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Thanks for a simple and to the point app! have only just started using it but I can already see that it is going to replace all my other to-do lists. I love the zen-like simplicity […] - Winfried

I’m a Tibetan Buddhist monk in India, and I LOVE WeekPlan!!! - Gyälten

Thank you for your quick responses and openness to improve. Please never stop improving this service. - Archie

This is the productivity app that I have been looking for. Its minimal but it does exactly what I need and nothing else that just gets in the way. - Michael

The most useful tool of the year - Yasir Nawaz

I have tried so many task planners, life planners, goal trackers […] While most of them had some amazing features, the system itself was too complex and I kept losing track of overall goals and getting drowned in the little tasks, recurrences, priority numbering systems etc. I needed a simple but strategic system which lets me keep my larger life goals and day-to-day tasks organized. I am so happy to have found Weekplan! It has the most intuitive, easy and visually appealing sleek interface. Planning tasks is a breeze leaving my focus on execution! The vision and journal areas are broken out into just the right sections to gently guide me to think through how to spend my week in a way that it aligns with my larger goals in life without requiring me to name and enter many levels of projects, task breakdowns, relationships etc. I love the roles because they help me keep track of my biggest goal in each of my roles without losing sight of one or dropping the ball on a few while juggling the others. This is just fantastic. Thank you! A million thanks for building this system! - Sam Anderson