The Now Habit is a strategic framework designed to address and overcome procrastination, fostering a culture of productivity and immediate action. Introduced by Dr. Neil Fiore, this concept shifts the focus from deadline-driven stress to starting tasks now, emphasizing the importance of taking control over one’s schedule and breaking the cycle of postponement and anxiety.

Unpacking The Now Habit

At its essence, The Now Habit does not merely offer time management tips; instead, it provides a comprehensive strategy to reframe one’s approach to tasks, time, and productivity. By encouraging immediate action, it aims to reduce the psychological barriers that lead to procrastination.

  • Understanding Procrastination: Recognizing procrastination as a mechanism for coping with anxiety, fear of failure, and perfectionism.
  • Starting Tasks: Emphasizing the importance of beginning tasks to build momentum and foster a sense of accomplishment.
  • Changing Perspectives: Shifting from a paradigm of “I must finish” to “When can I start?”

The Now Habit and Time Management

While The Now Habit is not solely a time management method, its application significantly enhances how individuals approach and manage their time.

1. Strategic Planning

Planning tasks with a focus on starting points rather than deadlines. Tools like the Goal Planner can assist in setting realistic objectives that encourage immediate action.

2. Prioritizing Immediate Action

Focusing on the immediate next steps rather than the overarching project. A Task Planner can help break down tasks into actionable steps that can be started on now.

3. Allocating Unstructured Time

Scheduling guilt-free, unstructured time to relax and enjoy, which is crucial for maintaining balance and preventing burnout. A Time Planner can be utilized to ensure a healthy work-life balance.

4. Implementing Regular Reviews

Using a Productivity Planner for regular reviews of progress and adjustments to strategies, fostering a continuous improvement cycle.

Practical Application of The Now Habit

1. Overcoming Procrastination

Identify tasks that are being postponed, understand the underlying fears or anxieties, and take the smallest possible step towards starting. This action can transform one’s approach to seemingly daunting tasks.

2. Building a Starting Routine

Develop a routine focused on how and when to start tasks. This could involve setting a specific time each day to tackle the most important task, using it as a springboard for productivity.

3. Creating a Guilt-Free Play

Incorporate scheduled leisure activities to ensure that time for relaxation and enjoyment is not overlooked. This helps in maintaining high levels of motivation and prevents burnout.

The Impact of The Now Habit

Individuals who adopt The Now Habit often report a significant decrease in procrastination, an increase in productivity, and an overall improvement in their quality of life. By focusing on starting tasks rather than stressing over finishing them, they experience less anxiety and more satisfaction in their work.


The Now Habit offers a novel approach to understanding and tackling procrastination, highlighting the power of now in transforming productivity and time management practices. By adopting its principles, individuals can move beyond the cycle of delay and anxiety, embracing a more proactive and fulfilled approach to tasks and life.

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