing your time and tasks in terms of roles, you ensure that no aspect of your life is neglected.

9 - Week View

Week View

What’s a planner without a weekly view? Our online planner offers a comprehensive weekly view, making it your go-to weekly planner. This view strikes the perfect balance between planning and execution, ensuring you’re always ready for the week ahead. Plus, you can see your progress in real-time with built-in time tracking.

10 - Day Summary

Day Summary

It’s essential to reflect on what you’ve achieved. Our day summary feature gives you a snapshot of your daily progress, helping you understand where you excelled and where there’s room for improvement. It’s like having a personal dashboard for your planning, ensuring you’re always in the know.

11 - Subtasks Subtasks

Long-term planning can sometimes feel overwhelming. Our online planner allows you to break them down into subtasks. Think of your task as short-planning that paves the way to your ultimate success. Whether it’s for personal tasks or team tasks, subtasks ensure every detail is considered.

12 - Easy Scheduling Easy Scheduling

Ever felt overwhelmed with tasks? Week Plan’s easy scheduling feature turns those ambitious tasks into manageable tasks. Just drag and drop. Your day, week, or even month is organized. Whether it’s business goals or personal goals, our online planner makes planning a breeze. And if you’re aiming for a balanced life, this feature is your best friend.

Most online planners try to solve the wrong problem and make you do as much stuff as possible. It is better to work on the right things that matter and have a real impact. It is the difference between being productive and being effective.

This is what Week Plan is about. Week Plan is an online planner that helps you remember your tasks and lets you figure out what to work on next.

Week Plan has been design to teach you the best time management techniques as you use them. Many people can benefit from using Week Plan. As Week Plan offers a 7-day free trial on every plan, why don’t you try it?

Discover, Plan, Achieve! Begin Your Week Plan Journey Today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the Online Planner all about?

The Online Planner is a digital tool designed to help you set, track, and achieve your personal task. Whether aiming for short-term planning or mapping out your long-term vision, our planner offers features to guide you every step of the way. 

2. How does Week Plan stand out from other online planner apps?

Week Plan boasts key features that make goal setting and tracking a breeze. From a user-friendly interface to integrated features like a habit tracker and time management tools, we ensure a seamless experience. 

3. Is there a premium version of the Online Planner?

Yes, there is! Our premium version offers many advanced features tailored to give you a more personalized experience. From customizable planning action plans to real-time dashboards, the premium version is designed for those looking to take their planning to the next level.

4. Can the Pomodoro timer in Week Plan assist with time management?

Absolutely! The Pomodoro timer in Week Plan breaks your work into actionable steps, promoting focused work intervals. This method boosts productivity and ensures effective time management as you chase your daily goals.

5. How does the easy scheduling feature in Week Plan’s online planner enhance productivity?

Week Plan’s easy scheduling turns ambitious tasks into manageable ones. By organizing and prioritizing your daily tasks, the online planner ensures you stay on track and maximize your time, boosting overall productivity.