Nowadays, we are programmed to think that working hard means working long hours. However, does it matter how much you work if results still need to be achieved?

You may have often heard the cliche “Work Smarter, Not Harder”. But do we ever follow this in our daily life?

The intelligent approach is to work faster as well as in a more efficient manner. Working faster and efficiently means getting the best result with the least wasted time. This requires you to analyze how you work. This includes how much work you do and many hours you put into doing it.

Have you ever wondered how much more you could accomplish by remaining focused and working faster and more efficiently? You will witness a considerable increase in your productivity. Moreover, you can achieve the set tasks in minimal time.

Time management is a valuable skill in the workplace and at home. To manage their time better, many employees use different strategies to increase the pace and efficiency of work. Using a practical approach will help you to practice time management more effectively.

Before we look into how to make your work faster and more efficient, let us analyze its importance first.

Why Is It Important To Work Faster And More Efficiently?

Employers value the ability to work faster and more efficiently. When we talk about working faster, the concern is not only speed. The objective is not to complete your work with poor results. Instead, it is working faster and more efficiently in a smarter way to produce the best quality results.

At an organizational level, working faster and efficiently yields many benefits and helps to achieve the desired results. In fact, many organizations compel their employees to use productivity software. By 2027, productivity software will be expected to grow to US $89.17bn. The increasing use of productivity software directly relates to achieving the set goals by working faster and more efficiently.

When you work faster, you can complete your responsibilities and obligations earlier. This will help you have more time for your hobbies and personal life. Moreover, it also contributes to improving your self-esteem. When you complete more work, you will grow in a sense of accomplishment. This benefits your well-being and makes your outlook on work and life better.

Best Tips To Work Faster And More Efficiently

At times, you may have a lot of work but may realize that time is against you. In extreme cases, you can become so worried that you no longer know where to begin. You may have tried some strategies but need more time to complete tasks.

Let us examine some of the best ways to work faster and more efficiently:

1. Use a Timer

Timer Saves You Time When Completing Tasks

You can use a timer to track how long you work on each task. You can set a predefined amount of time to perform each assignment. Then, you can attempt to beat the clock and work faster. If you do not set a defined time to complete a task, it might take longer to complete it. Therefore, try designating specific time for your set goals and each assignment; you can speed up your work throughout your day.

2. Make a Plan

Plan for working more efficiently

Working ahead of time is an efficient method that helps you to save time between tasks. There are some strategies to make plans to help you plan your work.

You can write down everything that needs to be accomplished in a day. This will assist you in remembering the tasks that need to be completed. Moreover, you can prevent overbooking yourself.

Ensure what you plan is achievable and realistic. You must accomplish everything in your plan during the allotted time.

Furthermore, you can prepare a to-do list while prioritizing the most critical tasks. Remember, microtasks will not be added as they would overload your to-do list. When you finish the assignment, you can cross it off the list.

An efficient approach is to plan for the long term. It is advisable to consider any deadlines and vacation days to ensure the work is completed on time. If you plan, you can enjoy your breaks without thinking about work.

3. Smart Work

Smart and Good Work

When we talk about productivity, smart work should be considered. The effort you put into a task is only sometimes reflected in the results. If a task takes too long despite your efforts, it is a sign that working hard is not that effective.

Working smartly means prioritizing your work and allowing sufficient time to complete your tasks. By practicing good work habits, you will be more likely to get positive and consistent results. A good habit and an essential component of hard work are making a plan you can follow daily.

4. Organize WorkSpace

Organize Workspace for staying focused

It is an excellent strategy for creating an organized and calming workspace. For instance, you can throw away trash and papers you do not need anymore. Moreover, you can file away documents that you do not need to keep on hand. It is also essential to keep your computer desktop clutter-free with your workspace.

You can arrange your study or work materials on your desk in an easily accessible way. Avoid piles of documents and organize your documents in a manner, so you know where they are. This way, you would save time searching through your files. It will also help you be less distracted and focus on critical tasks efficiently.

Organizing your workspace and cleaning up your desk takes only five to 10 minutes. Not only will you be able to complete your tasks quickly and efficiently, but you will also be ready for the next day.

5. Break Down Big Projects

Dividing Your Work

If you have a big or significant project, it may be too overwhelming for you to tackle. You may keep delaying it and pushing it to the bottom of the pile, even though you know it is essential.

Instead of delaying or avoiding it, you should break it down into smaller tasks. This will help you to work on that project faster and save you time when working on the respective project. When you break your project, you can add some small tasks to your weekly schedule. It will help to give you a sense of accomplishment towards a big goal, and you can also employ the same strategy for other larger projects.

6. Reduce Distractions

Reduce Distractions for Working Efficiently

Minimizing distractions will not help you to work faster, but it will also help you to work more efficiently. For instance, you can turn off the radio or the television, which can be a source of disruption during your work. Moreover, you can turn off your cell phone and put it on vibrate while you work.

Another strategy could be to shut the door to avoid being disturbed while working at home. If you work from your office where people talk, you can ask your colleagues to socialize only during the breaks. This will assist you to concentrate on your office work.

By reducing distractions, you can focus more on the tasks that need to be completed. This will help you to work faster and accomplish your tasks more efficiently.

7. Group Similar Tasks

Organizing Your Works for Efficiency

A robust approach is to group your activities into similar tasks. When you are doing tasks or assignments that are related, you will spend less energy switching between tasks. For instance, you can dedicate time to respond to all your emails and then schedule a list of phone calls in succession.

On any day, if you have multiple assignments, you can help them write it all down to ensure they are focused and aware of everything. You can then review each item at the end of your task to ensure that everything is accomplished as needed.

8. Avoid Procrastination

Get Work Done Faster By Avoiding Procastination

Procrastination may be the biggest hurdle when trying to work quickly and efficiently. According to different psychological studies, people who wait till the very last minute are more prone to making mistakes while completing a task. In simple words, procrastination means putting things off, which can seriously affect your productivity.

Therefore, instead of procrastinating things, you can use encouragement and reinforcement to complete your tasks when you are required to do so. A good strategy is to treat yourself when you complete a task, such as by getting a snack or coffee.

9. Taking Short, Periodic Breaks

Take Breaks from Work

Another way to improve work efficiency is by taking short and periodic breaks. You can schedule some time between your day and week to regain your focus and refresh your brain. Although this may not make sense immediately, it is proven to increase your productivity for important tasks.

For instance, you could devote the initial hours of your day to something you like and care about. This could be yoga, taking a walk, or spending quality time with your family. This helps to clear out your mind and help you to stay focused during work so that you can do it quickly and efficiently.

Another strategy is to switch off work-related thoughts during weekends. This helps you to return to work with a refreshed mind. Another way could be to separate your personal life and work so you can relax without worrying about work.

10. Prioritize Important Tasks

Prioritize and Complete Important Tasks

You can organize your time more efficiently when you evaluate your workload and determine which assignments are most important. You can do this by preparing a schedule that specifies what you need to do to complete first. This helps you to focus on essential tasks and not waste time wondering which task to do next.

It is recommended to consider the importance and urgency of your tasks to make this schedule. You can start by first sorting out your most important tasks, as this will help you relieve the burden. Moreover, it will help to boost your productivity since you will get to work through more manageable and easy tasks later in the day.

11. Finish Non-Essential Tasks

Complete Unimportant Tasks

Ever heard of the 1-minute rule? It says that if anything can be done in under a minute, don’t procrastinate in doing it and do it right away. We can benefit of this concept for working faster and more efficiently as well.

To work more efficiently, it is essential to take care of non-essential and less critical tasks. These are the tasks that do not help you to deliver results and keep you focused on more critical tasks.

You can set a timer to finish non-essential tasks. You can take care of these tasks quickly and save most of your time for more vital work. By employing this approach, you can accomplish tasks faster and feel more accomplished.

12. Stop Multitasking

Stop Multitasking for Working More Efficiently

Have you ever considered how you can be working at three things at a time, yet you never actually accomplish any set goal? This is because multitasking is nothing more than a productivity myth. It does not lead to working faster and more efficiently. In fact, research shows that only 2.5% of people have the ability to multitask effectively, the rest of the people only reduce their work efficiency when they multitask.

Multitasking will slow you down while giving you the illusion you are working faster, but you wouldn’t be working more efficiently. Whenever you multitask, your brain switches to a new task, and you must remind yourself of many things before returning to your previous work. It is even possible you get lost between tasks and have to start a task all over again.

So, what is the solution? The answer is simple; Single-tasking. When you focus your energies solely on a task, you can work faster and more efficiently. For any reason, if you are having trouble focusing on a single task, ensure to separate yourself from distractions. When you are focused on a single task, you will observe how you will start to achieve tasks quicker and more efficiently.

The Bottom Line

Working faster and efficiently may seem impossible when you are overwhelmed and reach the due deadlines. All of us have run into situations where we need to push ourselves to meet a work requirement.

If you’re constantly unable to accomplish your tasks, it might be time to evaluate your habits. You need to look at your working approaches and analyze if there is anything you can do to make them faster and more efficient.

WeekPlan is a personal planner that helps you to prioritize the tasks that matter and work more efficiently. You can set up objectives and add crucial tasks to finish them on time. Moreover, you can monitor your performance while doing tasks to ensure the best work efficiency and productivity.

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