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  • G Grimes

    Love the look and feel of this product, but there’s a large gap in no edit undo or CTRL Z function. If I wipe a task out by mistake, especially one that was long and complex, I’m screwed.

    I’m using Chrome latest version.

    This one feature alone would push me into purchasing this product. Without it, it’s far better to use Outlook 2010, and just supplement with other google apps available.

    • Thanks for your feedback, I have added your suggestion to the parking lot. We won’t get to work on it straight away though, we have some important features we want to implement first.

      • Just curious, what are these features you plan to implement? I’m excited to see what’s ahead. And I agree with the need to be able to undo things – there is so much time and thought put into our prioritization lists that it’s tragic and nerve racking to lose them. Maybe even just a way of backing up or downloading your weekplan to date would help?

        • Hi Cody,

          1. You can download all your tasks (as part of the PRO plan)

          2. Ok, I will add the ability to undo a delete 🙂

        • In terms of roadmap, I am currently working on a native android app. Next I will start integrating weekplan in other tools (add weekplan buttons in Gmail, Chrome, etc…) to make it easy to have weekplan as part of someone’s workflow.

      • Atul Jain

        Does it sync with android app?

        • The Android app is in the making, but any app that works with Google Calendar on Android will work.

  • Reggie

    Invoice?? I need this to bill for my boss! It’s been a couple of weeks now and still no correct invoice!

    • Hi Reggie, just making sure you got the invoice.


      • Reggie

        Yep I got it. Thanks, Aymeric.


  • Eleanor

    I signed up and I can’t login, it repeatedly gives me a page with an option to sign in with gmail, and then two blank buttons with a quote underneath. Clicking anything does not get me anywhere. Tried multiple browsers.

    • We had some downtime on Sunday. Sorry about that.

  • Rebecca Techeira

    How do I cancel my subscription to this service?

  • Mona

    I love the program, but is there a way to undo deleting a role? I get confused between the delete for the role and delete for the tasks for that role and I’ve accidentally deleted many tasks. This has been a serious problem. Thanks!

  • tftater

    App is not working. Anyone else only able to use the web based version? When I go to look at details and add details to my task, the pop up tab to “see details” comes up, but the box of details does not. App is android and not working on both my phone and tablet.

    • Which app is not working? The Google Play app or the web version that you use on an Android phone? What model do you use? Thanks! We are currently developing the native app from scratch!

  • Balaji Alagusundaram

    I’ve got a goal entered for last week. I’m yet to achieve it. I was expecting that it would be carried forward to this week. But it did not. May I know how we can move such goals to the current week?


    ~ Balajil

  • Anne Kenney

    Why isn’t the blog searchable? It’s serving as an FAQ but if I can’t search, it’s hard to use.

  • Anne Kenney

    Every single appointment in my Google Calendar has the time altered. And, then, when you change a recurring appointment, it only changes one appointment, not all of them.

    • The issue with gcal is fixed.
      The behaviour about editing repeating tasks is intended to be that way. Maybe we should offer the choice to edit the whole series or just the event.

  • RJ_Cdn

    Love WeekPlan, but getting worried as I only have a day left in the trial and have not had any response to my two email requests to Grace re: trouble connecting to Google calendar. Really need to see whether it can sync events to/from WeekPlan before buying the Pro version. Using Zapier only syncs to Google Calendar, not from (year error). Please contact me ASAP, as the Pro version does everything I need except for Google Calendar (which I’ve been trying to test) and I’d hate to have to start over with another system now.

    • Google Calendar synchronization is native to WeekPlan, no need to use Zapier anymore. You have access to it in the workspace settings page:

      • RJ_Cdn

        But I entered a different email than the particular Google calendar I need synced, and the option box only lets me select that incorrect calendar, not add a different / new email. I’ve sent several messages but have not received a reply to solve this problem and enable Google calendar syncronization. I did pay for the Pro version, but still don’t have a solution.

        • Oh I see what your problem is.

          1. Stop the current synchronization
          2. Log out from the gmail account you don’t want to synchronize (<- Google seems to be selecting this account by default)
          3. Start synchronizing again: you should be shown a login window from Google to enter your google credentials. You can use the credentials of the account you want to synchronize.

          • RJ_Cdn

            I’ve stopped syncronization again and signed out of Google … WeekPlan still only shows a drop down for “Select calendar” and the incorrect Google account, no option to add a new Google account or remove the incorrect one.

          • Let’s try this: could you please revoke the permission to WeekPlan here:

            Then next time you start synchronization, Google should prompt you to pick the account you want to use.

  • Nicky Johnson

    I’m having trouble signing in on the latest version of the iPhone app. Currently using an IPhone 5s, but the issue is that trying to sign in using my Google account brings up a 400 server error. Any advice?

    • We are still trying to solve this issue. Sorry about that. In the meantime, use the username / password cmbination (you will need to create a password in your account settings using the web app)

  • davenportsj

    Hey, do you guys have an app?

  • RLonden

    I love WeekPlan and signed up a few weeks ago for PRO for the year. But today I discovered a troubling new feature: a tiny field that delineates the “start of the day” from the rest of a day list. Any task with an assigned time is automatically under this field. If I drag some other task under the field, the task is assigned the earliest available time. If I drag a task with a time I entered above the field, the time I entered is stripped away. If I drag it back below the field, the task is assigned the earliest available slot and my original time is lost.

    Please tell me how to disable this feature. I hate it more than I can say.

    • If you don’t like this feature, don’t drag tasks under that “Start of the day” bar.

      • RLonden

        Actually, I discovered a better workaround. All I need to do is set the “Separator” field (under personal preferences) to “00:00.” With that setting, the field goes away. Since I don’t like the feature at all, it’s good to be able to dispense with it. Thanks.

  • Marti

    I just got billed for the year when I choose a monthly plan does anybody know how to contact them?

    • I replied to you by email.

  • Violet

    I love this app so much, but the problem is that sometimes I won’t be able to access it using my laptop. There will be days that the page will technically load, but it will only give me the blue screen and Weekplan logo. This may be an error with my laptop and not Weekplan, but seeing as my life kind of revolves around it (due to my tendency to forget major deadlines and such) I’m trying everything I can

    • luthercale

      Yes, this is happening to me a lot lately too (2 times in last 5 days, right after I signed up for Ultimate Plan). Doh!

      • luthercale

        It looks like the most recent issue may not be the fault of the Week Plan service but of my PayPal/payment account! Going to check it out tomorrow and make sure it set up correctly.

    • Monica Viers

      I am having the same problem and have not signed up for the Pro version.

    • Violet

      Update- it works with internet explorer, just not chrome…

    • Emma Lulham

      I haven’t been able to access the app for days on my laptop. Very frustrating when I use it to manage my daily tasks and I have the pro plan. I’ve emailed them but heard nothing!

    • It should be working now. Very sorry about that. Users with touch-enabled devices were having issues with the latest release. A bug fix has been published. Thanks for letting us know!

      • Violet

        Thank you!

  • Loreen Liberty

    LOVING this app – but now when I create a task from any of my roles – they are all being appended with !2 so all of my tasks show up in the calendar as bold. Anyway to turn this off?

    • That’s because these tasks are “Goals of the week” and they are important.

  • tom cripps

    Hello, I installed and used this app on my Galaxy S5 for a week. Now when I start the app it appears to get stuck at the load up screen. I have tried removing it and restarting the phone then reinstalling the app. It still doesn’t work. Please help.

    • It should be working now. Sorry about that. Users with touch-enabled devices were having issues with the latest release. A bug fix has been published. Thanks for letting us know!

  • Joe

    I apologise if this has already been asked.

    I’m on a Windows 10 tablet and downloaded the app but can’t seem to drag tasks. please could anyone advise? I’m sorry if I’m missing something glaringly obvious!

    • Joe

      Just a gentle bump in case Aymeric did not see this post. Many thanks

  • Raegan Hill

    I want to know if WEEK PLAN is currently being supported by a team. I don’t see much recent discussion and I’m looking for a time management tool that incorporates Covey’s methodologies. Covey’s PlanPlus seems to have a lot of bugs too and their mobile app isn’t finished. Is this a tool I can use instead?

    • This tool is being developed actively.

  • I have a Google calendar linked. When I create an item in my weekplan it shows up in the calendar and comes back to my weekplan. I end up with multiple entires in my plan. Can I block sync to my calendar but keep the sync from it?

  • Wendy

    Great product. It’s easy to use and I like that I can customize it. I love to hear that sound when I check another item off the list! I debated on just using Google Calendar but I am really glad I went with Week Plan. It’s well worth the money.

    • Thank you Wendy for the kind words. Wait until you see the new version! Same sound, but we added an awesome little animation 🙂