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Latest Time Tracking Software for Businesses

Week Plan time tracking software allows you to track time across your entire tasks, teams, projects and objectives accurately. Try it for free.

Setup and Track time spent on each task, project, and goal of your entire team

Track yourself and your team’s time on each task

Track yourself and your team’s time on each task
Either you working by yourself or in a team, keeping an accurate view of time spent is essential. Week Plan time tracking software gives you a complete view of each individual task and subtask from the time it started until the time it’s finished.

Track time across High Impact Tasks & Goals

Track time across High Impact Tasks & Goals
High impact task needs real attention to get them done accurately and quickly. Tracking the time of these tasks helps you focus and evaluate how much time you need and have spent on important tasks and goals.

Pomodoro Timer

Pomodoro Timer

Pomodoro Timer is a proven technique to help you stay focused on your tasks for a short period of time. Boost time productivity of your entire team by achieving more in short bursts of time.

Why Track Time on Tasks with Week Plan Time Tracker?

Increase productivity

Time tracking increases the productivity of your entire team. Rather than keeping time on tasks open-ended, time tracking on tasks makes it possible for you and your team to produce results at a much quicker speed.

Get a deeper insight into your team’s performance

Time allotted versus time spent is a very good metric to analyze the performance of your team across all tasks and projects. Identify how much time your team is spending to achieve your company’s goals.

Track progress at an individual member or team level

Time Tracking enables you to see the progress of any individual member or your entire team towards accomplishing a task or goal.

Identify task bottlenecks

Quickly see which task or goal is taking more time to complete and resolve any progress roadblocks for your team.