Once every while we take time to set goals we would love to achieve, but in most cases, many people fail to meet the threshold they target because the goals they have set are poorly conceived and not reachable. The main problem is that most of us do not work on the best goal-setting practices upon which we can measure success on our way to the goals set. In this article, you will find tips on the goal-setting best practices.

Here we go.


  • Learn how to set realistic and achievable goals by putting a lot of effort and planning into this activity. Decide what you want to accomplish in order of priority in terms of time frame, degree of importance, and the amount of effort this will take.
  • Focus on how you will manage time and view your goals as short-term, mid-term or long-term objectives. Knowing when you can complete every goal will allow you to invest in the right amount of attention when this is required.
  • Be specific about what you want to achieve within a definite timeframe.
  • It is always advisable to aim higher when setting goals, but in the same vein, you should try to set goals that are realistic. You need to carefully consider whether the goal you are setting can be actually attained as scheduled.
  • Goals that are far way beneath the bar or are low are a drawback. You should settle on what offers adequate challenges so that its accomplishment is accompanied by a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.
  • Set your goals in simple and independent units that can be achieved without too much fuss. Describing what you want in complex and confusing ways can only yield negative results. Keep your goals simple, clear, and focused.
  • Whatever you set to do, remember to leave time for relaxation and fun. Your list of goals should include hobbies, fun activities, and holidays so that your main objectives do not appear overwhelming and oppressive.
  • Learn the art of mastering courage, enthusiasm, and a sense of motivation as you strive towards your goals. Since the end justifies the means, setting worthwhile goals will give you the determination to make a difference in your life.
  • Goals set with a strategic outcome in mind often benefit various facets of our lives. You, therefore, need to design your goals in a comprehensive way so that you can have more reasons and extra motivation to hit your mark.
  • Be rational and sensible about your goals by developing a plan and different strategies for reaching your target. Senseless, unreachable, or impossible goals are simply a waste of time and effort.
  • Give your goals a shared vision by involving friends and family. This is likely to ensure you keep to schedule and remain on track. These people can provide the support you need to succeed.

Most importantly, you need to ensure that the goals are tangible, measurable, and quantifiable. You should be able to visualize yourself succeeding by aligning the goals in a way that they are consistent with your values and beliefs.

This is a guest post by Alisia Goodwin. Alisia is a freelance blogger and currently writes for AuthenticEducation, which offers personal development courses and the Expert Accelerator Program that teaches basic skills needed for helping people make a change in their lives.

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