Are you wondering how to make time go faster at work, eh? It is, after all, an art form, and we all have our distinct ways of it. That’s because there are days when we’re simply counting the minutes until we can leave.

Everything seems to be moving at a snail’s pace, and we can’t take it any longer! It just seems like the hands on the clock tick by a little slower no matter how much we have to do or if we have nothing to do at all. People in this world are only considered successful if they understand how to manage time effectively. In a working environment, there is sufficient time to use it productively and efficiently.

Occasionally, the required working hours may be more significant than expected. The real question is how to speed up the clock at work. Boredom at the office desk is not incredible because it causes stress from feeling useless or stagnant and destroys a person’s image among coworkers.

For this blog, we’ll concentrate on what you can do at work to advance your career. We have prepared a whole list of tricks that are proven to work. So read on to learn how to make time go faster at work.

Proven Tips to Make Time Go Faster at Work:

Here are a few tips for making time go faster at work or making time fly.

1. Try not to stare at the clock.

Stare at Clock

It’s difficult not to look at the clock when you want something to happen. Unfortunately, keeping an eye on the time is the worst thing you can do. Watching the second hand tick around the clock face will only make time seem to pass you by.

Make it a rule that you won’t look at the clock during the day. You can use your phone to set an alarm that will notify you when the awaited hour arrives. Do not look at the clock until the alarm goes off. Put the clock in another room or face it toward the wall if necessary.

2. Chunk your total schedule into smaller blocks

Schedule into Blocks

A day, an hour, or even a minute can drag on indefinitely. However, if you set aside short periods to focus, you can help speed up the passage of time.

First, divide your time into five or ten-minute intervals. Then alternate between completely immersing yourself in the task at hand and working at a more leisurely pace. When you’re entirely focused on something, time flies by.

However, it can be not easy to maintain concentration for long periods, especially if the task isn’t particularly interesting or complex.

By dividing the hours into blocks, you can trick yourself into thinking time is passing faster since clear transitional stages of the workday are established. In addition, you feel more productive and engaged because your schedule is broken down into single-focus chunks that are easily measured.

3. Make a To-do List

To-do list

Before you begin your work, try to have a clear picture of the day ahead. You may be overburdened with work or have nothing to do at other times.

However, planning your day will give you an idea of what your day will entail. Once you’ve scheduled your work, you’ll be able to see how much time you’ll need to complete it and when you’ll have free time during the day. This will eventually assist you in making plans to adjust your working hours.

For planning a day, so many planner apps are available that help you better manage your time so that you are not “overbooked,” and it’s also a great way to avoid frustrations. This simple workplace habit and time management tip helps you finish things on time.

If you are looking for a time planner app or software to make you more productive, then a Week plan is an excellent app to consider.

4. Meditate


The monotony of work we have to do over and over can be exhausting. Building on the previous point, interspersing your work with other activities can give you something to anticipate. Physical activity, exercise, and going outside are good ways to help you recharge while putting in long hours at the office.

In addition to making time go faster, this technique will help even a five-minute office workout or a breath of fresh air can help you rejuvenate by getting your blood flowing, providing more oxygen to your brain, and releasing endorphins for a brief period.

This is especially beneficial for people who work or live in sedentary environments. It’s common knowledge that a lack of activity can lead to depression and lethargy, making it much more challenging to get through the tough times.

5. Schedule A Meeting

Meetings seem to have been invented specifically to help make the workday go by faster at times. Plan a meeting with your coworkers to discuss a recent project if you feel like your day needs to move a little faster.

Working on manageable goals, discussing progress, and watching the time fly by is a great way to pass the time. You’ll almost certainly be the hero among your coworkers for making their days disappear.

6. Work harder; it’s the best trick

Work harder;it's the best trick

Working hard will keep you occupied and help you succeed at work. Always make sure you don’t put off work because it will stress you out and cause you to do nothing.

“The more hard work you put in, the more productive you will be,” and the time goes faster that you don’t notice how long the working hours are. You used not to have to stay after office hours if you worked harder throughout the day.

7. Have fun at the workplace


Another classic line is “Time flies when you’re having fun,” which is a powerful summary of our poor time-keeping skills and the importance of actively engaging in activities.

If you want your work to feel faster and your team to be more productive, you must take advantage of opportunities to have good fun.

When you’re doing work that doesn’t require a lot of focus or mental energy, audio can help the time pass more quickly. You can use background music to liven up your research if it’s uninteresting. Depending on what you’re doing, you could even play an episode of your favorite TV show in the background.

A few silly traditions, regular compliments, and a friendly laugh among coworkers can help to create a much more welcoming environment.

End Thoughts

There are many good ways to make work faster; these are just a few of our ideas. It’s sometimes just a matter of how much you want the day to end. Use these suggestions to revamp your day’s engine if you feel things are moving too slowly.

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